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Lacewings are one of the Year 3 classes at the Isle of Ely Primary School. From this page you will be able to read about our curriculum and learning activities. Children have PE and Dance on a Wednesday so will need trainers and warm clothes.

Who works in our classroom?
Mrs Chapman, Miss Housden (PE) and Mrs Parker (Dance).

What are we learning about?

Curriculum Information Autumn Term 2 – October – December 2017



This term our theme is ‘Britain from the Air’. We will discuss big questions every two weeks on this theme. Our questions this half term are:
Can you see shadows from the sky?

What would you see on a plane trip around the UK?

Are the best buildings in England?


The children will be learning about writing clear, concise instructions.  Be prepared for some requests for construction materials as we plan to build a shadow theatre and some shadow puppets.  Later, we will look at writing an adventure story using the cold weather as a stimulus!  Robert Swindells, ‘The Ice Palace’ will be our extended text for this piece of work as there is some inspiring figurative language we can adopt in our own writing.


This term we will start by exploring multiplication and division.  We will build arrays and discuss the order of a calculation.  We will then look at fractions (lots of practical experiences will help develop concrete images) and then look at reading the time.  It would be very helpful if you could support this learning with reading the hour, half past, quarter past and quarter to.


In Science this half term, the children will be learning about light and how shadows are formed.  We will be making some careful observations, recording some precise measurements and drawing some conclusions from our findings.


This half term, we name and locate countries and cities of the United Kingdom.  We will discuss human and physical characteristics.  Key topographical features will be the focus so we will be looking at hills, mountains, coasts and rivers across the UK.


This half term the children are going to take part in a unit of work called ‘Ball Handling’. The unit of work ensures that the children can show control when using a range of passes for example, under arm pass, bounce pass and chest pass.  Using these skills the children will apply them to small competitive games, with the aim that the children can show their accuracy and control when passing. When playing small competitive games the children will develop their understanding of the importance of getting into space, using the space they have wisely and develop a range of tactics with the aim to beat their opponent.  Alongside PE, the children will all take part in an inter-house cross-country competition, with some children attending a cross-country event held by Witchford Sport Partnership. 


The children will be consolidating the skills of mounting and dismounting a vault. New skills we will be developing include – Straddle and Pike Jump, Front Kicks and Forward leap/rolls.

In addition, we will be introducing cartwheels to our routines and children will be expected to create their own Gymnastics warm up in pairs. We will be working towards an in-school gymnastics competition at the end of the autumn term.  Children will prepare a short floor sequence and a bench sequence.  Children will be marked on a number of criteria to be discussed in class. 


In RE this half term, we are discussing the question: Has Christmas lost its true meaning?

We will read stories explaining the meaning of Christmas and look at how Christmas is celebrated across the world.


This half term we will continue learning how to greet people.  We will build up our knowledge of numbers and colours.  We will also learn more about German culture.


This half term, we will be exploring great artists, architects and designers in history.  We will be completing some line drawings of buildings and designing our own cities!


PSHE is covered in our Enabling Enterprise lessons. There are 8 challenge skills which we encourage children to adopt throughout their school life. These are:

  • Aiming high.
  • Staying positive.
  • Working in a team.
  • Problem solving.
  • Sharing ideas.
  • Listening carefully.
  • Using imagination.
  • Leading.

Our Enabling Enterprise project is turning trash into treasure.

Home Learning

Children are encouraged to read with an adult at home every evening and to write in their reading records. They should also try to practice their Big Maths ‘Learn It’s’ which are on the Starz page. Over the weekend, have a look at our Starz page to see how you can support your child’s learning at home.


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