Welcome to Mayfly Class

Mayfly is one of our Year 5 classes at the Isle of Ely Primary School. From this page you will be able to read about our curriculum each half term and all the work we get up to in and out of the classroom. We will also be updating our website with pictures, work and more!




Children have PE on a Tuesday morning so will need their PE kits in school.


Who works in our classroom?
Teachers: Mr Turner (main class teacher), Miss Bryan (PE teacher)
Teaching assistants: Mrs DelGrazia.


What are we learning about?


Weekly News Flash! – 13th February

This has been a tough week for the children this week, with lots of assessment tasks for them to do! They did tests in Maths, Reading, Writing and SPaG (Spelling Punctuation and Grammar). The writing was around the story of ‘The Lighthouse’, about a man who needs to fix the beacon before a ship crashes into the rocks. It’s looking like they’ve made so much progress and really putting all their learning into practice!

On Tuesday however, the children were given the chance to battle it out in the Netball Tournament! Thank you all families that came to watch and well done to Team Air, who took the trophy.

We hope you all have a lovely half term break and come back refreshed and ready to learn again on the 24th February.



Weekly News Flash! - 24th January

The children these week have worked exceptionally hard in all subjects, a really proud week in year 5.

We have been looking in depth at division this week in Maths, dividing 4-digit numbers with and without remainders. During English we have put together story maps for our own quest stories and have begun to write our own interpretation.

We have looked at a variety of subjects during the afternoons. We finished our art pieces for our ‘Magic and Mayhem’ project and have begun our Geography topic on settlements. We have also unplugged and completed a computing lesson as graphic designers. Year 5 have also started to look into finances and think about different jobs paying different wages, as well as bonuses that workers can earn.


Weekly News Flash! - 17th January

This week has seen the continuation and development of our skills since the start of term. In English, this has included working on our ‘Quest Stories’, concentrating on dialogue, atmosphere and suspense. In Maths, we have focused on multiplying 2-digit numbers by multi-digit numbers. We’re pretty good at doing this in a compact, column method now!

In the afternoons, we have looked deeper into the art styles of Roy Lichtenstein and Keith Haring and trying out these styles in our own ways.


Weekly News Flash! - 10th January

Happy New Year! We have started the New Year with a bang as we went straight into a school trip. We headed off to the Ely Cathedral and learnt all about Etheldreda; Princess, Queen, Nun, Abbess and finally Saint of Ely Cathedral. We acted out her story, looked for evidence of her around the Cathedral and then spent some time being a monk in the monastery she created. I think we may need to bring in the Vow of Silence to school every now and then…

For Thursday and Friday, the children have been starting up their new topics. In maths it is formal column multiplication and in English we are looking at ‘Quest’ stories. We are going to be focusing a lot on writing more this term so any practice at home to help with stamina would be fantastic.

For theme, we are beginning with Lichtenstein artwork and investigating how this answers our big question; Are Comics an Art form?


Weekly News Flash! – 31st January

The children have had a lot to solve this week, starting with a murder mystery to find out who murdered Miss French during our writing parent share.

We have been looking into fractions this week and understanding key topic words such as Equivalent fractions, Improper fractions and Mixed numbers. During English we finished our own quest stories and carried out some editing to refine our work. We have then started to look into discussions and what we already know about them.

We have continued with our ‘Wizarding World of Harry Potter Topic with some work on Settlements. We have learnt where ideal locations to settle are, what we need and how to get from one settlement to another, helping us to create our own settlements. We have continued to learn about finances in PSHE and what we have dropped from our wages.


Weekly News Flash! – 7th February

During this week the children have continued with their fraction learning in Maths, and will now be revisiting a few topics before our assessment week. We have now begun to look into discussions and how they are structured, focusing on if we think school uniform is an essential part of education.

We have been focusing on RE this week, looking into the Hindu creation story and the different Hindu gods and goddesses. We also had another visit from Ad Orientem to teach us about Monk and Viking singing in preparation for our future performance at the Cathedral.


Weekly News Flash! – 14th February

It’s been a busy last week for year 5, as we have been completing some tests and assessments in Reading, Writing, Maths and Grammar. The children have worked extremely hard and in such a short amount of time, we are very proud of their commitment and hard work.

A group of children had the exciting opportunity to attend a science day at the Kings School, innovating and creating useful technology. The children all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We have also enjoyed our half-termly sports tournament, this time focusing on Netball.   


Mayflies Spring Term Experiences – January 2020



The children will be exploring the theme of ‘The Magical World of Harry Potter’ They will be learning about the formation of settlements in Geography to decide on a new location for Hogwarts, as well as some exciting new facts about states of matter in science. We will also be looking into Pop Art in our ‘Magic and Mayhem’ art project.


Characteristics of Effective Learning:

This year, there will be a strong focus on oracy (speaking and listening). This will comprised of lots of discussions, practising our reasoning skills and taking part in debates.



The children will be learning how to write a quest story based on the story ‘A Quest Story. We will be looking into the use of suspense and atmosphere as a quest unfolds and continuing to use the ‘Talk 4 Writing’ format. We are going to be expanding our vocabulary as this will be a major focus this year as well as using a variety of punctuation. After our stories, we will be practising discussion strategies.



The children will be focusing on multiplication and division on their return this term. Later on we will be looking at fractions and decimals and how these are involved in different operations.



On Tuesday mornings, children will be working with Miss Bryan to learn Netball. This will involve learning to pass the ball and properly shoot towards the hoop. The children will also be learning the basic rules of the game ready for the inter-year mini festival of at the end of the half term.



We will be using Purple Mash to become digital artists, designing cars, houses and people online, printing and assembling them into a diorama. This will put their mouse skills to the test with accurate drawing and shaping.



We will be looking into the origins of Hinduism, alongside the different gods that are worshipped and their role in Hinduism.



This term we will be focusing on working together and financial capabilities, providing strategies when working in different groups and then looking into the financial world and keywords such as salary and bonuses.


Home Learning

We will be continuing to send homework home with the children. This will be set on a Thursday and due back the following Wednesday. Children should be reading and recording any reading in their records 5 times a week both in school and at home. Spellings will be sent home weekly and will be tested on Wednesday. This will also apply to times tables, but this will be tested on a Thursday. There will also be a weekly task set with a separate maths or grammar focus.




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