Welcome to Bumblebee Class, where we always strive to BEE inquisitive, determined and resilient!





Bumblebee class is one of the Year 1 classes here at the Isle of Ely Primary School. From browsing this page, you will be able to read all about our engaging curriculum for the half term and see all of our fantastic learning activities which have occurred each week. The children in the Bumblebee class will have PE on Wednesday afternoons and Forest School on Friday afternoons. Therefore please can you ensure that they come to school in suitable clothes on both of these days.

Our Curriculum - 



RWI (Phonics, Reading, Writing and SPaG)

Children will be grouped this term learning their sounds, how to blend and starting to read book. Within their RWI lesson they will also access writing tasks teaching them key skills for Year 1, such as sentence structure and punctuation. Additionally they will learn spelling and grammar through this. On top of their RWI lessons we will be having English short bursts, where we will base learning around a key text for 2 weeks and explore different aspects of the Year 1 English national curriculum.  


We will be looking at addition and subtraction within 10 and numbers within 20. This will allow the children to build the foundations for further exploring numbers and learn new methods and techniques. We will be using Power Maths to teach and this places a large focus on both fluency, reasoning and problem solving. We will also be looking at identifying and naming 2D and 3D shapes. 


We are looking at every day materials, whereby light and sound will be our main focus. The children will have the opportunity to explore a range of different light sources, reflective surfaces and different types of shadows. The children will then continue to explore different sounds and vibrations through the use of music. 


This half term we will be exploring spatial senses, focusing in our own classroom. The children will be looking at maps and plans as well as positional language and compass points. The children will have the opportunity to draw their own aerial view plans of our own classrooms and different locations around our school. 


This half term we will be learning about the different elements of line. We will be learning about straight, zig-zag and curved lines by exploring the thickness of the lines and how we can create them differently. 


We are going to be continuing to focus on the techniques behind a range of different jumps during our fundamental skills lesson. In Dance the children will have the opportunity to learn a range of different movements when performing a routine. On a Friday we will continue to take part in Forest School and this will continue to Christmas. 


Our main focus for RE is Jesus and Celebrations, thinking about Christians beliefs and views, through investigating the Easter story and the Christmas nativity. The children will be thinking about why Christians celebrate both Easter and Christmas. As well as this the children will be learning what a baptism is and why Christians are baptised. 


In PSHE we will be focusing on Anti-Bullying. The children will be defining what bullying is, causes and types of bullying, how bullying makes children feels, how to respond to bullying and how to support others in a bullying situation. 


In computing this half term we are going to be focusing on what an algorithm is and why they are important to follow. The children will be exploring the importance of instructions and how accuracy is key for a task to be completed correctly. We will also be looking at debugging and how we can debug a problem. 


This half term we are going to be looking at a piece of music called the rhythm in the way we walk and banana rap through Charanga. During our lessons the children are going to be listening to the music and finding the pulse. The children will be able to use a range of different musical activities to help perform their piece of work.


This half term we are going to be looking at a range of different fruits and vegetables. The children will learn where our food comes from and how we know the difference between a fruit and a vegetable. Then the children will have an amazing opportunity in learning how to make their own smoothie.


Please find attached our knowledge organisers for Autumn Term 2: 

Art Knowledge Organiser

Music Knowledge Organiser

DT Knowledge Organiser

Computing Knowledge Organiser

RE Knowledge Organiser

Geography Knowledge Organiser

Science Knowledge Organiser

The adults in our classroom are:

Teacher – Miss Cross

Trainee Teacher - Mrs Harrison

Weekly Newsflash:

16th November 2020

This week Bumblebee's have been working extra hard, in Maths we introduced subtraction and explored what subtraction was before writing number sentences and completing loads of questions which related to it. In English we have really improved our sentence writing skills and have written some exceptionally effective and brilliant sentences! Finally this week we really enjoyed throwing and catching in PE, before looking at different positional language in Geography. It has been a wonderful week and we hope you have a lovely weekend!

9th November 2020 

We have had lots of fun this week we have enjoyed delving deeper in to her new core knowledge subject areas. In DT we tried lots of different fruit and vegetables thinking about how we can classify them through taste, celery was definitely our least favourite! Pomegranate went down a treat :) We also explored keys in Geography for aerial perspectives and were very successful at labelling the classroom using this technique. In Science we went on an adventure around school to think about different light sources and the impact they have on the area we are in. We have finished our addition unit in Maths and feel very confident with number bonds and adding. Finally we completed some work on sentences, ensuring we make them really interesting and use all of our fabulous skills! 

19th October 2020 

This week, we have spent lots of time reflecting on the half term and how proud we are about all that we have accomplished. The children completed some quizzes over the week to identify the core knowledge they had gained from our foundation subjects and all children knew an extensive amount!. Additionally, we have finished our Part-Part-Whole unit in maths which has aided the children's understanding of number sentences. Bumblebees have settled fantastically and grown emotionally, academically and socially in the last half term. Miss Cross and Mrs Harrison cannot wait to continue with our learning journey in Autumn 2. We hope you have a fantastic half term break. :)

12th October 2020 

This week, we had Pop-Up Literacy week and we read the story, Runaway Dinner by Bruce Ingman. We have explored the text in detail and think it is absolutely hilarious! We really enjoyed meeting the author via zoom too :) Additionally we have learnt about our 5 senses: we focused this week on taste and smell through smelling and tasting lots of different things. We thought about what might happen if we lost our senses too. As it is Black History Month we have been celebrating equality and famous black people from history such as Rosa Parks and Mary Seacole. All children completed their half term phonics assessment and have made excellent progress; they will start their new groups after half term and we are very proud. We have had a brilliant week and are looking forward to our last week before half term.

5th October 2020

We have had a wonderful week in Bumblebee Class: we have been lucky enough to have a virtual trip via Ely Museum which allowed his to explore our history topic in more depth, we got to see what they wore, the weapons they used and many other great artefacts. We even had some of them in school so we could hold them and study them in our lesson afterwards. Also this week we have continued to explore colours in art, the body in science and Christianity in RE. We have finished our first unit of maths which ended with ordinal numbers and number lines. The children were exceptionally good at applying their new knowledge to a range of questions! We hope you have a lovely weekend :) 

28th September 2020

This week in Bumblebee Class, we have continued to explore all of the subjects, looking at The Ice Age and Woolly Mammoths, which the children thoroughly enjoyed before thinking about our skeleton and the bones we have. We then thought about adding white to create tints within colour. Also this week we started our new book Knuffle Bunny, we have been using this book to focus on settings. We have achieved this through bring the black and white images in the book to life by thinking about what we could see and hear. The children have written some fantastic sentences! Hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the rain! 

21st September 2020

This week have been full of lots of new learning for Bumblebees. We have started to explore our core knowledge curriculum, looking at The Ages in History, Our Body in Science and have explored primary and secondary colours in Art. The children have been very excited and look forward to engaging in their new learning, it has been wonderful to see which subjects they enjoy. The children have settled well and are actively demonstrating the 3 school rules.

18th September 2020

We have had a lovely week, we used the book 'Here we are' by Oliver Jeffers as a focus this week, looking at the different aspects of our world. We have explored a variety of subjects through it including history, art, science and English. Additionally this week we started our RWI lessons, the children have began with fantastic confidence and commitment and learnt lots of sounds already. They will have been sent home with their first reading book too! The children have continued to remain dedicated to their learning and we are looking forward to starting another week. 

11th September 2020 

Bumblebee's have settled in fantastically, we had a wonderful week learning about one another and exploring Year 1. The children have arrived ready to learn and engage in their new curriculum, they were very inquisitive and excited! Myself and Mrs Harrison are looking forward to our year with Bumblebee class and cannot wait to embark on the journey!

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