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Moths are one of the Year 4 classes at the Isle of Ely Primary School. From this page, you will be able to read about our curriculum and learning activities.


Mrs Berrill - Class Teacher (Weds-Fri)          Mr Lloyd - Class Teacher (Mon-Tues)        


Miss Reitinger - Teaching Assistant              Miss Bass - Teaching Assistant



This half term we will be learning:


Our next Talk4Writing unit will be learning the about writing information texts.  We will read about the Kingston Frost Dragon and then write about our own invented dragons. In their writing, pupils will be focussing on using adverbs to engage the reader, generalisers, adding on and making comparisons.

In Guided reading we will be continuing the book Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson.


In maths this half term we are learning how to carry out additions and subtractions of numbers up to 4 digits.  Pupils are encouraged to use base ten or counters in their calculations. Then we will learn about Perimeter. Pupils can practise at home using Times Table Rockstars and Maths Whizz.


Our science unit is studying living things and their habitats. We will learn how to classify organisms and how to use branching diagrams.  We will explore different habitats and how animals are adapted to them.


In history we will learn about the fall of Ancient Rome. Pupils will learn how the Roman Empire suffered from attacks and invasions, and eventually fell.


In geography we will think about how weather and climate and related. Then we will learn about some key ecosystems in Europe.


We have PE on Fridays and this will be outdoors due to government guidance. Please ensure that your child comes to school in their PE kits on Fridays and has warm layers as the weather can be very unpredictable. This half term, the children will be taught dance and take part in cross-country and team sports.


This half term, we will learn about different holy books.


This half term, we will learn about money and how to buy things.


We will be learning more about our emotions and taking part  in the national anti-bullying week.


In art we will review the elements of art, focussing on shape, form and symmetry

Design Technology

This half term we will learn how to make and adapt biscuit recipes.


This term, we will be learning to play the glockenspeils.


In ICT we will be learning about coding.

Home Learning

Pupils that are self-isolating but able to study can log on to TTRockstars to practise times tables, and Purple Mash for a range of activities and tools.  They can use the Knowledge Organisers attached below to guide their studies using BBC Bitesize and the National Oak Academy.



Knowledge organisers:




Religious Education





Design Technology


Our class text is: Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson



Weekly Newsflash 20.11.20

We have planned and written our information text hot tasks in English this week. We have used generalisers, adding on phrases and interesting adverbs to make our writing engaging.  We also had an inspiring author visit from Humza Arshad, author of the Little Badman series – Hear him read from one of his books https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxefwaN_14I .  In Maths we have been learning how to draw bar models to represent word problems. In Geography we looked at the main ecosystems found in Europe.  In RE we have learnt about   the Qur’an and what it means to Muslims.  In Art we continued to think about geometric and organic shapes, drawing a still life of some fruit.  Our History this week we learnt about the Roman Forum. In Computing we have begun learning how to uses timers to create repeating actions.



Weekly Newsflash 13.11.20

This week, we have been applying our knowledge of addition and subtraction to estimating and finding the difference.  We also completed some termly assessments and showed how much we have learnt already this year. We also enjoyed using Maths Whizz which we can now use to practice our maths at home. In English, we have been using some of the key features of information texts to innovate our own text about a Thunderdrum. We have begun our new topics in the Foundation subjects. Have a look at the knowledge organisers above to see what we will be learning this term.  In Art we started learning about shape and looked at Kandinsky’s work. In RE we are learning about holy texts, starting with the Bible.  In Geography we learnt about weather and ecosystems and in History we learnt about aqueducts.

Weekly Newsflash 6.11.20

This week, we have started learning how to use the column method for subtraction. We have used counters and base ten to support our understanding of this, especially when we need to exchange across barriers e.g. 1 ten for 10 ones. I’m extremely proud of how much progress the children have made with this and they have all now become much more confident in using this method. Please remind them to keep practising at home as well. In English, we have been learning about information texts and have started to identify some of their key features. We have read a text about The Kingston Frost Dragon, and have found out about its appearance, diet and habitat. We text mapped the text to help us remember it and have been orally retelling it using actions as well. We have also practised using adverbs openers such as unbelievably, disturbingly and interestingly to engage the reader when sharing facts. The children have enjoyed doing quizzes in our foundation subjects this week and have been able to recall what they learnt last half term. In RE, they were able to apply their knowledge of churches to write a detailed setting description.


Weekly Newsflash 23.10.20

This week, we have been extremely excited to receive our signed copies of The Hidden Tales: Riddle of the White Sphinx. I hope the children are enjoying reading these at home and are starting to work out the codes. In maths, we have started learning how to use the written method for column addition. We have practised using counters and base ten to support our understanding of exchanging. We progressed onto deepening our understanding by completing missing number problems. In English, we have been looking at persuasive writing and have learnt the key features that are within these such as power of three, modal verbs and emotive language. The children enjoyed writing their own rhetorical questions to make characters in our class story, Journey to the River Sea, think about their behaviour and persuade them to be kinder. In geography, we have been learning about the Equator and the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. The children enjoyed finding out how the climates of countries differ based on where they are located in the world.


Weekly Newsflash 16.10.20

This week, we were extremely lucky to have a virtual lesson with local author Mark Wells. The children enjoyed hearing him read the next chapter of Hidden Tales: Riddle of the White Sphinx and asked him questions about his writing inspiration. We are now excited to see if we can crack the codes and discover the secrets of the Hidden. In maths, we have been learning about negative numbers and counting in multiples of 25, including solving problems related to these. We continued exploring sound in science and have been investigating how the pitch is changed on instruments. As part of our German lessons, children have been learning how to greet each other and ask each other how they are. See if your child can teach you some of these phrases!



Weekly Newsflash 09.10.2020

This week, we have been planning and writing our own warning stories. I am extremely proud of how hard the children have worked on these. The children have written fantastic stories and have included lots of detail to describe their settings using expanded noun phrases and prepositional phrases. We have really focussed on how to proof-read our writing: including checking our spellings, punctuation and if it makes sense.  In maths, we have continued our place value work on 4-digit numbers: comparing them using more than, less than and equal to, as well as putting them in ascending and descending order. In science, we have been investigating which materials are best for muffling sounds. We learnt that volume is measured in decibels and had fun measuring the volume of sounds created by clapping, tapping and talking.


Weekly Newsflash 02.10.2020

This week Mr Lloyd and Mrs Berrill really enjoyed being able to tell parents how well their children have settled back at school in our Teams parent’s meetings.  In class, the children have continued to retell The Canal and have learnt how to use prepositional phrases to add details to their setting descriptions.  In maths, they have been locating numbers on number lines and building their understanding of place value in 3 and 4 digit numbers.  The children have also enjoyed learning about Roman Numerals.  In history, we learnt how historians use evidence left behind to find out out about the past and we learned the features of Roman roads in Britain.  In geography, we learnt how the local area has changed through time looking at maps of Ely 1,000 years ago, 400 years ago and 40 years ago as well as looking at modern maps.  In science, we saw how bigger sounds mean bigger vibrations using string, a giant drum and lots of red pom-poms – get your child to tell you all about it! In art, the children learnt how to create tone using stippling, and in RE they learnt about things that happen in churches during Christian festivals.


Weekly Newsflash 25.09.2020

It has been fantastic to get our teeth into our core knowledge curriculum this week. The children have been introduced to the origins of the Romans, using scale when reading maps, how to mix secondary colours, the 5-point scale for identifying emotions, the Christian calendar and agreed rules for using computers in school.  In English the children have been learning a warning tale called ‘The Canal’.  We have been very impressed with how quickly they have learnt the story - get them to retell it to you at home!  This weeks spellings were all using prefixes.  Ask your child to separate the prefix and the root word to help them spell these words.  In Maths we have looked closely at place value and introduced thousands to our place value table.  Practice counting in 10’s, 100’s and 1000’s with your child at home – can they go backwards?


Secondary colours


Weekly Newsflash 18.09.2020

This week Moth class have done some fantastic story writing about a giant coming to a town.  Mr Lloyd and Mrs Berrill have really enjoyed hearing their imaginative language and seeing their enthusiasm for their stories.  The children have continued work on our recovery curriculum thinking about how we work well with others, listening skills and what good talking skills are.  When reading ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers we have explored ideas of how diverse our planet is, who can help us if we are struggling and how we can treat other people and our planet. Here are some of lockdown views.



Weekly Newsflash 11.09.2020

What a wonderful week it has been! Moth class have settled back into school really well, and Mrs Berrill and Mr Lloyd have really enjoyed getting to know their new class. The children have contributed wonderful ideas to a display of our new school rules – ‘Ready, Respect, Safe’ and made their own moth to go on our Recognition board.  Our discussions about the environment led to writing our own version of 'What a Wonderful World' by Louis Armstrong. Our version is called, 'What a Unique Universe'. We have been reading ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes and the children made some wonderful pastel pictures of the Iron Man.


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