Welcome to Bumblebee Class, where we always strive to BEE inquisitive, determined and resilient!





Bumblebee class is one of the Year 1 classes here at the Isle of Ely Primary School. From browsing this page, you will be able to read all about our engaging curriculum for the half term and see all of our fantastic learning activities which have occurred each week. The children in the Bumblebee class will have PE on Friday. Therefore please can you ensure that they come to school in suitable clothes on Fridays.

The adults in our classroom are:

Teacher – Miss Cross

Trainee Teacher - Mrs Harrison

Our Curriculum - 



RWI (Phonics, Reading, Writing, and SPaG)

This half term we will be working in whole class groups for phonics and we will be reviewing all our set 2 and 3 sounds and practising blending confidently, and spelling using the correct speed sounds. In our English lessons, we are introducing the children to prefixes, alliteration, and writing in the first person. Our first book focus is Beegu and later in the half term we will be exploring the story Elmer when we will be looking specifically at settings.


We will be looking at numbers to 50, exploring our counting, tens and ones, 2’s and 5’s, comparing numbers to 50, and finally word problems based around these. Once we have finished this unit we will be moving on to explore length and height and looking at different units of measure. Finally this half term we will be introducing weight and volume, thinking about comparing and measuring both weight and capacity.


This half term in Science we are going to be thinking about taking care of the Earth. The children will learn that human activity can impact both positively and negatively on the earth. We will think about the different natural resources that we use. We will be looking at pollution in more depth and thinking about the importance of recycling and how these have a positive or negative impact.


This half term we will be exploring the UK! Looking at the 4 different countries – England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland and their flags, before thinking about the weather in the UK and the physical geography of the UK.


In Art, we will continue to explore sculpture and we will put all our fantastic planning from the last half term to good use when we produce our own sculptures of fish. We will be using tools and paint to decorate them and then evaluating and sharing our amazing creations with the rest of the class.


This half term the children will be starting a new unit which is based around different invasion games, with Active Play Education on Friday afternoons. Their other PE lesson will be focusing on Yoga with their class teacher. We are now lucky enough to be following a new scheme called GetSet4PE. If you would like to receive any additional active activities feel free to look online as they have a wide range of activities on offer for free.


This half term in RE we will be exploring Sikhism and its beliefs. We will be ensuring that we know what Sikhism is, where it originates from, and who Guru Nanak is. The children will be learning about Sikh beliefs and understanding what and why they celebrate the things that they do within their religion.


In PSHE we will be learning how to stay safe around medicines and household substances. We will be talking about physical and emotional well-being alongside the positive benefits of medicines when they are used correctly.


In Music this half term we are going to be exploring four different types of music – The Baroque Style, The Bhangra Style, The Latin Style, and The Folk Style. Thinking about the pulse, the beat, and the rhythm within them.  


In DT we will be exploring structures with the goal of creating a moving windmill. The children will begin with decorating their structures ensuring they are following a design criterion. After mastering this the children will assemble and evaluate their moving windmill.  


Knowledge Organisers

At the Isle of Ely Primary School, we use knowledge organisers as a tool to help our children learn more and remember more and to allow parents and carers to support their children's learning. In our knowledge organisers, you will find essential knowledge, key dates, important vocabulary, and key figures. The knowledge organisers can also be used as a fun assessment tool that will help children to see what progress they have made.








Weekly Newsflash w/c 22.02.21

We are so excited that you will all be back in the classroom in just over a week's time and in the meantime, we've made a great start to this half term. We have been learning our new English text, Beegu, and I've been so impressed with the vocabulary the children have been producing. In maths, we have moved on to thinking about numbers to 50 and breaking two-digit numbers into tens and ones. In the afternoons, we have begun looking at Sikhism, how we need to care for our planet, designing windmills and the United Kingdom. Thank you once again to all our parents and children for their hard work and fantastic attitudes to learning.

Weekly Newsflash w/c 01.02.21

Bumblebees have had a lovely week, we have finished our work on Where the Wild Things Are producing some amazing character descriptions with wonderful vocabulary and lots of engaging sentences. We have continued with our subtraction in maths, looking at subtracting across 10 and fact families. Even though we found slightly difficult at times, we remained determined. Our learning in the afternoons has been exciting: we explored different clouds, the restoration and patron saints. The children in home and at school were engaged and enthusiastic and have retained lots of new challenging knowledge which is brilliant! 

Weekly Newsflash w/c 25.01.21

Bumblebees have had a very busy week in English learning about Where the Wild Things Are. We have explored the book by thinking about what happens throughout the story, thought carefully about the main character's appearance and personality and finally created an extensive word bank ready for us to start to plan and write our character description next week! In maths, we have finished our addition within 20 unit, which, at times, was tricky but we persevered. We have now started our subtraction within 20 unit which, so far, is going well! Yet again, our afternoons have been incredibly busy! I feel that the children have been really engaged and have produced a wide range of excellent pieces of work. Have a fantastic week, stay safe, have fun and relax!

Weekly Newsflash w/c 18.01.21

What another amazing week in Bumblebee Class. I am so exceptionally proud of all of the Bumblebees, at home they are working super hard and the same in school. This week, we have explored conjunctions and exclamation marks in English, adding to 20 in Maths, the Magna Carta in History, different types of devices to gage the weather in Science, outsides of Churches in RE and finally created our colour palettes for our sculptures in Art. The children turn up everyday enthusiastic and it's such a lovely atmosphere to be a part of! Well done Bumblebee's you are all superstars! Continue to work hard and have a relaxing weekend!

Newsflash w/c 04.01.21 and 11.01.21

Wow, what an amazing two weeks we have had in Bumblebee class both in school and at home! The children have been amazing and have all adapted to the new normal! The dedication and commitment to their learning has been fantastic and they have all made me exceptionally proud. Over the last two weeks the children have been building up to write a recount in English about their Christmas holidays and after reading their work today I am amazed at all the skills and new knowledge they have managed to include! We have been learning about numbers up to 20 and I am excited to move onto our next unit next week as the children flew through their work! Our afternoons have also been incredible with all the children joining in with the inputs both in school and at home! We have started lots of new learning exploring sculptures in art, the monarchy in history, churches in RE and weather in Science.  Have a wonderful weekend, rest, relax and stay safe! 

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