Welcome to Ladybird Class


The adults that work in Ladybird Class are:


                                                                Mrs Mickleburgh                                                                                Mrs Lloyd

                                                                   (Class Teacher)                                                                         (Teaching Assistant)


In Ladybird class this half term, we will be learning:

Autumn B

Communication and language

 In the second part of the term, the children will listen attentively to a vast selection of stories and poems. We will focus on anticipating key events and retelling the familiar stories and rhymes. The children will connects ideas using talk, actions and objects.

We will practise questioning and explaining why things happen, broadening children’s vocabulary and increasing language complexity.

Physical Development

We will focus on the fine motor skills, securing correct pencil grip and mark making with increasing control. The children will build their core strength, balance and coordination through the focus on Fundamentals of Movement in PE. This half term, PE lessons will take place every Thursday. Children will also take part in Daily Mile, running an approximate equivalent of a mile a day!


The children will begin to gain a deeper understanding of the school’s values of community, inspiring and support. We focus on how we demonstrate friendly behaviour and form positive relationships with others. The children will have opportunities to initiate and take part in conversations, taking account of what others say and how they feel. 


The children will access a wide selection of quality texts across fiction, non-fiction and poetry. We will memorise and innovate short texts through the Talk4Writing lessons, having fun and experimenting with language, rhyme and rhythm, retelling texts and writing. 

In Phonics, we will work in groups to meet children’s needs and provide appropriate pace and challenge. We will secure Set 1 sounds, segment and blend sounds, and begin to read CVC words independently.

In writing, the children will secure correct formation of the letters in their name and start using labels in their mark making. We will continue to develop pre-cursive letter formation.


The children will begin exploring addition and subtraction by looking at change within 5. They will continue to count, subitise and compare as they learn to find one more and one less than a given number up to 5. The pupils will secure this concept by developing their own ‘one more’ and ‘one less’ stories. They will explore the link between counting forward and the one more pattern, and counting backwards and one less pattern.

Towards the end of the term, we will begin learning about time – we will talk about night and day, order daily routines and measure time in simple ways.

Understanding of the word

The children will learn about light and dark, and understand how light is used in different celebrations. We will make shadows by moving an object in front of the light source, and create different shapes by experimenting with shadows.

We will explores some of the coldest places on Earth: the North and South Pole. The children will use globes and maps to locate the poles and learn about polar animals and their habitats.

Expressive Arts and Design

The children will experiment with combining different media and techniques to create effect. They will begin constructing with a purpose in mind. We will continue learning basic colour mixing facts and representing ideas through a choice of colour and texture. 

We will learn songs in line with the studied topics and children’s interests, and perform these for friends in the Reception bubble.



Weekly Newsflash

Week beginning 9.11.2020

This week, we continued our Bonfire and Fireworks theme and enjoyed toasting marshmallows by a fire in the role play area. The children innovated the I'm a Firework poem, swapping chosen words for words of their choice to create a new version. Together, the pupils came up with 'I'm Santa's sleigh' poem, zig zagging and swooshing in the sky. We continued exploring the value of Community, reflected during 2 minutes silence on Remembrance Day and showed kindness and generosity when taking part in Children in Need pyjama day. 

Most of the pupils worked on Set 1 sounds in phonics groups - this week's sounds are: d, t, i, n, p. Please have a look at the video links we sent in an email. Al the pupils are enjoying playing schools and developing their phonics knowledge by using the RWI Phonics Flashcards. The cards are available from a variety of retailers and are an inexpensive but very effective resource. You might find them useful when supporting your child's learning at home. 

In maths, we enjoyed a range of practical games and activities to build a deeper understanding of the concept of one more. The children explored the number patterns by showing one more as stairs, passengers on a bus, items on a washing line or Numicon shapes. 

Week beginning 2.11.2020

Children settled well after the half term break, they enjoyed returning to the school routine and sharing their holiday adventures. We started the week by discussing Bonfire Night celebrations. We looked at who Guy Fawkes was, why we celebrate and how to stay safe around fireworks. The children created their own fireworks using a selection of media - we drew them with chalk and other mark making resources, made them out of magnets, and junk modelling. The children wrote labels to describe the sounds fireworks make, i.e. fizz or bang, and to name people and objects featuring in their art work.

This week's school value focus was the value of Community. We begun discussing different communities the children belong to, as well as how we look after our communities through kind words and actions, looking after each other and taking responsibility. 

In maths, we explored one more, focusing on numbers up to 5. The children developed their own 'one more stories' to gain deeper understanding of this important concept, i.e. first there were.., then one more joined in, now there are.. We looked at how the numbers increase when we keep adding one more and represented our findings on five frames. 

In phonics, we were learning the last two Set 1 sounds - ng and nk. We begun working in phonics groups, focusing on each group's next steps in their phonics development and reviewing Set 1 sounds, starting from m, a, s.


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