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Welcome to our class page!

Cricket Class is one of the Year 6 classes at the Isle of Ely Primary School.  On this page you will be able to read about our curriculum and learning activities.    

The adults who work in our class are:



Miss Crawley
Class Teacher  


                                                                                                          Mrs DelGrazia 
                                                                                                      Teaching Assistant


PE for Summer Term

We have PE on Fridays and this will be outdoors due to government guidance. Please ensure that your child comes to school in their PE kits on Fridays and has warm layers as the weather can be very unpredictable! This half term, the children will be taught volleyball with their teacher and cricket with Active Play Education.





This term we are focussing on producing work that demonstrates the pupils can produce a range of text-types. We are using the Adventures of Odysseus as our stimulus and we will be producing letters, a play-script, a Greek Myth and a non-chronological report. The pupils will be ensuring that they use a wide variety of sentence structures, formal and informal voice, high-level vocabulary, figurative language and the full range of punctuation.


This term will start with recapping our understanding of recognising equivalent percentages, fractions and decimals and securing our understanding of how to find percentages of different amounts.  As always, we will be very responsive to the needs of the children and where extra time is needed on covering key areas, such as ensuring calculation methods are both effective and accurate and also applying their reasoning skills in different contexts such as shape and measure.  


In Science, we are learning about Reproduction. The pupils will learn about asexual reproduction in plants and investigate how potatoes, garlic and ginger ca reproduce through cloning. They will also learn about the life-cycle of plants that reproduce by combining information from male and female cells. Moreover, they will learn how different animals reproduce and explore how gestation periods differ as well as understanding life cycles.


We are building on our learning about WW1 and will be exploring Hitler’s rise to power and how WW2 began. The pupils will begin to understand how and why the Jewish people were persecuted. They will learn the events of Kristallnacht, or ‘Night of the Broken Glass’ is the name given to the events of the night of 9th November 1938. We will also be visiting Ely Museum for a workshop to learn about Ely’s role in Evacuation.


We will be learning about South America.  We will be exploring the success of the Incan Empire, physical features including the Andes Mountains and the Amazon Rainforest and the impact of environmental issues such as deforestation.  We will also be discussing important cultural and historical moments linked to this region such as the migration of people on The Windrush from the West Indies to the Britain. 


The children in school will be having cricket lessons led by Active Play Education.  We will also be having volleyball lessons in the morning (both on Fridays).  


This half term we will be learning about the 5 Pillars of Islam in more detail, the meaning behind them and their impact on the daily lives of Muslim. 


We will be exploring the growing number of female composers in music and how they express their emotions and identity through their work.  The children will be using what they discover to inspire their own composition work.


Managing risks and safety in different contexts in preparation for increased independence at secondary school


This half term we will be exploring the Italian Renaissance.  We will be looking at the work of famous artists from this time such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.  We will also learn more about linear perspective and how to achieve this in our own work.    


Our unit for this half term is quizzing.  We will be using different tools and resources on Purple Mash to create different styles of quizzes based on different topics.    


In this unit children ask and answer questions about rides at a theme park. They gain confidence in manipulating numbers up to 100. They take part in simple role plays and use dictionaries to explore new German vocabulary. They create a short text to describe a visit to a theme park, and say what their favourite ride was.


Textiles: The pupils will design and make a stuffed toy. They will use a range of stitches including running stitch, cross sticth and blanket stitch and use applique to decorate it.

Home Learning

Should a pupil be learning from home, resources they will need will be set as assignments on MS Teams. They will also be using their accounts with Times Tables Rockstars and Maths Whizz. I would be extremely grateful if children could upload their completed work to the relevant assignment as soon as possible so that I can provide feedback and help with any misconceptions.  



Please have a look at the video below for a snapshot of reading in Cricket Class.

Knowledge Organisers

At the Isle of Ely Primary School, we use knowledge organisers as a tool to help our children learn more and remember more and to allow parents and carers to support their children's learning. In our knowledge organisers, you will find essential knowledge, key dates, important vocabulary and key figures. The knowledge organisers can also be used as a fun assessment tool which will help children to see the progress they have made.

Science Knowledge Organiser Summer 1
MFL - German
Computing Knowledge Organiser Summer 1: Quizzing
Art Summer 1: Renaissance Art
DT: Textiles Stuffed toys
RE: The Five Pillars of Islam
Geography: South America
History: the Rise of Adolf Hitler


Weekly News Flash: w/c 03/05/2021

Weekly News Flash: W/C 03/05/2021

After a wonderful, long weekend, Year 6 came back well rested and worked hard this week. In maths, they have been learning how to find the area and perimeter of rectangular and compound shapes. In English, we have been exploring non-chronological reports. We have identified features, extracted information and are looking forward to producing our own reports on a made up mythical creature. In history, we learned about the sad events of Kristallnacht ('the night of broken glass'). The pupils showed great sensitivity in discussing the treatment of the Jews by the Nazis and were able to examine a range of primary sources and consider potential for bias. In geography, we gained knowledge of how the Andes mountain range in South America was formed. In DT, we began designing and making our own stuffed toys. All pupils showed great creativity and perseverance.

Weekly News Flash w/c 26.04.21

It has been another busy week.  Our focus in assembly was being healthy and active; the children had some great discussions about the importance of physical activity and exercise and its impact on wellbeing as well having lots of fun playing different games with each other at break times.  Ask them to tell you about some of the things they've done!  


In our lessons, we have moved onto measurement in maths. The children have been recapping how to convert from one unit of measure to another and how to solve more complex problems in this context.  We will be moving on to perimeter and area next week.  In English, we have been incredibly impressed with everyone's amazing Odysseus story writing; the children used their planning very effectively to develop imaginative, descriptive stories which have been a pleasure to read.  It really is wonderful to see how far they have come this year.  In art, we explored the use of linear perspective to give a 3D feel to 2D images, using these simple techniques to create our own beautiful paintings.  We have also been dissecting fruit to explore about the exocarp, mesocarp and endocarp and discuss why they are important.  In history, we have continued to learn about the rise of Nazi Germany - this week focussing on what daily life was like during this time for both German and Jewish children and young adults - whilst in computing we started planning our own quizzes based on topics we have covered so far this year. We will then turn these into digital quizzes during the next lesson.  After all of this, we definitely need the bank holiday!  Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing the children back on Tuesday.  


Weekly News Flash w/c 19.04.21


This week, we have all been glad to see the welcome return of sunshine!  In the classroom, we have been continuing to explain the Ancient Greek myth of Odysseus, this time turning a chapter from the story into a play script.  The children worked really well exploring the different features they would need to include and certainly showed a flair for picking adventurous language!  In maths we have been hard at work revisiting our understanding of written methods for multiplication and division.  We've also been putting our calculation skills to the test solving more complex problems.  In science, we dissected flowers, identifying different parts and explaining their functions in relation to pollination.  We've also been learning more about the work of Da Vinci, specifically his anatomical drawings, and also about the growth of the Nazi party in pre-World War 2 Germany.  The children shared thoughtful comments about the role Hitler played in this and the reasons his popularity grew at the time.  Another busy week, I hope everyone has a well deserved rest this weekend!  


Weekly News Flash w/c 12.04.21

This term certainly started with a bang! The pupils came back refreshed from their spring break and made a fantastic start to the term. In English, we have begun to explore the Adventures of Odysseus. The pupils have composed some beautiful letters exploring the use of high-level vocabulary and figurative language. In maths, we have been deepening our understanding of percentages. Pupils can now recognise equivalent percentages, fractions and decimals and find percentages of different amounts. In science, we have learned how some plants can reproduce asexually. We will be watching potatoes, garlic and ginger carefully over the next few weeks. In history, we looked in detail at the treaty of Versailles. The children engaged enthusiastically in a heated discussion over the terms and gained an awareness of how difficult this treaty was for ordinary German people. In geography, we have begun to explore the continent of South America. The pupils used atlases to identify countries, oceans and capital cities. In Art, pupils measured accurately the proportions of their own bodies and compared them with the proportions of the human body according to Vitruvius demonstrated in the drawing made by the Italian, Leonardo da Vinci, in about 1490. We hope the children will have a relaxing weekend – they have definitely earnt it!

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