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Earwig are one of the Year 3 classes at the Isle of Ely Primary School. From this page you will be able to read about our curriculum and learning activities. Children have PE and gymnastics on Tuesday afternoon and will need to arrive in their PE kits on Tuesday. 

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In English, we will be focusing on writing a 'defeat the monster' story through our Talk for Writing programme. The children will be learning the text A Close Call l and exploring fronted adverbials, author word choice, paragraphs and expanded noun phrases, short sentence, ellipsis and how to build suspense and tension. A real focus this half term will be capturing the reader's attention through powerful writing techniques. 


In maths, we will be focusing on our times tables. Focusing on our 3s, 4s and 8s. We will be exploring length, fractions and shape, as well as continuously reviewing addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. 


In geography, we will be learning about Western Europe and the physical and human features of this area, the children will be comparing similarities and differences throughout Western Europe to better grasp an understanding of the 'local' area. 


In history, we will be learning about the rule of law and restraints of royal power. We will be looking at Henry II's impact on law in 1166. We will also be learning about the Magna Carta and when the first parliament was introduced.


In science, we will be learning about cycles through nature, focusing on the seasonal cycle, the life cycle of flowering plants and the life cycle of a frog.


The children will be learning dance with Lane Academy. They will be exploring rhythm and how to move their bodies along to the beat. 


In art, we will be exploring art within buildings and real life architecture. 


Our Class book is: The Abominables by Eva Ibbotson


This is a link to all the common exception word spellings from Year 1 to Year 4 for you to practise with your child at home. 

Common Exception Words spelling mat


Knowledge Organisers

At the Isle of Ely Primary School, we use knowledge organisers as a tool to enhance our students learning and to allow parents and carers to support their child's learning. In our knowledge organisers you will find essential knowledge, key dates, vocabulary and key figures where relevant. These can be used as a fun assessment tool which will ensure that students remember more and learn more in the upcoming unit of work.

Art Knowledge Organiser - Summer 1
Geography Knowledge Organiser Summer 1


Weekly Newsflash w/c 03.04.21

This week we have continued with our 'defeating the monster' story. We have begun to write our own supported versions, thinking about building tension through all the methods we have learnt this year. In maths, we continued to explore fractions, this week focusing on fractions of number. In geography, we learnt about trading and importing and exporting goods. In science we learn about migration and plotted migration maps for different species like humpback whales, monarch butterflies, swallows and reindeer! 

Weekly Newsflash w/c 26.04.21

This week, we have continued to learn our 'defeating the monster' story, with a focus on pattern of three, powerful verbs and short burst action writing. The children have moved onto fractions in maths and we have been focusing on identifying exactly what a fraction is, unit and non-unit fractions and making a whole. In science, we have further examined the lifecycle of a plant, focusing on technical vocabulary such as 'anther', 'stigma', 'germination', 'seed dispersal' and 'fertilisation'. In geography, we studied a climate graph focusing on Western Europe. We hope you have a great bank holiday weekend. 

Weekly Newsflash w/c 19.04.21

This week we have continued to learn our 'defeating the monster' story, looking closely at the comparisons between this genre and suspense stories. We have also looked at similarities and differences between other stories in this genre and our own, to improve our writing. The children seem to be really enjoying this text and we hope to show case some fantastic writing soon. In maths we have continued to explore length, this week looking at adding and subtracting length, as well as calculating perimeter. Next week, we will move on to fractions. In geography, we continued to learn about Western Europe, this week focusing on the physical landscapes in Western Europe, including mountain ranges and rivers. In RE, we learnt the difference between Orthodox and Reform Jews and how each worship. In science, we explored the life cycle of a flowering plant and related this to our knowledge of seasons. 


Weekly Newsflash w/c 12.04.21

Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely Easter break. The children have worked really hard this week learning their new story. This week we are focusing on action stories, and are beginning to learn and story map our new text. In maths we have started a new topic- length and the children have been learning to convert between cm, mm and m. In history, we began learning about the Tudors and how they Tudor period came about. In geography we learnt about Western Europe and the countries and capital cities within Western Europe. In science, we learnt about cycles in nature and the seasonal cycle. The children were fascinated to learn that the earth is tilted and orbits the sun! 


Weekly Newsflash w/c 22.03.21

This week we finished our suspense stories and the children have used all the features taught to write some fantastic stories. In history, we learnt how the War of the Roses ended. In geography, we became town planners and created our own new settlements - thinking particularly about what services and facilities we would need. In science, we have discovered all the ways seeds are dispersed. 

Have a fantastic Easter Holidays and a well deserved rest. 

Weekly Newsflash w/c12.03.21

This week, Earwigs have enjoyed creating jokes for Comic Relief. Our winning joke was 'What happens to Easter Bunny when he misbehaves at school? It gets egg-spelled!' We have also learnt about pictograms and bar charts in maths and the children have been interpreting data and finding the difference. In English, we continued our stories, this week planning our own suspense stories ready to write next week. In geography, we learnt about population density across England and looked at the areas with the highest and lowest population density. In art, we created some beautiful collages of local landscapes using lot of different materials. In reading the children have continued to explore and read The Ice Palace - which they are really enjoying. Have a lovely weekend. 

Weekly Newsflash w/c 08.03.21

We have had wonderful week with all the children in class. The children have settled back into the school routine well and are excited to continue learning. In English, we continued with our suspense story: this week, we focused on writing each paragraph based on the class-innovated text. Next week, we will begin to plan our own suspense ready to write. In maths, we have had a strong focus on learning to find the change when using money. The children have used a number line to support their learning. In geography, we learnt the meaning of 'suburban' and compared different settlements. In science, we learnt about water transportation within plants and even conducted a small experiment and the children are looking forward to seeing the results on Monday!



Weekly Newsflash w/c 1.03.21

Our last week of remote learning (hopefully) kicked off well with a new maths topic. This week we learnt about money and the value of pounds. We also started converting pounds and pence. In English, we continued with our suspense story, comparing different suspense texts how exploring how the author creates tension. We also celebrated world book day with a Roald Dahl-themed day which the children really enjoyed. In geography we explored different settlement types such as hamlets, villages, towns and cities. In history we continued to learn about the War of the Roses, particularly focusing on the battle between the House of Lancaster and the House of York. In science, we explored what plants need to survive, focusing on how some plants are adapted to different environments. We are so excited to be welcoming our lovely Earwigs back next week- see you Monday!


Weekly Newsflash w/c 22.02.21

This week the children have settled back well into mixed learning, both online and at home. In English, we have started our new story, focusing on suspense and creating tension.  So far the children have learnt the story map and are beginning to explore the writing techniques. In maths, we have been dividing two-digit numbers by one digit using partitioning and also mixed problem-solving. In history, we started our new topic - War of the Roses - and have learnt a brief overview of how the war started. In geography, we have continued to learn about settlements, looking closely at services found within different types of settlements. In science, we are exploring plants and becoming botanists for the afternoon. 

Weekly Newsflash w/c 1.2.21

This week, we have been finding ways to express ourselves as we have celebrated Children's Mental Health Week. In maths, we have been focusing on multiplying 2 digit numbers. In English, we have been innovating our How To Trap a Troll text. I have really enjoyed reading the children's adaptations and have learnt a lot about their mythical creatures. In geography, we made our own tourist guide's to the local area and in art, we explored 3D shapes and created nets. In music, this week children have been expressing themselves through creating their own song about 2020. Well done for another fantastic week of learning!

Weekly Newsflash w/c 25.01.21

We have had yet another brilliant week of learning this week. We have started to focus on related multiplication and division calculations, using our times tables knowledge to work out multiplying by tens. In English, we started our new focus, instruction texts, and story mapped How to trap a Troll. The children have learnt the text really well and even managed to write an introductory paragraph on how to trap their own mythical creature. In geography, we learnt about settlements and different house types. In art, we continued to learn about symmetry and this week focused on symmetry in nature. In science, we learnt how shadows change during the day. Have a lovely weekend!

Weekly Newsflash w/c 18.01.21

We have had yet another successful week of juggling remote learning and in-class learning. The children have worked incredibly hard, both in school and at home, making us very proud. This week, we have looked at the 8 times tables and dividing and multiplying by eight. We have also focused on 2-step problems and divisibility.  In English, we finished our Mr Twit stories and started to focus on possessive apostrophes and paragraphs. In geography, we learnt about human features and then identified lots of them around Ely. In art, we continued to learn about symmetry and created our own symmetrical art work. 

Weekly Newsflash 15.01.21

We have had another fantastic week juggling learning both at home and in school. The children have remained focused and positive throughout which has made Mrs Godfrey and I so proud! This week we have focused on our 4 and 8 times tables in maths, both with division and multiplication. In English we have continued with the Twits, focusing again on speech and powerful verbs. In geography we have explored the Fens further, particularly why the fens are so goof for farming. In science we introduced opaque and transparent objects. 

Weekly Newsflash 08.01.21

What a funny week it has been, you have all been incredible adapting to the new way of learning and supporting your teachers with new technology! In maths we have recapped multiplying and dividing by 3, and will be moving onto 4's next  week. To support your child, please continue to learn their times tables. In English we have started a new story-The Twits- and the children have been fantastic at creating their own story maps and learning the story. In science we have begun to learn about light and how darkness if the absence of light. 


Please see our video below to give you a snapshot of how we teach reading:


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