WB 9.12.19

This week began with our decoration morning. Thank you to everybody that came, the children really enjoyed sharing this experience with you all!

We started to look at ‘What is Christmas?’ The children shared their own experiences and talked about the things they like at Christmas time. Later in the week we introduced the children to the Christmas story and talk about the reason people celebrate Christmas.

The children have enjoyed our new role-play post office and have been busy writing letters and making parcels to send to their friends and families. They also enjoyed receiving a delivery of Christmas stories. In phonics we have been playing listening games and have been focusing on hearing rhymes.


WB 2.12.19

This week has been a very busy week in Little Elvers. The children have continued their learning through the theme ‘Winter’. We have focused on the winter story ’Ten Little Lights’.  The Children have really enjoyed learning about the characters and have been sequencing the story using both pictures and numerical clues. We have also enjoyed the icy mornings which has tied nicely into our winter topic. The children have very much relished exploring the ice in the natural environment. During our outdoor learning we made bird feeders to follow on from our circle time about animals in the winter.


We have been very lucky this week to have Chaplins pantomimes of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ perform to us at school. This has made us all very excited about our own performance which is getting very close now. The children have been preparing for this throughout the week and can’t wait to share it with you all very soon!


W.B 25th November 2019

This week the children's learning has been around the topic of Winter. On Monday as a class we looked at the seasons and talked about what they already knew about winter. The children have really enjoyed listening to the story 'Jack Frost' and have been thinking of adjectives to describe the winter weather. With an adult, the children have been using their knowledge and prompt cards to make and name a snowman. I was very impressed with the children being able to represent their names so clearly! We have been doing lots of problem solving this week. Finding missing numbers and matching snowflakes to the correct numbers. We have used counting rhyme to introduce the concept of taking away. The children have particularly enjoyed 5 Mince Pies in the bakers shop.

 The children have been independently making winter pictures using a range of materials including glittery paint and cotton buds, painting on ice and mark making in snow. They have been able to tell a grown up all about the pictures they have created. The children have also been continuing to practise for the Christmas performance and are getting very excited to show everyone just what they can do in a couple of weeks.


Winter fun in Little Elvers


Who works in our classroom?
TAs: Mrs Ryan, Mrs Butterfield, Mrs Pavitt, Mrs Notley, Miss Stacey and Mrs Brooks

What are we learning about?
Curriculum Information Autumn 2 2019


This half term the children will be learning about things they do. They will look in the mirrors to find out what they look like, learn about their features and characteristics. The children will explore their likes and dislikes and think about similarities and differences between each other.

Characteristics of Effective Learning

The children will be learning about being resilient and open to new experiences. They will be participating in different games, trying new activities and resources.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The children will be securing their awareness of behaviour expectations in Nursery and will be learning about the importance of turn-taking, compromise and considering own likes/dislikes and feelings, as well as the feelings of their peers. They will be learning to understand own emotions.

Physical development

The children will engage in ‘busy fingers’ activities during every session, to support development of their fine motor skills. They will also be using gross motor skills and will start representing letter shapes through large movements, for example by drawing large anticlockwise circles with scarves and sticks. The children will practice their self-care skills and continue to learn to manage their personal needs.

Communication and Language

The children will be listening to a range of different stories and rhymes and will be encouraged to ask questions about what they have heard and contribute to stories they hear. They will be learning new vocabulary and practising listening skills and following simple instructions.


In literacy the children will enjoy a variety of stories, traditional and new, both through sharing books and story-telling. The children will learn and sing many nursery rhymes and have opportunities to engage in a variety of mark-making play.


In Maths the children will be focusing on numbers of personal significance. They will also be focusing on numbers up to 5. They will be counting and comparing objects in their environment. The children will focus on comparing quantities by exploring different lengths – they will measure their feet and shoes, their heights and compare different lengths in the environment. They will use their skills in problem solving, i.e. matching shoes and people, finding the right planks when building bridges.

Understanding the World

The children will be learning about themselves and their families. They will start learning about their families, home and roles of different people in their play. We will also be looking at the things do, we will be focusing on celebrations.

Expressive Arts and Design

The children will be learning to express themselves with a range of different media. They will be learning how to use marks to create representations of themselves. The children will also have opportunities to engage in own story telling, through dressing up, role play and small world play. They will be able to design, set up and run their own shoe shop.

Home Learning

This half term you can support your child’s learning through sharing plenty of stories, published or told, known tales as well as personal stories, for example from your own childhood or adventures.

We would appreciate if you looked for different sizes and lengths of various objects at home and when about and about – long/short trains, tall trees.


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