Welcome to Dragonfly Class!

Dragonfly class is one of the Year 1 classes at the Isle of Ely Primary School. Here you can read all about our engaging curriculum for this half term and see some of our fantastic learning activities which have occurred each week. The children in Dragonfly class will have PE on Mondays (indoor) and Wednesdays (outdoor), therefore please can you ensure that they come to school in suitable clothes on these days. 

The children will bring home three books every week - two phonics books and a library book of their choice. Please can you make sure that all three books are returned on Fridays so we can issue new ones. If your child needs longer to read their library book that's absolutely fine.

Who works in our classroom?
Teacher: Mrs Harrison                     
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Ellis


Our Curriculum -



RWI (Phonics, Reading, Writing and SPaG)

Children will be learning their sounds, how to blend and starting to fluently read books. On top of their RWI lessons we will be having English lessons, which will extend their writing skills. Initially This half term, we will be using the approach to write our own character description, focused around the text ‘Lost and Found’, thinking about sentence openers. After we have explored this we will be looking at ‘Missing’ which focused on writing a recount exploring past tense specifically thinking about out suffixes.


In maths, we are moving onto multiplication and then division. We will be introducing the children to multiplication by revising counting on in 2s, 5s and 10s and looking at doubling. Children will be introduced to arrays and we will also be using concrete resources and pictorial representations to support their understanding. Later in the half term, we will introduce fractions by exploring halves and quarters. We will also be using short burst maths sessions to revise the content taught in the first and second term of Year 1.


This half term, in Science we will be exploring plants, we are going to investigate what plants need, how they grow, their seeds and the ways in which seeds reproduce. We will also explore the plants we eat and different parts of a plant. Finally we will look at evergreen and deciduous trees.


In history, we are looking at Kings and Queens. We will start by learning about our current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, and her coronation. Then, we will move onto exploring how power moved away from the monarchy and at the formation of the first parliament. As part of this we will talk about the Magna Carta and the Declaration Rights and see how they still influence our laws and the way our country is run today.


This half term, we will be learning all about the language of art, the 4 mains focuses will be content, form, process and method. We will be looking at some famous pieces of artwork and some local, identifying the 4 aspects.


On Thursdays, we will be doing Team Building. In this unit pupils develop their communication and problem solving skills. They work individually, in pairs and in small groups, learning to take turns, work collaboratively and lead each other. They are given the opportunity to discuss and plan their ideas to get the most successful outcome. We will also have Forest School on Thursdays. On Fridays, we will be introducing the children to the basic skills required in Net and Wall games. Pupils will learn the importance of the ready position. They will develop throwing, catching and racket skills, learning to track and hit a ball. They will learn to play against an opponent and over a net. They will begin to use rules and simple tactics when playing against a partner and they will be encouraged to demonstrate good sportsmanship and show respect towards others.

Religious Education

In RE, we are introducing the children to Humanism. We will start by exploring Humanist beliefs and values before looking more closely at specific aspects of Humanism such as The Happy Human and The Golden Rule.

Personal, Social and Health Education

This half term, we are looking at personal safety and will be concentrating on who to ask for help and how to express ourselves when we are worried about something.


This half term, we will be learning about pictograms. We will be exploring pictograms, collecting data for a pictogram and creating our own. Once we have finished this we will be moving on to looking at sorting and organising data.


In music we will be looking at pitch and tempo with the theme of ‘Superheroes’. We will be learning how to identify high and low notes and to compose a simple tune, they explore some different instruments, as well as investigate how tempo changes help tell a story.

Design and Technology

This half term, in DT we will be taking a look at how to make our own puppets using a range of different materials. The children will learn how to cut, glue, staple and pin different materials together.


At the Isle of Ely Primary School, we use knowledge organisers as a tool to help our children learn more and remember more and to allow parents and carers to support their children's learning. In our knowledge organisers, you will find essential knowledge, key dates, important vocabulary and key figures. The knowledge organisers can also be used as a fun assessment tool which will help children to see what progress they have made.









Weekly Newsflash - What have Dragonflies been up to this week?

Week Commencing: 16.05.22

We have had a wonderful week in Year 1, especially because we got to go to Wicken Fen. We had the best day! We got to do three exciting activities: the first was minibeast hunting. We learnt the difference between a millipede and centipede before pretending to be each of the insects. We then got to use nets to hunt and identify minibeasts. After we moved to a different area, we looked under logs to find different minibeasts such as slugs and snails. We collected and groups the minibeasts before returning them to their habitat. After this, we got to take part in pond dipping. We found all sorts of water insects and learnt that most of them fly to a new pond in the night. We also got to look at a female and male newt. Finally, we took part in ‘connect with the wild’, which allowed us to go on to the fen and look at the wind pump.  We discovered it’s called a wind pump because it drained all the water from the fens. We then got to hold and explore some fen ice skates which were used many years ago, a deer skull and a lump of peat. It was a great day and the children were a credit to the school. Back at school, we have moved on to learning about fractions in maths and have started to innovate writing based on our text, Missing.

Finally, this is the last week for your ideas for our Ely20 – we’ve had some amazing ideas so far including going sailing and watching a West End show! Click on the survey link to suggest your ideas.

Week commencing: 09.05.22

This week we have started our new Talk4Writing text: Missing. A young penguin called PipPip has got lost and his family desperately wanted him home. We used the text to explore synonyms to improve our vocabulary, past tense and the ‘power of three’ sentences. We finished our maths topic and learnt the difference between 'groups of 2' and '2 groups' before applying our new knowledge to word problems. In science, we learned about how seeds disperse and reproduce – looking at the way the wind, animals or water play a role in this. We then explored The Restoration period in history, looking at the things Oliver Cromwell banned and why King Charles II was nicknamed the Merry Monarch. In art, we thought about the ‘mood’ of art pieces and why artists choose certain colours and how it effects the mood. Finally, in computing we started by doing a minibeast hunt outside before collecting all the data and putting it on to our data programme J2E. Next week we have our trip to Wicken Fen – we are really looking forward to it.

And finally, we are collecting suggestions for the 'Ely20' - a list of experiences that our children should have before they leave at the end of Year 6. We would like to collect your suggestions and then the school council will take the ideas to the children who will vote for the top twenty. Once we have the completed #Ely20, the school will then work to create opportunities for all of our children to enjoy these community experiences.

So, we need your help! This survey will be open until Thursday 26th May. Then the children can decide our list and we can share it after the half term break. Thank you and have a great weekend!

Week commencing: 02.05.22

What a lovely week we have been having in Year 1! We want to start by saying that the children absolutely astounded us with their ‘hot writes’ for their innovated Lost and Found text. They recalled all the tools they had learned and wrote exceptionally well. We were very proud and so were the children. We have moved on to division in maths, beginning by looking at making equal groups and although this is a tricky concept, the children were determined to master it. They were able to group numbers such as ten in to five groups of two and use the new mathematical vocabulary well. In other subjects we have been very ambitious this week: we looked at the different parts of plants and their functions. Ask the children if they can explain the function of the root! We explored Humanism in more depth – thinking about their beliefs and how it differs from other religions and finally we spent a great deal of time understanding how for a short period of time, England did not have a monarch and the events leading up to that decision made by Parliament. We would also like to highlight how well the children are doing with their phonics. They have been working extra hard as we are leading up to the screening check and the children have embraced this with enthusiasm! Alien words are their new best friends! Have a lovely weekend. 

Week commencing: 25.04.22

This week, we have been working on lots of new core knowledge within our foundation subjects. We began exploring the Kings and Queens unit of learning by looking at our current monarch and at the Magna Carta. Ask the children to role play the story of the Magna Carta! We then looked at plants and what they need to grow; the children were very knowledgeable about this topic and could explain why the plants needed light, warmth, space and water. They also added a few extras they felt they needed like soil and bees. The children have really embraced Forest School and have loved identifying the insects in the area and creating dens. Some children used the ropes to climb the mound too - it looked just like an expedition. In maths, we have been looking at grouping and arrays before moving on to doubles. In English, we have innovated Lost and Found as a class and will be doing our own versions next week. We've had a busy week in Year 1. Enjoy the bank holiday weekend!

Week commencing: 18.04.22

The first week of summer term and the sun was shining! We had a lovely week with children and they all settled in exceptionally well and told us all about their exciting holidays and Easter fun. We began the term by introducing our new Talk4Writing text, Lost and Found as well as beginning our maths unit exploring patterns when working with 2s, 5s and 10s. We also got to start our P.E. units which are based around team-building. This was very fun as we had lots of laughs trying to complete the challenge of standing up linked to another child. Additionally, we were able to look at the content of famous art pieces as well as talk about our 'safety circles' in P.S.H.E. The children have begun to work in their new phonics groups and we have practising a lot in class to prepare us for the screening check. What a great week!

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