Welcome back Caterpillar Class!

Welcome to Caterpillar Class! Caterpillar class is one of the Year 2 classes at the Isle of Ely Primary School. From this page you will be able to read about our curriculum and learning activities. Children have PE and gymnastics on Friday afternoon and will need to arrive in their PE kits on this day. We will also provide a weekly newsflash to show what we have been learning in the past week.

Who works in our classroom?









          Mr Sinfield

 Assistant Head Teacher

Teaching Assistants:


                   Mrs Victoria Fowler                     Mrs Joanna Golding                  Mrs Samantha Lambert


In Caterpillar Class we will be learning:


Subject Content
English We will be using Read, Write Inc. to consolidate our phonics knowledge this half term. We will be using decodable books to improve our reading fluency and reading comprehension skills. We will also have grammar and vocabulary tasks based on what we have read. We will also practice our sentence composition, building up to longer pieces of writing. 
Maths In maths, we will start the term by learning about counting and representing numbers to 100. We will then have the opportunity to learn about place value, focusing on the ones and tens columns. This will provide us with the means to order and compare numbers to 100. As we move through the term we will learn about addition and subtraction, including how we can use our number bonds to help us add and subtract two digit and one digit numbers from one another.
Science  In science, we will be learning about the importance of being healthy. We will investigate what it means to be healthy and will look at different ways that we can keep ourselves healthy; for example, by exercising or eating healthy foods.
Geography  In geography, we will be learning about spatial sense and our local area. This will include looking at maps and aerial photos, using them to explore our local area.
RE We will be learning about Jewish beliefs. In particular, we will be learning about synagogues, Shabbat, the Torah, the commandments and the Maccabees. We will also learn about important moments in a Jewish person's life. 
Music We will be learning to respond to and make a steady beat through nursery rhymes. 
PE In PE, we will be learning to perform the fundamentals of movement, for example how to run, hop, skip or jump efficiently. We will also be learning about gymnastics and how to maintain our balance when performing different routines. 
Computing In computing, we will be learning about how to be safe when using digital devices, and how to search and communicate using the internet.
Art We will be learning about one of the elements of art. We will be improving our knowledge of colour. This will include recalling primary and secondary colours, making a colour wheel, identifying warm and cool colours and recalling previous understanding of tints and shades.


Knowledge Organisers 

At the Isle of Ely Primary school we use knowledge organisers as a tool to enhance our students learning and to allow parents and carers to support their child's learning. In our knowledge organisers you will find essential knowledge, key dates, vocabulary and key figures where relevant. These can be used as a fun assessment tool which will ensure that students remember more and learn more in the upcoming unit of work.



Our class text is: Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett


Weekly Newsflash 14.09.20

This week, Year 2 have continued their work on the Set 2 phonics sounds. We have learned the igh, oo (moon), oo (look), ar, or sounds. We have also been completing a few quizzes to see where our learning needs to go next. We have written a lovely story following the prompt, "If a I climbed a ladder up into the clouds, what would I see?". We were very impressed with all the amazing and creative ideas that we generated. Well done! Another brilliant week, Year 2!

Weekly Newsflash 11.9.2020

It has been such a lovely first week back. We have focused on our school routines and spending time settling into our new class. We have covered our three school rules "Ready", "Respect" and "Safe" so that we understand what they mean. We have also read some really lovely class stories based on kindness, perseverance and how special each of us is. This week we have also started to recap the Set 2 Phonics sounds. This week we have recovered ay, ee, and ow. We have also spent time doing lots of art including some amazing dot paintings. What a wonderful first week back!


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