Welcome to Dragonfly Class!

Dragonfly class is one of the Year 1 classes at the Isle of Ely Primary School. Here you can read all about our engaging curriculum for this half term and see some of our fantastic learning activities which have occurred each week. The children in Dragonfly class will have PE on Mondays and Fridays, therefore please can you ensure that they come to school in suitable clothes on these days for outdoor lessons. 

Who works in our classroom?
Teacher: Mrs Harrison                     
Teaching Assistant - Mrs Golding


Our Curriculum -



RWI (Phonics, Reading, Writing and SPaG)

Children will continue to work within their RWI groups to start to read fluently, sight read common exception words and other key words. Additionally, they will be exploring sentences looking in depth at their structure, thinking about the punctuation, grammar and how to create sentences which are engaging. The children will master their sentence writing before moving on to T4W in Autumn 2. The children will be undertaking handwriting lessons twice a week focusing on the formation of lower case letters as well as SPaG once a week looking at finding mistakes, improving sentences and learning to spell (The CEW focus are the, a, to, do and we are using Set 2 sounds within words).


In maths this half-term we will be looking at comparing and sorting objects into groups, counting one more and one less, ordering objects and numbers, and number lines. We will then move onto part-whole models, related number facts, and number bonds. Finally, we will begin exploring addition and subtraction, which we will then continue after the half-term break. We will be using lots of concrete resources in class, such as number lines, counters, ten frames, and multilink, to help us consolidate our understanding and make sure we have a really secure foundation for the rest of our maths this year.


In science, we are looking at the human body and our senses. We will begin by labelling the human body parts before looking depth at each of the five senses: taste, touch, smell, hear and sight. We will finish the unit by exploring what it may be like to have a sensory impairment and how people preserve with this.


As part of their introduction to history, we will start by discussing what history is and look at the work of historians and archaeologists. To put their understanding of the past in context we will learn about Mary Seacole and the artefacts found at Must Farm. We will then explore some of the history of our local area, including finding out about Oliver Cromwell, the history of the fens and our cathedral.
Art This half term we will be looking at colour as an element of art. We will begin by understanding the primary and secondary colours. We will practice mixing colours using a variety of paint types. We will then move on to exploring tints and shades and how we can create new colours using these. Finally we will finish the unit by looking at painting water and the ocean and how we can use our knowledge of colour to achieve this.


We will have two PE lessons a week this half-term. On Monday’s we will be looking at fundamental skills which includes running, jumping, balance, hopping and skipping. On Fridays, we will be learning ball skills which will involve throwing, catching, rolling, hitting targets, dribbling and kicking. PE will take place outside so please ensure children are dressed appropriately for the weather.


This half term in RE we will be exploring Christianity and looking specifically at beliefs and God. We will learn why the Bible is important to Christians and what being a Christian means. We will also have a look at some of the stories from the Bible.


In PSHE, the children will be learning about beginning and belonging. Exploring how we belong to in different communities.  


Music this half term allows us to have the opportunity to spend time exploring pitch and rhythm through instruments and body percussions.


In DT we will be exploring fruit and vegetables. This will involve looking at classification, which parts are edible, comparing tastes, and then making and trying our own smoothies.


We will start our computing lessons by looking the important issue of staying safe online. We will discuss pop ups, sharing personal information and being kind to others. The focus will be on what to do if something you see online worries you and who to go to for help. After this, we will move on to mouse skills, teaching the children how to use a mouse and practicing accuracy through a program called Sketchpad.


Knowledge Organisers

At the Isle of Ely Primary School, we use knowledge organisers as a tool to help our children learn more and remember more and to allow parents and carers to support their children's learning. In our knowledge organisers, you will find essential knowledge, key dates, important vocabulary and key figures. The knowledge organisers can also be used as a fun assessment tool which will help children to see what progress they have made.








Week Commencing: 18.10.2021

What a lovely last week! We have had so much fun this week, we spent most of our week looking in to our DT topic. We studied fruits and vegetables - learning about the difference between the two - and were able to try some as well. We explored food's journeys from farm to fork before finally tasting and making our own smoothies - the 'Strawberry Sensation' went down a hit but the 'Pomegranate Passion' not so much! We created two different smoothies, one was made from banana, strawberry and cucumber and the other was made from mango, pineapple and carrot. We got to chop our own fruit and then watch it whizz round in the blender. This week, we have also undertaken our phonics assessments. All did well and children will be moving to new groups next half term. We finished our English and maths learning for this half term and can't wait for new challenges in autumn 2. Have a wonderful half term everyone!

Week Commencing: 11.10.2021

We've had lots of fun celebrating reading in class this week. We've talked about, and shared, some of our favourite stories and we enjoyed hearing about some of the reasons why reading can be so magical during our whole school assemblies. In English, we have started to learn about conjunctions. First, we looked at 'and' and then we moved onto 'or' and we practised using 'or' by coming up with our own 'would you rather' sentences. This was a big hit with the children who came up with some excellent ideas. Ask your child what theirs was! In art, we continued looking at tints and shades and painted our own water pictures. In P.E, we learned the skills we need to skip with a rope. It was great fun and many of the children had managed to successfully skip by the end of the lesson. Next week, we will be spending much of Tuesday and Thursday doing Design and Technology (D&T) so be prepared to hear a lot about the food we eat and making smoothies! Have a lovely weekend.

Week Commencing: 04.10.2021

Dragonflies have been working super-hard this week! We have completed our first extended writing task; this was to show off all of the new writing skills we have learnt. We all remembered to use capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and adjectives to describe the monster we had imagined. We then had to bring our monster to life ensuring we used the description we had written. In maths this week, we moved on to addition, we are all superstars at this and are very confident with our number sentences and part wholes. In art, we created our own version of David Hockney's A Bigger Splash using tints and shades and in history, we explored local history. Ask us how long ago the cathedral was built and how long it took. We have continued to explore the idea of 'belonging' in PSHE and have worked really hard in our phonics groups. Well done!

Week Commencing: 27.09.2021

This week we have continued to learn our song, Dingle Dangle Scarecrow for the Harvest Festival assembly. On Friday we performed it for the whole school which was very exciting - not least because it was the first time we had all been together for a very long time. See if your child can perform it for you at home! In maths, we moved on to learning about part-whole models. In history, we looked at the work of archaeologists and some of the artefacts that have been found locally. In English, we have learned to improve sentences by adding adjectives. The children came up with some wonderful words to describe a range of animals this week, from 'tall' giraffes to 'fluffy' kittens and 'happy' monkeys.  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Week Commencing: 20.09.2021

Dragonflies have had a brilliant week this week. They have worked exceptionally hard and are now getting to know the routines. Dragonflies especially enjoy the foundation subjects with comments such as, 'This is fascinating', 'I never knew this before' and 'Can we find out more?' They are very inquisitive and it's been a joy to learn alongside them. They have also remained determined during English lessons as we have focused on sentences and how to create a good one; this has taken a lot of perseverance but all of the children have achieved well. In maths, we have looked at a few different aspects such as number lines, ordinals (first, second, third etc.) and comparing numbers. We hope you have another lovely weekend.

Week Commencing: 13.09.2021

Dragonflies have began to settle in to Year 1 routines this week. We have embarked on many learning journeys. We have continued our learning about capital letters before moving on to full stops. We have started to compare numbers using the greater than and less than symbol which the children picked up swiftly and are now very confident. We then explored eyesight within science, thinking about the iris and the pupil, before looking at family trees in history. Not only did we engage well but we also had lots of brilliant discussions, we listened well and were contributing with our friends. We practiced our running, walking and sprinting speeds in P.E and in P.S.H.E. we thought about about new experiences and how they make us feel . This was particularly relevant with starting a new school year. The children have also received their reading wallet this week which is very exciting, we hope you enjoy engaging in the stories at home and the children might like to tell you all about how we learn to read in phonics! Have a lovely weekend.

Weekly Newsflash w/c 06.09.21

What a wonderful start to our new school year. We have been fortunate enough to enjoy some beautiful weather and the children have been enthusiastic and committed to their work this week. The children have responded really well to the new work and they seem to have enjoyed the range of subjects we've covered so far. In English, we are initially focusing on fundamental skills such as capital letters and full stops and this week our focus has been capital letters. In maths, we have looked at sorting and comparing groups of objects and writing the numbers to ten in words. In science, we introduced our topic of the human body and in RE we started looking at the Bible and it's place in Christian's lives. Check back here each week to find out what we have been up to and follow us on Twitter (@IOE_Dragonfly) too.

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