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Grasshoppers are one of the Year 4 classes at the Isle of Ely Primary School. PE for Spring 1 is on Thursday mornings and will be netball and dance. Please ensure PE kit is in school for Thursdays and that the children have outdoor clothing for this.

Who works in our classroom?
Teacher: Miss Orakci
TAs: Miss Reitinger, Mrs Fowler, Miss Lambert, Mrs Harrison


Weekly update 7.2.20

This week, we were very lucky to have a visit from Fossils Galore. The children enjoyed the experience of excavating for fossils and took home the ones they found. They had a lot of questions for the paleontologists and were able to handle dinosaur egg shells, mammouth bones and fossilises liopleurodon poo!

In English, we have continued exploring alphabet poems and have read several examples of these. The children then planned and wrote their own alphabet poem based around their chosen theme e.g. food or nature. I was really impressed with how well they were able to use alliterations as well as challenging themselves to include extra details and many poems even rhymed! Well done Grasshoppers!

In Maths, we have been using our knowledge of multiplication and division to solve worded problems. We have also started learning about area and how to find the area of rectangles. We then challenged our understanding of area to see if we could work out the area of triangles too!


Weekly update 31.1.20

This week, we have started our poetry unit on 'alphabet poems' and have been exploring the features of these - including alliteration and repetitive phrases. As a class, we came up with actions to an alphabet poem about animals, which the children enjoyed performing.

In Maths, we have been developing our understanding of division and learning how to use a written method for this. The children have been exploring using bar models and the bus stop method to record their working out. We have also been practising the multiplication timed assessment and I am very pleased with the results so far! Keep up the practising!

After learning about how fossils are created and the different types of fossils there are, we have enjoyed making our own fossils out of clay and using items from nature to create imprints.

In DT, the children have been exploring how to make their own moving dinosaurs and have used split pins to create a moving joint.

Today, we made a start with our play rehearsals so the children have all got their lines now. Please help them practise these at home too. We are really looking forward to seeing the play come together over the next few weeks.

Weekly update 24.1.20

This week, the children have been very excited to make a start with our play The Pied Piper. We have started to learn some of the songs as well as learning the dance for the first song - Market Day! The children will find out their roles next week and are very keen to start learning their lines :)

In maths, we have been learning how to use a written method to multiply 3-digit numbers by a 1-digit number.  The children have practised using both the expanded method as well as the compact method, and have been developing their reasoning skills to answer questions based on multiplication.

We have continued learning about instruction texts in English and the key features that are used in these. We worked on how we could improve a basic set of instructions and the children then wrote their own, using all the key features we have learnt.

In Science, we have been exploring the different types of fossils and the children explored ways in which we could classify them.

We have also been learning about cam mechanisms and how they move. The children made their own versions.


Weekly update 10.1.20

Welcome back to school! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year! The children have settled straight back into the new term and have started learning about instruction texts in our English lessons. We have been identifying key features and discussing why they are used. We have also started learning our talk for writing text 'How to keep a teacher happy', which the children have found hilarious. In Maths, we are continuing to work on multiplication and have been learning about factor pairs as well as how to multiply 3 numbers together. Our new theme this term is Jurassic World so we will be learning all about dinosaurs and fossils. We have begun to explore how we know dinosaurs existed and what a fossil is. If you have any fossils at home, we would really appreciate borrowing them to help us learn more.



Weekly update: 19.12.19

We have had a fantastic last week of term with lots of fun Christmas activities, including a Christmas quiz! In English, we have enjoyed reading a range of Christmas poems and identifying the poetic devices in them. The children worked in pairs to perform their chosen poems and explored varying their volume and actions. We then wrote our own Christmas acrostic or calligram poems including poetic devices such as similes, alliteration and the power of three. Yesterday, we had our hockey tournament and I was very impressed with how well the children played in their teams. Thank you to all the parents who came along to watch and support. 

Have a brilliant Christmas everyone and we look forward to seeing you all back in January!





Class News week beginning: 09.12.19

We have had a fabulous week in Grasshopper Class. On Monday, we were lucky enough to visit St Mary's Church to discuss different aspects of Christianity. The children learnt about the history of stained glass windows and created their own to tell a story or show what is important to them. They also learnt about the features of a church and why they are important in Christian worship, before learning about prayer and worship music. We brought this all together by learning about the Parable of the Prodigal Son and why Christians think reconciliation and forgiveness is so important. The children thought about a time they had been forgiven by others or had forgiven someone themselves. Later in the week, we began writing our fantasy stories based on the plans we had created earlier. The children have had some wonderful ideas and it has been lovely to see them putting them into practice, using their target bookmarks to guide their next steps. We were really grateful for all the parents who could come and join us in making Christmas decorations and are really looking forward to the holiday!

Weekly update 4.12.19

In between our assessments this week, we have also fit in lots of fun activities. We enjoyed watching the pantomime 'Beauty and the Beast' this morning and are looking forward to watching the Key Stage One play tomorrow. In art, the children chose which art materials they wanted to use to create a picture of a famous landmark. These look fantastic! We have continued our learning about light and shadows in science and have set up an investigation to explore how the distance of a light source affects the size of a shadow. In English, we have been adapting the story of 'Reilly' to help us plan our own fantasy texts. The children have enjoyed making substitutions to this story and orally retelling these to their learning partners. 





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