Welcome to our Class Page. Dragonfly Class is one of the Year One classes at Isle of Ely Primary School. From this page you will be able to read about our curriculum and learning activities.

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Who teaches us?

Mrs Godfrey, Mrs Berrill and Miss Falconer

We have Forest School with Naomi and dance with Mrs Parker and Mrs Bryan also reaches us sometimes


Curriculum Overview - Spring 1


Big Questions – Theme – History, Science and DT.

Do we need zoos? (Science)

Children will learn about different animal classifications including mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians. They will also classify animals by diet.


What is the best way to make your animal enclosure strong? (DT)

Children will learn about how to design and make different structures with a focus on how they can make them more stable.


Could a penguin survive anywhere other than the South Pole? (Geography)

Children will about hot and cold areas of the world and weather patterns in the United Kingdom.


Are pictures made out of natural materials artwork? (Art)

Children will learn about the work of Andy Goldsworthy and create their own art in his style.


Children will learn about place value focusing on numbers to and beyond 100. They will also focus on multiplication, division, fractions and capacity.


Children will be focusing on applying their phonics to writing, using capital letters, full stops and question marks.


Children will learn how to write letters so they can write to Banham Zoo. They will focus on the book ‘Class Two at the Zoo’ and write their own stories. Children will also be performing and writing their own animal poems.


Handwriting will also be a focus as we continue to practise the cursive letter formation.


Children will take part in gymnastics and games.


Children will focus on different rhythms in music.


Children will be learning about Christianity and Easter.



























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