Welcome back Caterpillar Class!

Welcome to Caterpillar Class! Caterpillar class is one of the Year 2 classes at the Isle of Ely Primary School. From this page you will be able to read about our curriculum and learning activities. Children have PE on Friday and will need to arrive in their PE kits on this day. We will also provide a weekly newsflash to show what we have been learning in the past week.

Who works in our classroom?










         Mr Sinfield

Assistant Head Teacher

Teaching Assistants:


                   Mrs Victoria Fowler                     Mrs Samantha Lambert


In Caterpillar Class, we will be learning:




In English this half term, we will be focussing on character description. We will once again we using the Talk4Writing approach, beginning with our cold write and hook, before moving through the imitation, innovation and independent stages. Our model text this half term is The Cobbler of Krakow and Smok the Dragon which will provide us with a high-quality example. We will learn how to use adjectives split by a comma, similes and alliteration. We will also be focussing on our non-negotiables of full stops and capital letters.   


In maths this half term, we are finishing off our unit of work on properties of shapes before moving on to our unit on fractions. We will learn how to recognise and find a half, quarter and three quarters.


In science, will be learning about living things. We will learn about simple food chains, including what producers and consumers are. We will also learn about habitats and microhabitats in this unit of learning.


In geography, we will be learning about northern Europe. We will learn about the physical features of northern Europe, including snow capped mountains, deep valleys and fjords. We will also cover what animals live in Northern Europe and we will learn about what migration is. We will also learn about Roald Amundsen, an explorer who was the captain of the first ship to sail through the Northwest Passage.


In Religious Education this half term we will be learning about Islam. We will learn about the Five Pillars of Islam and about different features of a mosque.


In music, we will move onto our unit called “The Friendship Song”. We will be learning about pulse, rhythm, tempo and the dynamics of a song.


 In PE we will be using our PE scheme of work called Get Set 4 P.E. We will be completing a unit called “Team Building” and another called “Net and Wall”.


Computing this half term provides us with an opportunity to use databases and spreadsheets to collect, manage and analyse data.


In art, we will be learning about portraits and self-portraits. We will observe and discuss a wide variety of portraits and self-portraits and we will create our own self-portraits.


Knowledge Organisers 

At the Isle of Ely Primary School, we use knowledge organisers as a tool to help our children learn more and remember more and to allow parents and carers to support their children's learning. In our knowledge organisers, you will find essential knowledge, key dates, important vocabulary and key figures. The knowledge organisers can also be used as a fun assessment tool which will help children to see what progress they have made.

Religious Education


Our class text is: 'Flat Stanley' by Jeff Brown. 

Weekly Newsflash W/C: 03.05.21

Year 2 have been using their brilliant imaginations this week! They wrote a story about their own monster and focused on their description tools. Their stories were fantastic! In maths, we have continued our work on fractions. We have found quarters of shapes and quantities, using the bar model to help our understanding. We then went on to learning about unit fractions. Please ask us what these are! The children have worked on mixing paint in art this week. They have mixed skin tones using red, brown, white and green paint. We will be painting our self-portraits next week! Great work Year 2!


Weekly Newsflash W/C: 26.04.21

Another great week in Year 2 has come to an end. In writing, the children have been practicing showing not telling in their writing. They have also completed some wonderful independent writing showcasing what we can do.  In maths, we have started a new unit of work on fractions; we have worked on identifying wholes and parts and have begun to identify and find half of an amount. This week, we have had a big focus on art and have really enjoyed learning about self-portraits. We have practiced identifying the positioning of our facial features and have used a mirror to accurately draw them. In science, we have been looking at both habitats and microhabitats, considering what living things live in our school. Well done Year 2!


Weekly Newsflash W/C: 19.04.21

It has been another fabulous week here in Year 2. The children have been working on using interesting similes to describe a dragon. They thought of some fantastic ideas! The children continued their work on shape in maths. We have been describing and sorting 3D shapes using words such as vertices, edges, faces and curved surfaces. The children really enjoyed starting our new core knowledge units of work. In geography, the children recapped their knowledge of the seven continents and five oceans. We will be moving on to looking at Northern Europe in detail next week! Well done Year 2!

Weekly Newsflash W/C: 12.04.21

Welcome back to the start of a new term here in Year 2! It has been so lovely to have the children back! We have started to look at our new model text in English. The children have started to work on their use of exciting adjectives already. In maths, we have carried on our unit on shape this week. The children have been describing and sorting 2D shapes using vocabulary such as sides and vertices. Please ask us what a five, six, seven and eight sided shape is called. Well done on a brilliant first week back Year 2!

Weekly Newsflash W/C: 22.03.21

Another fantastic term has come to an end in the blink of an eye. The highlight of this term has been all students returning to school. It has been great to see everyone and the three weeks we have had together has been fantastic. This week in PE, the children have brought their learning about invasion games and yoga to an end. This has finished with learning about ball control in football, and students enjoyed another relaxing yoga session. This week in maths, we have continued our unit of work on measurement and have completed some assessment. It is amazing to see how much students have learned despite the challenges this term has thrown at us. In English this week, we have finished our innovated piece of writing and have moved on to writing a set of instructions independently. If you would like to know how to use your superpower safely then just ask us. Across our core knowledge subjects, we have completed our end of unit checks and have celebrated all that we have learned. This wonderful week also included a celebration of World Down Syndrome Day and a non-uniform day! Thank you year 2 for all your hard work this term, we hope you have a great Easter break.


Weekly Newsflash W/C: 15.03.21

We have had another great week in year 2 this week, and it has been great to see full classrooms and lots of smiling faces. In PE, the children have continued their yoga in class and have also enjoyed learning all about invasion games, including how to control a ball. This week in maths, we have started a new topic and have been studying measurement. This has involved a focus on measuring length in both centimetres and meters. In English this week, we have started to innovate our writing, thinking about how we can use our model texts structure and add our own ideas to it. We have continued our learning on seeds in science and have started our experiment to investigate the conditions that plants need to grow. Another superb week, great work year 2. Finally, we enjoyed a wacky Comic Relief day. Here is the class' winning joke for our school competition:

What do whales eat for dinner? Fish and Ships


Weekly Newsflash W/C: 08.03.21

It has been so lovely to welcome all the children back to school this week. The children have settled in so well and really enjoyed seeing their friends. In PE, the children really enjoyed our yoga session! It was great fun to stretch, to relax and to have some quiet time! We have finished our statistics unit in maths this week: the children have learned about tally charts, pictograms and block diagrams. In English this week, we have covered the important tools we need to write an amazing set of instructions. Ask us what time conjunctions are! We have learned about seeds and bulbs in science this week with the children recapping the conditions needed for a seed to grow into a seedling. Brilliant work this week Year 2! It has been so lovely to see you all in person!

Weekly Newsflash w/c: 01.03.21

Week two of the half term has been another busy one and alongside all the wonderful learning we have been doing, we have also had World Book Day! Despite not being able to dress up as we normally would, we still took part in a number of book day lessons. All three teachers in year 2 shared one of their favourite books: Miss Lewis shared The Book with no Pictures, Mr Sinfield shared I’m Australian Too and Mrs Daybell shared The Day the Crayons Came Home. In maths, we have started a new unit of work on statistics. Students have been practising using tally charts and pictograms and have learned how to analyse the data collected. Our work on Roman Britain in history has continued with a focus on Roman towns and cities. We have looked at different parts of a Romans city, including the forum, baths and basilicas. In writing, we have been learning our model text How to look after a pet dragon. We have used this text to learn more about adjectives in a list, adverbs and imperative (bossy) verbs.


Weekly Newsflash w/c: 22.02.21

What an excellent week to start the new half term! In maths, we have continued our work on division. The children have been working very hard using bar models to help their understanding of grouping and sharing. We have started a new unit of work in history: we learned about the invasion of Britain by the Romans and the rebellion of Boudicca. The children have really enjoyed starting our new writing unit based on instructions. We are currently learning our model text, 'How to look after a dragon'. Excellent work this week Year 2!


Weekly Newsflash W/C: 01.02.21

Well done to Year 2 for all their brilliant work this week. In maths, we have been learning our 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Keep practising these as we move on to our next unit! In English, we have been writing our innovated stories. The children came up with some excellent and creative ideas. We will be finishing these off next week! We have continued our work on electricity in science this week. The children enjoyed testing which materials are conductors and which are insulators by putting them into an electrical circuit. On Wednesday, we had a music day! The children expressed their feelings about the lockdown by writing amazing song lyrics. Great work this week, Year 2!

Weekly Newsflash W/C: 25.01.21

Another great week has passed in our spring term! The fantastic engagement and participation has continued this week. It is so great to see so many students both at school and at home volunteering answers and completing great work. In history, we have continued to develop our knowledge about Ancient Egypt. Building upon our work on archaeologists last week, we have been learning about hieroglyphics and the Rosetta Stone. We have continued our work on circuits and electricity in science including drawing scientific drawings to represent our circuits. In English, this week we have moved away from imitation and into innovation! We have been looking at our model text and asking what was the purpose of each section of the story. We have then swapped our own ideas in to create our own version. In maths, we have continued our unit of work on multiplication and division, this week has involved looking at arrays as a way of solving multiplication problems.

* This Wednesday (3rd February) we will be taking a day out from our normal timetable to have a music day! Please attend lessons at the same time and we will explain all on Wednesday*


Weekly Newsflash W/C: 18.01.21

Another fantastic week in Year 2! Students at home and at school have shown fantastic participation, enthusiasm and hard work. In history, we have continued to develop our knowledge about Ancient Egypt. Building upon our work on the River Nile last week, we have been learning about archaeologists - in particular, Howard Carter. We have learned about circuits in science and have even built our own virtual circuits. In English, this week we have swapped from reading as a reader to reading as a writer: we have been analysing our model text and have been looking at the tools the author has used so that we could add them to our own writers toolkit. This has included adjectives, verbs, adverbs and similes. Well done for all your hard work this week!


Weekly Newsflash (W/B: 11.01.21)

Well done for another brilliant week! The participation and enthusiasm from the children at home has been particularly amazing. Well done! We have enjoyed learning more about the River Nile in our history unit of Ancient Egypt. We have also covered how to be safe with electrical appliances in science. In English, we have been working on our reading skills with an emphasis on retrieval. The children have also revised what nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs are. Well done for all your hard work this week!

Weekly Newsflash (W/C: 06.01.21)

 This week has been amazing! Miss Lewis and I are so proud of the Year 2 children. Well done to all the children at home and at school who have tried their best to learn at this tricky time. We hope you have enjoyed our live lessons this week. Thank you also to all the parents who have helped and supported the children’s learning at home. This week we have started our first Talk for Writing unit, focussing on setting the scene. The children did their best to write a setting description using a picture prompt. We then started to gather adjectives and descriptive ideas. We then started learning our story of “The Snow Queen”! In Maths, we have continued our work on addition and subtraction. We have worked on taking away a two-digit number from another two digit number and we have practised adding three one-digit numbers. We have also started our history unit covering Ancient Egypt! We hope you had an enjoyable week and we can’t wait to see you (in person or virtually!) next week.


Christmas in Year 2

Nativity Performance 2020

Year 2 Christmas Performance - Jingle Bells

Year 2 Christmas Performance - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Year 2 Christmas Performance - Santa Clause is Coming to Town

Year 2 Christmas Performance - We Wish you a Merry Christmas

Reading in Year 2

Over the past month or two we have been sending our speed sound videos home to practise with your child at home. This covers the first 10 to 15 minutes of our daily phonics lessons. However, we wanted to give you a taste of what the next 45 minutes of a reading lesson looks like. Therefore, we have taken some videos of some of our year 2 children practising their reading. In the first video two students are taking it in turns reading a page from a Read, Write Inc story book, helping each other as they go. Following on from this children complete activities to reinforce their decoding, fluency and/or expression. In the second video two students are taking part in a comprehension activity. In the video you can see these children taking it in turns to ask and answer questions, revisiting the story when needed. We hope this gives you an additional insight into what reading looks like in Year 2 at the Isle of Ely Primary School. 

Reading Storybook Video

Reading Comprehension Video



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