Cricket Class

Welcome to our class page!

Cricket Class is one of the Year 6 classes at the Isle of Ely Primary School.  On this page you will be able to read about our curriculum and learning activities.    

The adults who work in our class are:


Miss Crawley
Class Teacher  


                                                                                                          Mrs DelGrazia 
                                                                                                      Teaching Assistant


PE for Spring Term

We have PE on Fridays and this will be outdoors due to government guidance. Please ensure that your child comes to school in their PE kits on Fridays and has warm layers as the weather can be very unpredictable! This half term, the children will be taught hockey with Active Play Education.

This term in Cricket class we will be learning both in home and at school.  This will include:

Subject Content
English We will be using 'Talk for Writing' to explore a range of text types, starting with focussing on using action effectively in a specific genre of fiction, wishing tales.  We will follow this by exploring persuasive letters.   
Maths Children will be exploring the relationship between decimals and fractions, revisiting and securing their understanding of how to convert between the two.  We will then move on to percentages, algebra and units of measure.   
Science This half term we will be learning about light, building on the children's learning from earlier in Key Stage 2.  As well as learning how our eyes work to help us see, we will also be exploring the relationship between shadows and shape, how a prism works and what light is actually made of.  
History This term, we will be learning about 'Forming Alliances'. We will be learning about the Triple Alliance, the Triple Entente and the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Our lessons will help us explore our big question, 'How did the alliance system contribute to the outbreak of WW1?'.  We will follow this up after half term by exploring why WW1 is considered by many to be the first 'modern' war and what life was like in the trenches in closer detail.  
Geography We will be learning about North America.  We will be exploring human and physical geography, the climate and ecosystems found in different areas of the continent and also how contributions of immigrants influenced change.  
PE The children in school will be having netball lessons led by Active Play Education.  Those at home will be provided with ideas for activities.  
R.E. Just before half term we will have a curriculum day exploring the importance of being good and how this is seen in different religions. 
Music Just after half term we will be carrying out a songwriting project during one of our curriculum days. 
PSHE PSHE will be explored through our daily assemblies for children both in school and learning at home.  
Art This half term we will be exploring Victorian art and architecture.  We will be looking at what the influences were on artists from this time and finding out more about different techniques they used.  
Computing Just after half term we will be having a curriculum day to explore our topic of creating storyboards and text based games.  
MFL Just after half term we will be having a curriculum day to explore German towns and how to describe them using German language.
D.T. Just after half term we will be having a curriculum day (combined with history) to design and construct World War 1 model trenches.
Home Learning

Pupils that are learning from home will be accessing live daily maths, English and foundation lessons with their classmates in school through MS Teams. Resources they will need will be set as assignments.  They will also be using their accounts with Times Tables Rockstars and Maths Whizz.  A timetable for home learning can be found in the files section of our class Teams page.  

I would be extremely grateful if children could upload their completed work to the relevant assignment as soon as possible so that I can provide feedback and help with any misconceptions.  



Please have a look at the video below for a snapshot of reading in Cricket Class.

Knowledge Organisers

At the Isle of Ely Primary School, we use knowledge organisers as a tool to help our children learn more and remember more and to allow parents and carers to support their children's learning. In our knowledge organisers, you will find essential knowledge, key dates, important vocabulary and key figures. The knowledge organisers can also be used as a fun assessment tool which will help children to see the progress they have made.

Science - Light
MFL - German
Computing - Gaming & Storyboards
Art - Victorian Art & Architecture
DT - Waistcoats (Textiles)
Geography - North America
RE - Importance of Being Good
History - A new kind of war


Weekly News Flash w/c 22.02.21

This year really is flying by, it's hard to believe we are already in the second half of the spring term!  The children have continued to be brilliant with how they are approaching their learning during lockdown with enthusiasm and effort, whether they are at home or in school.  We started a new unit in maths this week, revisiting our understanding of place value in decimal numbers and how to recognise their equivalent fractions.  In English, we moved on to a new text genre: 'wishing tales'.  The children have done their initial 'cold write' which we will use to adapt our lesson content as needed and are now exploring the different features and use of language in our model text.  We began our topic of 'North America' in geography by exploring some of the physical features and key landmarks such as the Rocky Mountains and the Great Lakes.  We finished off our week with two days of creativity: on Thursday we made fantastic World War 1 model trenches using a box as the frame and then on Friday we reflected on our experiences of 2020 to begin writing lyrics for our own songs.  It's been a great start to the first week back, I hope all the Cricket families enjoy their weekend!  


Weekly News Flash w/c 01.02.21

Crickets have continued to shine and rise to some difficult challenges. This week, they have been learning about reading and plotting coordinates in all four quadrants. In history, we learned all about the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and how this event led to the outbreak of WW1. In English, we have continued to explore an explanation text all about a Spy Gadget - reading as writers to investigate structure, content and features of the text. The children have planned their own designs and shown great ingenuity and skill - we obviously have some very inventive minds in Crickets! To top it off, we have looked at ways we can improve our mental health. The pupils have been singing, dancing, baking, drawing and so much more. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a well-deserved rest.

Weekly News Flash w/c 25.01.21

This week in English we have been creating text maps and exploring the vocabulary in our model explanation text.  Our work on fractions has continued, we are now much more confident using different calculation methods to help us find fractions of amounts and solve problems involving area and perimeter where fractions are used as given dimensions.  During science, we have explored the causes of static electricity and in geography we went on a quick virtual 'trip' to Scotland where we learnt about some of its famous landmarks and beautiful scenery.  On Wednesday, Holocaust Memorial Day, we were fortunate enough to take part in a virtual museum workshop provided by the National Holocaust Centre where we found out more about what life was like for Jews living in Germany during the build up to World War 2.  It was a truly eye-opening morning and the children had chance to share their thoughts and feelings in response to this troubling period of history.  I hope you all have a restful weekend!  

Weekly News Flash w/c 18.01.21

It's been a wonderful week in Cricket class. The children at home are working incredibly hard, making sure they have all of their resources and are online ready for live lessons.  The children in class are also putting in a huge amount of effort and being very patient with some of our occasional technical glitches - well done everyone!  This week we've been looking at multiplying and dividing fractions by whole numbers, using visual models to support our calculation work.  We've also been writing our own adventure stories with suspense, using a variety of writing techniques we've explored in previous lessons including empty words and show not tell.  We've continued to learn about the United Kingdom during geography, the 'Triple Entente' leading up to WW1 in history and the difference between parallel and series electrical circuits in science.  I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Weekly News Flash w/c 11.01.21

What a start to the Spring term!  After a quick last minute change following the announcement of another national lockdown, the children have all adapted brilliantly to our 'new normal'.  I am so proud of all the children, those learning from home are continuing to put in a great deal of effort to their work and concentrating well during our live lessons whilst those still attending school are being incredibly patient and hard working.  Thank you also to all the parents and families of Cricket class for your ongoing support during these challenging times.  

This week we have been getting much more confident in maths when solving calculations and problems with fractions.  We have been exploring different ways to show our working out such as bar model images which has really helped improve our accuracy.  In English we have been exploring our model text 'Adventure at Sandy Cove' and looking at some of the different features included in it.  Towards the end of the week we really enjoyed looking closer at how we can use techniques such as 'empty words' and 'show not tell' to add a strong feeling of suspense and tension to our writing.  The children have also revisited the technical rules for writing dialogue.   In science we have been continuing to explore electrical circuits, predicting what impact adding extra cells to a circuit would have on a motor.  During history we continued to explore the formation of alliances leading up to World War 1, in art we began looking at some of the steps we can follow to draw realistic pencil portraits and in geography we have recapped our understanding of different cities in the UK and their position on maps.  I hope you all have a restful weekend and look forward to seeing you either in person or online next week!  


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