Welcome to Butterfly class!

Butterfly class is one of the Reception classes here at the Isle of Ely Primary School. The staff that work in Butterfly class are Miss Palmer and Mrs Newman.

Butterfly class will have PE on Thursday afternoons.. Please see below our curriculum overview and the weekly news flash.


Who works in our Classroom?


Curriculum overview

In the second half of this term, Butterfly class will be learning:

Communication and language

 In the second part of the term, the children will listen attentively to a vast selection of stories and poems. We will focus on anticipating key events and retelling the familiar stories and rhymes. The children will connects ideas using talk, actions and objects.

We will practise questioning and explaining why things happen, broadening children’s vocabulary and increasing language complexity.

Physical Development

We will focus on the fine motor skills, securing correct pencil grip and mark making with increasing control. The children will build their core strength, balance and coordination through the focus on Fundamentals of Movement in PE. This half term, PE lessons will take place every Thursday. Children will also take part in Daily Mile, running an approximate equivalent of a mile a day!


The children will begin to gain a deeper understanding of the school’s values of community, inspiring and support. We focus on how we demonstrate friendly behaviour and form positive relationships with others. The children will have opportunities to initiate and take part in conversations, taking account of what others say and how they feel. 


The children will access a wide selection of quality texts across fiction, non-fiction and poetry. We will memorise and innovate short texts through the Talk4Writing lessons, having fun and experimenting with language, rhyme and rhythm, retelling texts and writing. 

In Phonics, we will work in groups to meet children’s needs and provide appropriate pace and challenge. We will secure Set 1 sounds, segment and blend sounds, and begin to read CVC words independently.

In writing, the children will secure correct formation of the letters in their name and start using labels in their mark making. We will continue to develop pre-cursive letter formation.


The children will begin exploring addition and subtraction by looking at change within 5. They will continue to count, subitise and compare as they learn to find one more and one less than a given number up to 5. The pupils will secure this concept by developing their own ‘one more’ and ‘one less’ stories. They will explore the link between counting forward and the one more pattern, and counting backwards and one less pattern.

Towards the end of the term, we will begin learning about time – we will talk about night and day, order daily routines and measure time in simple ways.

Understanding of the word

The children will learn about light and dark, and understand how light is used in different celebrations. We will make shadows by moving an object in front of the light source, and create different shapes by experimenting with shadows.

We will explores some of the coldest places on Earth: the North and South Pole. The children will use globes and maps to locate the poles and learn about polar animals and their habitats.

Expressive Arts and Design

The children will experiment with combining different media and techniques to create effect. They will begin constructing with a purpose in mind. We will continue learning basic colour mixing facts and representing ideas through a choice of colour and texture. 

We will learn songs in line with the studied topics and children’s interests, and perform these for friends in the Reception bubble.

In Butterfly Class this half term we will be learning:

Communication and language

The children will start the term by learning new routines and school rules. They will learn their way around the Reception areas and wider parts of the school, as well as get to know the adults and peers. The children will explore the importance of listening and empathy, and focus on expressing ourselves effectively to communicate ideas and preferences.

Children will practise their speaking, listening and turn taking skills in group discussions, through a selection of games and stories.

Physical Development

We will focus on the gross motor skills to build readiness for writing. The children will build their core strength through the focus on Gymnastics in PE.

The children will improve their pencil grip through a variety of every day fine motor skills opportunities.


Children will gain confidence through choosing and accessing resources. They will explore the things that make each of us special, as a part of our All About Me theme. Children will talk about their and other’s feeling and consequences of some actions. They will begin to learn to work in a small group or with a different partners.


The children will access a variety of high quality texts, based on their current interests.

In Phonics, we will learn to read most of the Set 1 sounds and blend orally.

In writing, the children will learn to write their names and begin forming familiar graphemes correctly.


The children will learn to understand and use numbers 1-10. They will explore representing these numbers, using a range of concrete resources, as well as pictorial representations. They will begin to understand the amounts behind the abstract numerals 1-10.

The children will expand their understanding of shapes and measures, and will compare and sort objects by their size and shape.

Understanding of the word

The children will learn about different seasons and the changes they bring to our environments. We will investigate the patterns, colours and textures of autumnal leaves.

Pupils will learn about their immediate environment – their classroom and the school – and create maps of the familiar areas.

The children will learn about the basic parts of a human body, the senses and the effect of diet and exercise on their bodies.

Expressive Arts and Design

The children will learn to name and identify primary colours. We will explore basic colour mixing facts and experiments with different types of paint and the effects we can create with changing resources and techniques, such as different paint strokes.

We will learn songs in line with the studied topics and children’s interests, and perform these for friends in school.


Weekly News Flash

Week beginning 16th November 

This week was anti-bullying week. Together, we discussed what we thought bullying was, what we could do if we thought we were being bullied or if someone else was being bullied and how we can stop bullying from taking place. In Maths, Butterflies have moved on to telling maths stories about 'one less'. They are continuing to use the language 'first, then and now' to sequence their stories. The children are continuously applying their phonic knowledge within the learning environment. Their writing challenge this week was to write who they say goodnight to following our retelling of the story, 'Goodnight Moon'. The children are developing their confidence in segmenting words to hear the individual sounds- they then write what they hear. We have leant about Diwali this week to broaden our knowledge of cultures and customs from around the world. We learnt about the story of Rama and Sita and discussed why Diwali is celebrated.

Week beginning 9th November

We have continued to talk about our school value 'community' this week. We have talked about the different communities we are a part of and how we can help an support others in our community. We have secured our understanding of 'one more' in Maths. Some children have challenged themselves and have found one more from a two digit number. In Read Write Inc, the children have been developing their blending skills and have been applying their knowledge in lots of ways within the learning environment. The children were set the writing challenge of creating a picture and then using their phonic knowledge to label it or write a sentence about what they have drawn. Thank you for your generous donations towards Children in Need- Butterfly class really enjoyed PJ day!

Week beginning 2nd November

Butterfly class have had a very busy and exciting first week back after half term. In Phonics, we are now working in smaller groups to meet children’s specific needs and provide appropriate pace and challenge. We are still focussing on Set 1 sounds which includes reading them, recognising them within the environment and writing them using the correct letter formation. In maths, we have been looking at 'one more'. The children have used the language 'first, then and now' to tell a maths story about 'one more' joining a group of existing objects. We have introduced Talk4Writing and have learnt the poem 'Bonfire night' by Sara Fox. Talk4Writing allows children of all ages to learn language through a 3 stage process: imitation, innovation and invention. This week, we have focussed on the imitation stage of the process. We have made the language memorable by using expressions and actions as we told the poem. This is repeated several times with adult guidance to give the children confidence to retell the text independently. We also unpick new or unfamiliar vocabulary to give meaning and to broaden the children's own bank of vocabulary. The school value we are focusing on this week is 'community'. We have talked about different ways we can support, help and look after others within our school community. 

Week beginning 19th October

This week in Read Write Inc., the children have begun learning 'special friends'. These are sounds that are made up of two letters but only make one sound. The children are beginning to incorporate their phonic knowledge into their independent learning time within the learning environment which is great to see. In maths, we have continued to compare groups of objects within 5 and have been securing our understanding of the concepts 'more', 'fewer' and 'equal'. Reception have been lucky enough to receive new equipment in our outside area. They have been testing their teamwork skills in the new den building area as well as helping Mrs Lloyd with some gardening using our new gardening tools. The children have continued to think about our school value 'empower'. The children shared their ideas on how they can empower each other to have a go at challenges or how they can support their friends if they find a task tricky. Butterfly class have worked very hard this afternoon so I hope they enjoy their well earned rest!

Week beginning 12th October 

We have been learning about our bodies in Butterfly class this week. We have identified different parts of our bodies and what we use them for. In maths, we have continued to use the language 'more, fewer and equal' when comparing two groups of non-identical objects. In Read Write Inc., we have have learnt how to read and write the final 5 single letter sounds and we have regularly reviewed all sounds during 'pinny time'. We have focussed on the school value 'empower' and have discussed different ways we can empower ourselves and each other.

Week beginning 5th October

In maths this week, we have been comparing groups of identical objects. We have been using the vocabulary 'more, fewer and equal' when comparing each group. In Read Write Inc., we have learnt 5 new sounds: 'e, l, h, r and j.' We have continued to learn about nocturnal animals, specifically owls. We now know that owls eat a variety of things such as insects and small mammals and that they are birds of prey. Butterfly class have continued to think about and demonstrate our school value 'respect.' 

Week beginning 28th September

In Read Write Inc this week, we have learnt how to read and write 5 new sounds: 'c, k, u, b and f'. Butterflies are becoming really confident with their tripod pencil grip so we have been practising writing these sounds in different ways within our learning environment. In Maths, we moved onto learning how we can sort different objects. We discovered that we can sort by looking at different features of objects such as shape, size and colour. Butterfly class have been busy learning about what we find in the woods. We have focused on owls and have been making owl nests, feathers and puppets. We have learnt about some nocturnal animals that live in the woods and have discussed why these animals are awake at night. In PSHE we have been thinking about our feelings and we shared examples of things that make us feel happy, sad, excited and angry. 

Week beginning 21st September

This week we have take on the role of a palaeontologist and have been digging up dinosaur bones and fossils to find out more about them. In maths we have been developing our understanding of our numbers 1-5 and we have been representing the number 5 in many ways. In Phonics we have learnt how to read and write 5 new sounds: 'i, n, p, g and o'. We have had lots of opportunities to practise our perfect tripod pencil grip and perfect sitting position. We have been focusing on our school rule 'Safe' and have been ensuring our classroom is a safe place by listening to instructions carefully. We have assigned two 'Busy Butterflies' each day. The Busy Butterflies job is to make sure our classroom is tidy and safe as well as helping with other jobs around the classroom. Butterflies have had another very busy week but they have worked very hard.

Week beginning 14th September

This week began with Butterfly class investigating some mysterious footprints that were left in our classroom. As a class, we shared ideas and agreed that they belonged to a dinosaur! Butterfly class have been busy learning about dinosaur's habitats, their diets and their lifecycle. We found a dinosaur egg in our outdoor area and have been taking care of it in our own dinosaur habitat. Aside from dinosaurs, we have been focusing on the numbers 1-4 in Maths and have learnt how to say and write the sounds 'm, a, s, d and t.' in Phonics. We have focussed on our school rule 'Respect' and have shared ideas on how we can make sure we show this every day. It has been a great week and I look forward to the next!

Week beginning 7th September

Butterfly class have had a fantastic first week at school and everyone has settled in well to their new learning environment. Throughout the week, we have been discussing the school rules "Ready", "Respect" and "Safe" as well as creating some classroom rules. We have been engaging in Maths and Phonics lessons and we have been practising our tripod pencil grip in handwriting. Butterfly class have had a very busy but positive first week back to school and I can't wait to see what the next few weeks bring.

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