Welcome to our class page!
Ants and Mayflies are our Year 5 classes at the Isle of Ely Primary School. From this page you will be able to read about our curriculum and learning activities. Children have PE on a Tuesday morning so will need their PE kits in school.

Who works in our classroom?
Teachers: Mrs. Hunter, Mr. Turner and Miss Bryan (Tag Rugby).
TA: Mrs DelGrazia, Ms Bass and Ms Heathcote

What are we learning about?
Curriculum Information Autumn Term 1 – September 2019


The children will be exploring the theme ‘Get Off My Land!’ They will be learning about life in the time of the Anglo Saxons, the uses and properties of different materials and studying Anglo Saxon art and jewellery.

Characteristics of Effective Learning

This year, there will be a strong focus on oracy (speaking and listening). This comprises lots of discussions, practising our reasoning skills and taking part in debates.


In English, the children will be learning how to write a traditional tale based on the story ‘Axe Soup’. We will be looking at the morals of the story and continuing to use the Talk for Writing format. We are going to be expanding our vocabularies as this will be a major focus this year. After our stories, we will be practising recount texts.


The children will start the year looking at place value and practising their word problem skills.  After that, we will cover all four operations, statistics, area and perimeter. Times tables will also be a big focus for year 5 this year.


On Tuesday mornings, children will be working with Miss Bryan to learn Tag Rugby. This will involve learning to throw the ball correctly, scoop the ball whilst on the run, pass the ball in a line also whilst moving and learning the basic rules of the game ready for the inter-year mini festival of at the end of the half term.


We will be using PurpleMash to crack codes and learn about computational thinking, making us all Cryptographers. We will also be using the computer lots for research within our lessons.


We will also be learning about prayer and worship in Hinduism during RE. We will be looking at what is the best way for Hindus to show commitment to God.


Beginning and belonging is our PSHE unit title. This means the children will be exploring what it means to be in a class and the rules and boundaries that go along with it. They will also learn about new situations and the emotions they or others will experience. They will be developing strategies for coping with these.

Home Learning

Please make sure your child is reading 5 times a week and signing in their logs. Practising times tables would also be a great benefit to their learning.

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