Welcome to Ladybird Class


The adults that work in Ladybird Class are:


                                                                Mrs Mickleburgh                                                                                Mrs Lloyd

                                                                   (Class Teacher)                                                                         (Teaching Assistant)


In Ladybird Class this half term we will be learning:

Communication and language

The children will start the term by learning new routines and school rules. They will learn their way around the Reception areas and wider parts of the school, as well as get to know the adults and peers. The children will explore the importance of listening and empathy, and focus on expressing ourselves effectively to communicate ideas and preferences.

Children will practise their speaking, listening and turn taking skills in group discussions, through a selection of games and stories.

Physical Development

We will focus on the gross motor skills to build readiness for writing. The children will build their core strength through the focus on Gymnastics in PE.

The children will improve their pencil grip through a variety of every day fine motor skills opportunities.


Children will gain confidence through choosing and accessing resources. They will explore the things that make each of us special, as a part of our All About Me theme. Children will talk about their and other’s feeling and consequences of some actions. They will begin to learn to work in a small group or with a different partners.


The children will access a variety of high quality texts, based on their current interests.

In Phonics, we will learn to read most of the Set 1 sounds and blend orally.

In writing, the children will learn to write their names and begin forming familiar graphemes correctly.


The children will learn to understand and use numbers 1-10. They will explore representing these numbers, using a range of concrete resources, as well as pictorial representations. They will begin to understand the amounts behind the abstract numerals 1-10.

The children will expand their understanding of shapes and measures, and will compare and sort objects by their size and shape.

Understanding of the word

The children will learn about different seasons and the changes they bring to our environments. We will investigate the patterns, colours and textures of autumnal leaves.

Pupils will learn about their immediate environment – their classroom and the school – and create maps of the familiar areas.

The children will learn about the basic parts of a human body, the senses and the effect of diet and exercise on their bodies.

Expressive Arts and Design

The children will learn to name and identify primary colours. We will explore basic colour mixing facts and experiments with different types of paint and the effects we can create with changing resources and techniques, such as different paint strokes.

We will learn songs in line with the studied topics and children’s interests, and perform these for friends in school.



Weekly Newsflash 14.09.2020

What a fantastic start of the term we have had! All the children settled very quickly and are learning the new rules and routines. Even a visit from an unruly dinosaur did not unsettle the Ladybird pupils, who created imaginative large and small scale habitats for the unexpected visitors, had a go at writing their own dinosaur names and taught the dinosaurs how to stay Safe.

We have made a great start with our phonics and an impressive progress with our pencil grip. The children worked so hard to control their mark making implements when practising new patterns and forming letters! Sounds we learnt this week are: m, a, s, d, t.

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