Welcome to our Class Page. Spiders are one of the Year Two classes at Isle of Ely Primary School. From this page you will be able to read about our curriculum and learning activities.

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Who teaches our class?

Miss Burnford- Spiders class teacher 

Mrs Lloyd- 1-1 TA (Afternoons)


What are we learning this term?

This half term our theme is ‘To infinity and beyond.’ We will answer, think about and discuss Big Questions including:

What do astronauts need to keep fit and healthy in space? (Science)

What was the bravest thing Tim Peake did? (History)

What meal would be the best meal to take to an astronaut? (D&T)



We will be learning about stories by the author Anthony Browne, where the children will write their own version of one his stories.  We will then be looking at instructions and creating our own instructions based on a space theme. We will be discovering a range of poems all with a space theme. We will be reading and discovering through books in different areas of learning to support our space topic. 



We will be learning about division, statistics, fractions, money and measurement.

We will also be practising our CLIC Learn Its – doubling and halving of numbers.

If you want to support at home why not practise counting in 10s,5s and 2s as you walk/drive to school in the morning. As an extension to this, you could also practise halving and doubling 10/20/30/40/50/60. 



The children in Year 2 will be finding out about the effects of exercise on our body and why it is important to keep clean. We will also be discussing healthy foods and the effects these have on our body. 



The children will be finding out about significant people in space exploration with a particular focus on Tim Peake and Neil Armstrong.



The children will continue to discuss healthy foods and the impacts eating unhealthily has on our bodies. We will be tasting different foods alongside designing and making healthy salads! 



The children will be continuing their weekly Violin lessons. 



The term will start by recapping previous taught skills, which include the under arm, over arm and the bounce pass. Their will be a focus on developing the control and accuracy of each pass and the children will begin to apply their skills to small competitive games. Taking part in small competitive games will allow the children to start to build a bank of tactics, for example, being aware of where to stand on the court to make a game more difficult for an opponent.  Following on from the ball skill sessions the children will learn how to use a racket to hit a ball and progress onto hitting the ball at a target. Each session will have a linked Enabling Enterprise skill, for example, team work and listening skills, which we will focus on throughout each session. 



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