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Butterflies are one of the Reception classes at the Isle of Ely Primary School.

w.c 22.06.20

We have been enjoying the sun this week! We focused on key texts Farmer Duck and Dear Zoo. This week we finished learning all set 2 sounds and have been consolidating this before learning set 3 sounds next week! Every day we practice our cursive handwriting and reading; the children are making great progress in both areas. The children have been keen to read their books daily on the carpet and during challenge time independently. We have really enjoyed going on virtual tours of Chester and London's zoo and using the information we have learnt to help us with our exploring. 

w.c 16.06.20

This week we have been reading Handa's Surprise and The Gruffalo.  We started the week exploring our world and looking at England and Kenya on the map. We then tried some fruits grown in Kenya and looked at some African Tribe's artefacts.  In maths we have been focusing on halving and money, we opened our own fruit shop to use coins to buy different fruits. We then looked at rhymes and created our own descriptive sentences of characters from the Gruffalo story. The children enjoyed creating puppets of the different Gruffalo characters and re-telling the story to their friends. The children have been doing some fantastic reading and practising cursive handwriting.


w.c 08.06.20

This week we have been reading Goodnight moon and Whatever Next for our space theme. The children really enjoyed learning about space and have been painting some amazing space pictures. In literacy we have used the facts we have been learning to write about the different planets. We have been working extremely hard remembering all our set 1 sounds and learning set 2 sounds to apply in our writing too!  In maths we have been adding two amounts together and working out the answer. We are beginning to write number sentences to show our working out. We have been making space rockets and suits, and on Thursday we watched one of our rockets fly up into the sky!

w.c 01.06.20

It has been lovely welcoming some of the children back into school this week. Both the children at school and at home have completed some fabulous work. This week we have been looking at two stories Owl Babies and Rosie’s Walk.  I have been very impressed with the children’s enthusiasm towards their work. They have produced some fantastic story maps and sentence work. We have really been focusing on independence and trying to encourage the children to complete tasks using the knowledge from the teaching inputs and the skills they already know. All the children have done so well and have made us all very proud. We have looked at repeating patterns which everyone was fantastic at so we have been challenging the children to create more complex patterns. Alongside this we have looked at sequencing time, doubling and using tens frames for addition and subtraction. The children have been very creative. They have created observational drawings, puppets of characters, rockets and used different resources to create destinations for a new story. I am very much looking forward to next week and seeing all the super learning that is taking place!

w.c 04.05.20

This week we have put our explorer hats on and leapt into our new ‘minibeasts’ topic. We have been reading ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle and looking at different life cycles of different creepy crawlies. The children have loved exploring their own gardens and searching for as many minibeasts as they could find. We looked in bushes, on flowers, under logs and have found lots of different types. Some children have had visitors in their houses and recorded the changes from small caterpillars to forming dark chrysalises. We have yet to see any butterflies hatch but we are looking forward to this happening and have our fingers crossed.

w.c 20.04.20
I hope you are all well and have had a lovely Easter break, enjoying the wonderful weather! We are now moving onto a very exciting pirate’s adventure theme which you should have received via email. All teaching videos and updates will be communicated via the office or on your child’s Tapestry accounts.

Wow, what an amazing pirate's adventure you have all been on! I have seen some fantastic treasure maps, some scary looking pirates and some huge pirate ships. 

w.c 30.03.20
Home learning- I have been really impressed by the photos and comments that I have seen on your child's Tapestry accounts, to show us what you have all been up to. Please continue to use the suggested activities in the pack we provided to support your child's love for learning. You may choose to do as many as you like, but I would suggest to try and do at least one a day to sustain your child's enthusiasm for learning. Some suggested activities are things your child should know however, others are new. We encourage you to take pictures to share and celebrate these experiences via your child's Tapestry account. 

w.c 23.03.20
Parents, while your child/ren are not attending school, please see the table below for ideas you can do for reception. In reception we do not use TTrockstars, Pixl or any other websites older children may have been given usernames or passwords for. Please use the links provided in the table below which are all free of access and no passwords needed, except phonics play (see login details in bold). Any work you do with your children can be uploaded onto your child's Tapestry learning journal. The parents who were not activated I have sent another link so you can access Tapestry.

Thank you for your ongoing support in this difficult time. 

Miss Newman

Early Years

Writing  - Write sentences to describe different animals.


Practice handwriting- Read Write Inc.

1. Look at different pictures of animals and think of some words to describe each animal.

I.e: lion: sharp claws, round ears, big, fur, fluffy, mane, golden, red, black, fierce etc.

Encourage the children, as much as possible, to sound these words out and record them.

2. Use the words to verbally put into a sentence.

3. Ask the children to record their sentence.

Phonics play- Username: march20 password: home

Reading  - Phonics



Story focus: Tiddler by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

  1. Go through Set 1 phonics sounds with your children.
  2. Create words using Set 1 sounds and ask the children to Fred Talk and Read the word to spot whether they can identify the sounds. i.e: write mat for the children to say ‘m-a-t mat’ or ‘sh-i-p ship’
  3. Challenge – ask the children to record words you sound to them.
  4. Read as many stories together and discuss themes within the book. ‘Why do you think this is happening?, how is this person feeling?, What could happen next?

Set 1 Sounds -
Tiddler -

Maths – number formation, counting to 20, part part whole.

1. Count to 20. Count jumps, claps, any household objects, count loud, quiet and use different voices.

2. Practice number formation up to 10.

3. Watch number bond clips with your children. Pause the video before the answer is revealed and see if your children can work it out.

4. Play board games. Encourage children to take turns and identify numbers on a dice.

5. Shape- draw different shapes together, name the shapes, count the corners and sides. Challenge- can the children draw a picture using different shapes?

Number formation -

Number bonds to 5-

Numbers bonds to 10-


Expressive arts and design

  1. Create a sea puppet.
  2. Create a performance with your sea puppet.
  3. Create something from the story Tiddler.
  4. Build a boat.
  5. Paint/draw a book cover. (could be Tiddler or child’s favourite story)
  6. Create a sea habitat
  7. Hunt/dig for treasure


Here are some useful links to keep your children active:


w.c 2.3.20
This week we have been celebrating the arts. Butterfly class have taken part in a textiles and dance workshop in which they performed to the whole school during celebration assembly. What a great achievement and lovely to share our experience with the rest of the school. In class we have been looking at Andy Goldsworthy’s art work using natural resources and created some amazing master pieces using stones, sticks and leaves. We’ve also been exploring Andy Warhol’s pringint work by printing our hands onto bright coloured paper. We enjoyed sharing all of our art activities during parents share Thursday and Friday and there is lots more on Tapestry.

Thank you to all our parents for the very kind donations that made arts week such an amazing success! 

w.c 24.02.20
Welcome back, I hope you have all had a lovely break and are ready to jump back into learning lots. This week we are reading the storybook ‘How full is your bucket?’ by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer. From this we have been writing and creating our own bucket lists using different medias. We have been exploring different emotions from the story and how our actions effect ourselves and others. 

w.c 10.02.20
This week we have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk and writing sentences from the story. In maths, we have been carefully cutting and sticking leaves to create beanstalk number lines and we have had a visit from the giant! We have enjoyed reading different versions of the story and exploring the similarities and differences between them.

w.c 03.02.20
We have had a great week celebrating Chinese New Year. The children had fun creating their own Chinese writing and writing wishes for our tree. In maths, we have been ordering Chinese numbers and matching them with numicon. They also enjoyed performing dragon dragons to celebrate Chinese New Year. Next week we will be looking at the story, Jack and the Beanstalk.

w.c 27.01.20
Another exciting week! Reception had lots of fun dressing up and attending the ball. We received a letter from the princes, she is safe with the prince and dragon. In literacy, we have been making wanted posters to help find the princess and return her shoes. In maths, the children have been practicing subtraction using a variety of resources such as, numicon, five/tens frame and number lines.

w.c 20.01.20
Wow! What a way to start the week. A princess has been in reception and left her shoes behind. We have some super detectives who found many clues. As a class we shared our findings and problem solved ways to find her. The children have made signs, posters and magic spell lists. At the end of the week a dragon left his foot prints heading off outside. Luckily the prince has found him and sent Mrs Chambers a picture to share with us. Now we need to find the princess, prince and dragon to prepare for a ball.









w.c 13.01.20
This week the children have continued reading our story ‘Princess Daisy and the dragon and the nincompoop knights’ and creating their own story maps. In maths, we have been learning to take away from different amounts using a number line and creating different patterns. The children have settled in well to their first full week back after Christmas and are enjoying a rest over the weekend.

w.c 06.01.20
Happy New Year! What a great start to the term. We are lucky to have Mrs Wilshin joining butterfly class; she will be working in reception this term in the mornings.  For topic we are looking at fairy tales and have had some really interesting discussing about castles and who could live in them. On Thursday, a pair of shoes appeared in reception- who could they belong to? The children have been busy searching for clues and creating signs to help them find a princess so they can return her shoe.

w.c 16/12/2019
This week we put on a fantastic performance for our parents in our Christmas Nativity. We have been working with year 1 and 2 children to create a Christmas advert to show to the rest of the school and have been learning about the first Christmas.

w.c 09/12/2019
What a fun week! We have been writing letters to Santa and creating lots of Christmas decorations for our classroom. We have been rehearsing out Christmas Nativity and performed in front of the whole school on Friday. We did so well that we all went to the shooting star for our amazing singing and actions. We are very excited to share our Christmas Nativity with you on Monday!


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