Firstly, apologies that this newsletter is just appearing on the webpage. We have had a technical hitch with email contacts! This will be rectified early next week.

This week in Little Elvers we have been looking at numbers and counting through play.

A variety of activities have taken place including matching pairs of shoes and going on a shoe hunt. We have been looking at shoe sizes and the numbers on the back of our shoes.

We have also been picking tomatoes from the garden, washing them and having our home grown tomatoes for our snack. They were very yummy and all the children enjoyed eating them. We have made tomato soup as well and focused on other ways of eating tomatoes.

We have been reading the 'Elves and the Shoemaker' and the 'Smartest Giant in Town'.

The children have participated in large scale foot printing by walking up and down paper and looking at their foot prints. They loved getting paint between their toes!

Please remember to sign up for an appointment next week with your key worker to chat about how your child is settling into Little Elvers.