Welcome to our class page!
Ladybird’s are one of the Reception classes at the Isle of Ely Primary School. From this page you will be able to read about our curriculum and learning activities. Children have PE and Forest school on a Wednesday morning so will need their PE kits in school.

Who works in our classroom?
Teachers: Mrs Chambers, Ms Bryan (PE) and Mrs Mickleburgh, Mrs Newman (Forest school)
TA: Miss Radford

What are we learning about?

Curriculum Information Spring 1 – January 2019


This half term the children will be using their imagination to learn about different fictional characters. They will be learning about different fairy tale characters such as Princes and Princesses and then having a character party. We will also be using our imaginations to become Wizards where we will be creating our own potions. From this the children will be able to use their current knowledge to build ‘new’ Worlds.

Characteristics of Effective Learning

The children will be learning about resilience in their learning. They will be faced with challenges where they have to show perseverance and learn how to adapt when solving problems.  


In literacy the children will be continuing learning phonics through the Floppy’s phonics scheme. They will be using their phoneme fingers to help them blend and segment and will start to learn about di-graphs and tri-graphs. They will be creating their own Fairy tale stories and writing lists of ingredients.   


The children will be continuing their learning on addition by solving open ended problems. They will also be learning about subtraction and using number lines to help them solve simple problems.  The children will be learning about amounts.

Physical development

The children will be continuing with ‘busy fingers’ in the mornings where they will be developing their fine motor skills. They will be using large movements and building blocks to develop their gross motor skills, through large construction.   


In Forest school the children will be exploring natural objects. They will be creating and designing using these objects. They will build upon their fine and gross motor skills, using a variety of tools.

Outdoor Learning

 The children are going to be working on developing their fine and gross motor skills through a range of activities. One of the activities which the children will take part in is speed stacking, which is fun, engaging and develops skills, such as, concentration, listening and task commitment. The children will take part in activities which will encourage them to work in small teams showing their team work skills. 

Understanding the World

The children will be continuing their learning about different celebrations around the world and learning about how different cultures celebrate in different ways.  They will also be learning about living and non-living.

Expressive Arts and Design

The children will be experimenting with a range of different media to make different effects. They will be learning how to use marks to create different patterns. In the role-play they will be acting out different characters.

Personal,  Social and Emotional Development

The children will be learning about compromise and they will be considering the feelings of their peers. We will also be learning about the importance of rules and following them when playing games.

Communication and Language

The children will be listening to a range of different stories and will be encouraged to ask questions about what they have heard. We will also be discussing the words ‘Why’ and ‘How’ and using these as sentence openers to create our own questions.

Home Learning

This half term we would appreciate it if you could continue to listen to your child read on a regular basis.








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