Welcome to our class page!
Ladybird Class are one of the Reception classes at the Isle of Ely Primary School. From this page you will be able to read about our curriculum and learning activities. Children have PE or Forest school on a Tuesday afternoon so will need their PE kits in school.

Who works in our classroom?
Teachers: Mrs Chambers
TA: Mrs Newman

Miss Bryan  (PE)
Mrs Ryan and Mrs Newman (Forest school).


What are we learning about?
Curriculum Information Autumn Term 1 – September 2019


The children will be exploring the theme ‘Myself’. They will be learning about their bodies, their senses and how to respond to their own personal needs.

Characteristics of Effective Learning

The children will be learning about the characteristics of effective learning and focussing on ‘having a go’ when faced with a challenge. They will be encouraged to keep on trying when they are finding it tricky. The children will be expected to have their own ideas and develop them.


In literacy the children will be learning how to write their name with correct letter formation. They will be learning about traditional stories and rhymes where they will re-tell the stories and act out the dilemmas, characters, setting and plot.


The children will be learning to count and recognise numbers to 20. They will be learning one more than and one less than a given number as well as halving and doubling. In shape and space, the children will be comparing lengths using non-standard measures.

Physical development

The children will be learning how to hold a pencil with the correct pencil grip and learning about forming letters correctly.

They will also be learning about how to keep themselves clean and learning about self-hygiene. They will be learning their own needs and how to ask for help when needed.

Forest school

In Forest school the children will be exploring natural objects. They will be creating and designing using these objects. They will build upon their fine and gross motor skills, using a variety of tools.


The children will be introduced to some lunch time games. The children will be working individually along with working with their friends to explore what skills make a good team player. Children will learn games, such as, Duck Duck Goose, Space tunnel, Popcorn and how to use the ground markings to play, Hop Scotch.

Understanding the World

The children will be learning about themselves and their families. They will be creating personal timelines and thinking about the places where people live.

Expressive Arts and Design

The children will be role playing in a wide variety of contexts which relate to the themes covered. The children will be experimenting with a range of media such as paint and 3D construction.

Personal,  Social and Emotional Development

The children will be learning about the behavioural expectations of school which will include playing co-operatively and taking turns. This will be implemented through the Golden rules and praised through the movements up the rainbows, shooting stars and marble system.

They will also be encouraged to talk about their likes and dislikes and encouraged to try new activities.

Communication and Language

In class the children will listen to a wide range of stories where we will discuss the main characters and discuss the events in the story. Throughout the half term they will learn to follow instructions in the class and use this to settle into the school routines.

Home Learning

Please share stories with your child and help them to recognise the letters in their name.








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