Welcome to Dragonfly Class!

Dragonfly class is one of the Year 1 classes here at the Isle of Ely Primary School. From browsing this page, you will be able to read all about our engaging curriculum for the half term and see all of our fantastic learning activities which have occurred each week. The children in the Dragonfly class will have PE on Tuesdays and Fridays. Therefore please can you ensure that they come to school in suitable clothes on these days for outdoor lessons. 

Who works in our classroom?
Teacher: Miss Falconer                     
Teaching Assistant - Mrs Ellis 


Our Curriculum - Summer A 



RWI (Phonics, Reading, Writing and SPaG)

Children will be learning their sounds, how to blend and starting to fluently read books. On top of their RWI lessons we will be having English lessons, which will extend their writing skills. Using the Talk for Writing approach we will be learning how to write instructions. Our model text is ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth’. In this unit, we will be focusing on question marks, time adverbials and imperative verbs. We will be beginning with a hook, before moving through the imitation, innovation and independent stages. Later in the half term we will be using the approach to write our own character description, focused around the text ‘Lost and Found’.


In maths, we are completing our unit on weight and measurement by introducing capacity. Next, we will be moving onto multiplication and then division. We will be introducing multiplication by revising counting on in 2s, 5s and 10s. Children will be introduced to arrays and we will also be using concrete resources and pictorial representations to support their understanding. Later in the half term, we will introduce fractions by exploring halves and quarters and we will use this knowledge to assist our exploration of position and direction.


This half term in science we will be exploring plants, we are going to investigate what plants need, how they grow, their seeds and the ways in which seeds reproduce. We will also explore the plants we eat and different parts of a plant. Finally we will look at evergreen and deciduous trees.


This half term we will be exploring Prime Ministers and British symbols. We will begin by looking at the first Prime Minister and the current before exploring some key British symbols such as Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street and even fish and chips.


This half term we will be learning all about the language of art, the 4 mains focuses will be content, form, process and method. We will be looking at some famous pieces of artwork and some local, identifying the 4 aspects.


On Tuesdays, we will be working on our team building skills by developing our communication and problem solving skills, working collaboratively and learning about leadership.

On Fridays, Active Play Education will be teaching net and ball skills which involves throwing, catching and racquet skills both against an opponent and over a net.


In RE we are introducing the children to Humanism. We will start by exploring their beliefs and values before looking more closely at specific aspects of Humanism such as The Happy Human and The Golden Rule.


This half term we are looking at personal safety and will be concentrating on who to ask for help and how to express ourselves when we are worried about something.


This half term we will be learning about pictograms. We will be exploring pictograms, collecting data for a pictogram and creating our own. Once we have finished this we will be moving on to looking at sorting and organising data.


We are continuing to look at pulses and rhythms in music and will be listening to a variety of songs which we will discuss and appraise.


This half term in DT we will be taking a look at how to make our own puppets using a range of different materials. The children will learn how to cut, glue, staple and pin different materials together.


Knowledge Organisers

At the Isle of Ely Primary School, we use knowledge organisers as a tool to help our children learn more and remember more and to allow parents and carers to support their children's learning. In our knowledge organisers, you will find essential knowledge, key dates, important vocabulary and key figures. The knowledge organisers can also be used as a fun assessment tool which will help children to see what progress they have made.









Weekly Newsflash w/c 03.05.21

We have had a lovely week back after a long weekend off. This week, we have started exploring a new model text in English. See if your child can show you the actions to Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. In maths, we have been looking at sharing equally, - the children have really seemed to grasp this. I wonder if at home you could get your child to show you equal groups. As usual our afternoons have been busy. In art this week, we were thinking about the mood behind artists art work. We thought and discussed which colours represent different emotions and showed these through using oil pastels. Have a lovely weekend. 

Weekly Newsflash w/c 26.04.21

This week the children have created their own versions of How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth about their own choice of creature. The children have worked very hard and we can't wait to read their finished pieces. In maths, we have finished our topic of multiplication and next week we will start introducing the children to division by exploring sharing into equal groups. In RE we discussed why humans are different to other animals and talked about what curiosity is. We then challenged the children to come up with their best curious questions. Some examples included: Why are some animals so big? Why do we have ears? Where did my balloon go? Why are the stars white? Why do we exist? This last one led to an interesting discussion!

Weekly Newsflash w/c 19.04.21

This week we have been super busy when it comes to innovating our class model text - How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth. The children have worked extremely well when innovating and our new text is now 'How to wash an Orange Fox'. We are going to be working as a class and completing shared- and guided-writing to have a go at writing our new set of instructions. In maths, we have begun to explore arrays. See if your child can tell you what a row and a column is and if you get the chance, see if they can create their own array for you! We have also had a very busy week continuing to learn lots of new knowledge. In history we explored who our current prime minister is and how important he is.  

Weekly Newsflash w/c 12.04.21

Welcome back to all of the Dragonfly children. They have all came back to school with a positive attitude to their learning. This week, we have started a new unit in English using the Talk 4 Writing approach. We are learning 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth'. See if your child can show you our actions, which help us remember the instructions. In maths we have started and finished a small unit on capacity. The children have really understood this unit and have seemed to really enjoy it as well. As usual, our afternoons as very busy. We spent Monday afternoon planting our cress. We have spoken about how it is important that all plants need space, warmth, sunlight and water to help them grow. 

Weekly Newsflash w/c 22.03.21

What a fantastic end to yet another fantastic term in Year 1! Although we spent a large chunk of time remote learning, since the children have been back, the classroom as been busy and we have had lots of fun with our learning. This week, all of the children showed me how much they have learnt - this is evident even without their assessments. Every child in Dragonflies should be very proud of themselves. I wish you all the best Easter break. Rest, eat plenty of chocolate and have lots of fun. See you soon.

Miss Falconer!

Weekly Newsflash w/c 15.03.21

Wow, another busy and wonderful week here in Dragonflies. This week we have started to explore the book Elmer. We have been learning about similes and have had ago at using them within our writing. Next week we are going to be writing a setting description based around the story. This week in Maths we have been learning about height and weight. The children have shone when learning these units and it is clear they know a lot of information. On Wednesday, we had a busy afternoon creating our 3D fish sculptures. The children have clearly remember a lot from their remote lessons in art. Finally, today has been a wacky day for us all! The children looked fantastic and I can tell you that they all looked like they have enjoyed themselves. We have a joke competition and our winning joke was What wobbles and flies in the sea? A Jellicopter! Well done Noah for winning our class competition. Enjoy your weekend everyone and I shall see you next week for our last week of learning before Easter. 

Weekly Newsflash w/c 08.03.21

It has been wonderful to have all the children back in class this week. It certainly feels a lot busier in the classroom! The children have settled in so well and we I am so proud of them. We have pretended to be Beegu and written letters to our alein friends about our trip to Earth. In science, we have continued to learn about protecting our precious plant by exploring natural and renewable resources. We have also learned more about the Sikh faith. It has been lovely to be able to enjoy music lessons once again.

Weekly Newsflash w/c 01.03.21

Well done to all the children in Dragonflies -  both those working hard in school and those remotely at home! Every single one of you should be very proud of how hard you have worked over the past two months. This week we have been focusing our maths lessons on counting in 2s and 5s. When we return next week, we will be continuing to practice counting in these as they are very important. In English, we have started to think about letter writing. The children have had the chance to think about what is required within a letter ready for when they are going to write their own next week in school. As usual, our busy afternoons have been fun and engaging, focusing on DT. The children assembled, tested and evaluated their own windmills. Finally, on Thursday, we had a whole day fun filled with different activities based around different books to celebrate World Book Day. I wish you all the best weekend before we all return back to class on Monday. 

Weekly Newsflash w/c 22.02.21

We have had a fantastic first week back here in Dragonfly Class after a relaxing week off. This week in maths, we have started a new unit of looking at numbers up to 50. The children have been fantastic when counting to 50 and when looking at tens and ones. In English, we have been focusing on the emotions and feelings of the main character in Beegu. We have also started to look at the importance of the 'un-' prefix and how adding the prefix can change the meaning of the word. Our afternoons have yet again been super busy looking at how we should take care of our earth, being introduced to Sikhism, decorating nets for us to create a windmill next week and by labelling the four countries within the U.K. This week, we have also had the best news, which is the children at home will be returning to school on Monday 8th March. We are all excited and can't wait to welcome all the children back. 

Weekly Newsflash w/c 08.02.21

We have had an amazing end to a very different half term for all of the children. This week, we have been planning and writing our own poem based around an animal. The children have made me a very proud teacher and they all took their time and ensured that they used all their rhyming words. Some children even performed their poems! We finished our subtraction unit this week in maths and I feel like the children have really made fantastic progress as at the start, this unit was very hard. Our afternoons have been filled with completing our end of unit assessments and the children have yet again learnt a lot of new knowledge which is shown through their results. We have also had plenty of fun in the snow this week and I think we are all ready and deserve a week off. I wish you all a fun, relaxing and safe half term and will see you all next half term, where hopefully we may all return to school. 

Weekly Newsflash w/c 01.02.21

This week in Dragonflies we have finished our amazing character descriptions of Max from Where the Wild Things Are. The children have shown amazing dedication to their work and they have all taken their time with their presentation and ensuring that they have included all of our Year 1 non-negotiables. In maths this week, we have continued with our subtraction unit! Like last week, some lessons have been tricky, but we have spent time ensuring we are breaking down all of the stages to get our final answer. Yet again, our afternoons have been super busy! However, Wednesday afternoon was a particularly fun and enjoyable lesson for us all where we had to look back at our previous art work and self-assess to improve our work. The dedication and concentration from all the children in school and at home was amazing! I wish you all a restful and safe weekend and I will see you all ready for the last week of our half term on Monday. Miss Falconer.

Weekly Newsflash w/c 25.01.21

Dragonflies have had a very busy week in English learning about Where the Wild Things Are. We have explored the book by thinking about what happens throughout the story, thought carefully about the main character's appearance and personality and finally created an extensive word bank ready for us to start to plan and write our character description next week! In maths, we have finished our addition within 20 unit, which, at times, was tricky but we persevered. We have now started our subtraction within 20 unit which, so far, is going well! Yet again, our afternoons have been incredibly busy! I feel that the children have been really engaged and have produced a wide range of excellent pieces of work. Have a fantastic week, stay safe, have fun and relax! 

Weekly Newsflash w/c 18.01.21

We have yet another fantastic week in Dragonflies, both in school and at home! Throughout the week the children have been looking at conjunctions and exclamation marks in English and have had the opportunity in completing a range of activities based around these. This week in maths, we have started our new unit of addition to 20. Some lessons were easier than others but we have worked altogether to ensure we have all completed our learning. Parents, please continue to practice our number bonds to 10 and 20 when you have the chance! Our afternoons have yet again been super fun, but I was blown away with the children's contributions and effort during our history lesson where we were looking at the Magna Carta. I just want to say a massive well done to them all, they have been super stars! Have a lovely weekend and I shall see you all on Monday.

Miss Falconer!

Weekly Newsflash w/c 04.01.21 and 11.01.21

Wow, what an amazing two weeks we have had in Dragonflies both in school and at home! The children have been amazing and have all adapted to the new normal! The dedication and commitment to their learning has been fantastic and they have all made me a very proud teacher. Over the last two weeks the children have been building up to write a recount in English about their Christmas holidays and after reading their work today I am blown away! We have been learning about numbers up to 20 and I am excited to move onto our next unit next week as the children flew through their work! Our afternoons have also been incredible with all the children joining in with the inputs both in school and at home! Have a wonderful week, rest, relax and stay safe! Miss Falconer. 

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