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Grasshoppers are one of the Year 4 classes at the Isle of Ely Primary School. From this page you will be able to read about our curriculum and learning activities. Children have PE on Wednesday afternoons so will need their PE kits in school for this. PE sessions will be alternating between gymnastics and quicksticks hockey so children will need both their indoor and outdoor PE kits in school.

Who works in our classroom?
Teacher: Miss Orakci
TAs: Miss Stoneman, Miss Dennis, Mrs Ashman


Weekly update 4.12.19

In between our assessments this week, we have also fit in lots of fun activities. We enjoyed watching the pantomime 'Beauty and the Beast' this morning and are looking forward to watching the Key Stage One play tomorrow. In art, the children chose which art materials they wanted to use to create a picture of a famous landmark. These look fantastic! We have continued our learning about light and shadows in science and have set up an investigation to explore how the distance of a light source affects the size of a shadow. In English, we have been adapting the story of 'Reilly' to help us plan our own fantasy texts. The children have enjoyed making substitutions to this story and orally retelling these to their learning partners. 






What are we learning about?
Curriculum Information Autumn Term 2 – November 2019


This half term, the children will be exploring the theme ‘Britain from the air’. We will be learning all about Britain and using maps to locate cities. As well as this, we will be finding out how to use ordnance survey maps and grid references.

In art, we will be focussing on using sketches to create a piece of artwork of a well-known building. The children will be learning how to create a background wash and how to use different grades of pencil to shade and to show different tones and textures.

In our Science, we will be learning about light and shadows. We will be looking at sources of light, which materials reflect light best and investigating how shadows are formed.


Our non-fiction focus this half term is persuasive texts. The children are learning all about the features that are included in these such as: rhetorical questions, modal verbs and emotive language. Our fiction topic this half term will be a fantasy story, where we will consider the important elements of these stories, as well as what examples the children can think of. Children will learn the story ‘Reilly’ and think about how they can use adverbs and time conjunctions to open sentences, as well as how the setting can contribute to the feeling of their stories. We will also be thinking about how to write speech and how it moves the story along. There will also be regular guided reading sessions to support their comprehension skills.


This half term, we are learning how to use written methods for addition and subtraction and working on developing our problem solving skills within these. We will also be learning how to use written methods for multiplication and division to enable us to solve larger calculations. There will also be a focus on improving our times tables and learning strategies to help us with this.

As well as this, the children will be learning how to measure length and how to find the perimeter of 2D shapes.


In ICT, we will be using purple mash to learn about e-safety and how to report our concerns to an adult. The children will be learning about how to be safe whilst using the internet, as well as keeping their identities and passwords safe.


This half term, PE lessons will be on Wednesday afternoons and the children will be alternating between quicksticks hockey and gymnastics. With All4Sport, the children be learning the key skills for how to play quicksticks hockey and will work towards a house tournament at the end of this half term. Gymnastics sessions will be with Miss Bryan, where the children will be working with partners to create a sequence focussing on travel and balances to earn points for their houses.


This half term, we will be learning about Sikhism and Christianity. We will be learning about their key beliefs and identifying some similarities and differences between the two religions.


Year 4 will be continuing with their recorder lessons on Friday afternoons. Please ensure that these are in school on Fridays.


Year 4 are continuing to learn German with Felix and Franzi. We are learning how to describe clothes as well ordering food and drinks.

Home Learning

Homework books will be coming home every Thursday and will be due back in on Wednesdays. The children will have a list of ten spellings to practise using activities from the spelling menu at the front of the books. Year 4 should also be using Times Table Rockstars to practise their times tables on, including using the soundcheck to assess their speed. Please continue to read regularly with your child and encourage them to read independently too. The children all have bookmarks with questions that you can ask them to support their comprehension skills.



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