Welcome to our class page!
Butterfly’s are one of the Reception classes at the Isle of Ely Primary School. From this page you will be able to read about our curriculum and learning activities. Children have PE and Forest school on a Wednesday morning so will need their PE kits in school.

Who works in our classroom?
Teachers: Miss Housden, Ms Bryan (PE) and Mrs Mickleburgh, Mrs Newman (Forest school)
TA: Miss Radford

What are we learning about?
Curriculum Information Autumn Term 2 – November 2018


The children will be exploring the theme ‘Things I do’. They will be learning about different modes of transport The children will be discussing and learning about different celebrations and festivals. They will be talking about similarities and differences between themselves and others and among families, communities and traditions.

Characteristics of Effective Learning

The children will be learning about taking risks in their learning and understanding that it is OK to make mistakes. They will be learning about calculating risk during their learning and what measures can be put in place to make it safer.


In literacy the children will be learning phonics through the Floppy’s phonics scheme. They will be using their phoneme fingers to help them blend and segment. They will be thinking about different characters in stories and they will be learning about letter formation. 


The children will be continuing to recognise numbers to 20. They will be doubling numbers to 5 and learning about addition and subtraction. The children will be learning about mathematical symbols for addition, subtract and equals. They will also be learning positional language such as under, beside etc.  

Physical development

The children will be taking part in ‘Busy Fingers’ every morning which will help improve fine motor skills such as threading, using tweezers and manipulating play dough.

They will also be learning about different ways they can move to different places.

Forest School

In Forest school the children will be exploring natural objects. They will be creating and designing using these objects. They will build upon their fine and gross motor skills, using a variety of tools.

Outdoor learning

With Ms Bryan, the children will be taking part in range physical activity. The main session of outdoor learning will begin to introduce the children to ball skills, however, still continuing to develop the key skills of agility, balance and coordination. The sessions encourage the children to work independently along with others, build on team work skills and stay positive when learning new skills or during small team games. 

Understanding the World

The children will be learning about different celebrations around the world and learning about how different cultures celebrate in different ways.  

Expressive Arts and Design

The children will be experimenting with a range of different musical instruments. They will create and perform their own compositions. The children will also perform in a Christmas play.

Personal,  Social and Emotional Development

The children will be trying new activities and sampling different foods from around the world and will discuss their likes and dislikes. The children will also be continuing work on taking turns.  

Communication and Language

In class the children will listen to a wide range of stories where we will discuss the main characters and discuss the events in the story. Throughout the half term they will learn to follow instructions and give instructions to others in the class.

Home Learning

This half term we will be sending reading books home with the children and we would appreciate it if you could listen to your child read on a regular basis. The children will also be bringing home a challenge book where you can engage with some learning with your child should you wish. The challenges will be set on a fortnightly basis.









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