Welcome to Scorpion Class!


Welcome to our class page!

Scorpion class is one of the Year 6 classes at the Isle of Ely Primary School.  On this page you will be able to read about our curriculum and learning activities.    

Adults in our class


                                                                              Ms Bradshaw-Campbell                   Mrs Daybell
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PE for Autumn Term

We have PE on Fridays and this will be outdoors due to government guidance. Please ensure that your child comes to school in their PE kits on Fridays and has warm layers as the weather can be very unpredictable! This half term, the children will be taught gymnastics and have football sessions with Active Play Education.

This term in Scorpion class we will be learning:





We will be using 'Talk for Writing' to explore a range of text types, starting with focussing on powerful setting and atmosphere descriptions through stories with warning messages.  We will move on to exploring instruction texts, character descriptions and recounts later this term.  


Children will develop their understanding of how the four operations can be used to manipulate numbers and solve problems. They will explore common factors and multiples and look at prime numbers as an example of special numbers with specific factors. We will then move on to look at fractions developing children’s understanding moving on to comparing, adding and subtracting unrelated fractions using common denominators and formal methods and applying to problem solving.


This term we will be learning about the Circulatory System. We will be exploring the vital organs (heart and lungs) and learning about each organ’s function. We will also look at how to keep our bodies healthy and the negative impact of poor diet, drugs and alcohol on the body. Alongside this we will learn about the work of the scientist John Boyd Orr the Scottish nutritionist and his work on the reasons for malnutrition in post War Britain.


We will continue to learn about Life in Victorian Times focussing this time on occurrences and events surrounding Victoria’s reign after she was widowed.  We will learn about the purpose of workhouses; how and why the Royal Albert Hall was built as well as exploring Victoria’s role as the Empress of India in the colonies.


This term we will be learning more about human Geography in the British Isles. We will learn about transportation before exploring economic activity including farming.


This term we will be improving our football skills.  We will also be improving our Gymnastic Skills and working on symmetrical sequences of stretches, jumps, slides and rolls.  


We will be learning about Christianity  


This term we will be developing our musical ear though listening and appreciation lessons, starting with the use of musical accents and the correct terminology for them.  


In PHSE,   


In art, we will be exploring 3D art both actual and implied. We will be looking at the work of Caravaggio and planning and creating a piece of artwork using, space, light and dark to create atmosphere.


Come Dine with Me! This term, the children will work in a group to plan a 3-course meal. They will plan a recipe for a starter (pepper), main course (salmon) or dessert (pineapple using their given ingredient and take responsibility for cooking one course of the meal. They will also create a page for a class cookbook.



Blogging. The children will explore blogs, identifying the purpose of writing a blog and its key features. They will then plan the theme and content for a blog and write the content. They will also consider the importance of regularly changing the content.


This term, we will revise our knowledge of Germany and revisit how to introduce ourselves and greet others

Home Learning

Pupils that are self-isolating but able to study can log on to TTRockstars to practise times tables, and Purple Mash for a range of activities and tools.  They can use the Knowledge Organisers attached below to guide their studies using BBC Bitesize and the National Oak Academy.





Our class text is:

Image result for holes by louis sachar


Holes by Louis Sacher



See the video below for a snapshot of the teaching of reading in our class:


Knowledge Organisers

Below you will find a link to our knowledge organisers containing some of the key language, questions and other useful information or images linked to our Foundation Subject content this term.  The children will be keeping a copy of these in their books.  

   Knowledge Organisers

Weekly News Flash 20/11/20

This week we have been learning about  factors, multiples and  prime numbers in maths. We have been recounting events in exciting newspaper reports which I will be sharing on Titter. We also explored how the heart works and made our own models. In Art, we explored radiating patterns. We also have been developing key skills in our reading. Today we worked with a classic poem by Lewis Carrol, Jabberwocky exploring how we can clarify meaning through recognising the word class in the context of the sentence. As parents cannot come into class at the moment, we made a video to show you. We hope you enjoy it...


Weekly News Flash - 13/11/20

This week the children have worked extremely hard during their assessment tests. They have completed the 2017 SATS papers to familiarise themselves with the format and we have been pleased with their positive attitudes and results.In Science, we have begun to learn about the function of the Circulatory system. The children have also found out about life in the workhouse in Victorian Times and are now more grateful about the opportunities and comforts their own lives afford them! In Art, We explored geometric and organic shapes and created some effective artwork that both kinds of shapes. Our week culminated with wearing our pajamas to school for Children in Need.

Weekly News Flash – 06.11.20

Welcome back to Autumn 2! Scorpion class have settled back into their usual routine brilliantly and I'm pleased to see their enthusiasm for learning is as high as ever. During English, we have begun to look at non-fiction recount texts focussing on Newspaper Reports and will be spending future lessons developing our understanding of this text type further. In Maths, we have refined and practised our division method skills which the children are now feeling much more confident in.  We have introduced new learning in various Foundation subjects and have also been producing final pieces of work in others, ask your child about the amazing painting they have done in art this week!  


Weekly Newsflash: 23/10/2020

Despite having a shorter week, Scorpion class have continued to achieve a great deal. We have been conquering long division, investigating micro-organisms and learning about the inspirational Mary Seacole and her valuable contribution when helping the soldiers fighting in the Crimean War. The climax of our week was an exciting tag-rugby tournament between the four houses. Whilst each house showed great determination, competitive spirit and skill, Red House were victorious. Congratulations to them! Have a wonderful well-earned rest, Scorpions!

/Weekly Newsflash: 09/10/2020

The pupils have contrived to strive for excellence in Scorpion class. We had an exciting virtual visit from Ely museum supporting our historical studies by teaching us all about life in the Fens the Victorian times. This week, pupils have also worked hard to produce some exciting 'warning stories' in which they described settings and used suspense techniques. In maths, we have begun to explore written methods for addition, subtraction and multiplication. The pupils used concrete materials and drawing to illustrate their methods. We also went outside to hunt for invertebrates in the fields. We found a wide range and pupils were able to classify them using a key.

Weekly Newsflash: 02/10/2020

Another amazing week with the fabulous Scorpion Class.  Just like their namesakes, these pupils are tenacious, persevering and well-suited to surviving the most arduous conditions. They continue to adapt to all that life throws at them, always remaining positive and cheerful. This week, we have enjoyed learning about different types of invertebrate. We have also used the internet to find out about the industrial revolution and deepened our understanding of place value. We also wrote some fabulous, if terrifying, descriptions of a wolf ready for story writing next week. Go Scorpions!


Weekly News Flash! 25.09.20

This week, Scorpion class have responded really well to the increased demands of following a more structured timetable. They have particularly enjoyed learning about: numbers to 10,000,000 in maths; classification keys in Science; using search engines to find out about the early reign of Queen Victoria and exploring colour theory in Art. They have produced some excellent work.We have also been creating story maps in English so that we can memorise a story opening off by heart -some children have shown themselves to be very enthusiastic performers. The rule we focussed on this week was 'Ready' and the children have making a huge effort to maximise their learning time by ensuring they are ready to learn. Well done Scorpions! Have a wonderful weekend - see you on Monday!

Weekly News Flash! - 18.09.20

This week the children in both Year 6 classes have continued to settle and re-engage into class life and whole school systems.  They have been thinking about ways to stay safe by following our new (hopefully temporary) procedures and routines.  We also discussed how they can be safe outside of school and the importance of thinking about the consequences of their actions on other people as well as themselves.  We spent this week also looking at 'Growth Mindset' and exploring the importance of resilience and perseverance when facing new challenges.  The children had the chance to put this into practice during classroom assessment tasks, Art activities and PE.  We hope you have a fantastic weekend and look forward to seeing our classes back next week!

Update - 11.09.2020

What a wonderful first week we have had welcoming our new (and first ever) Year 6s back to school. We have been extremely proud of the positive attitudes and enthusiasm we have seen in so many of the children.  As well as exploring the school rules and values we have also had discussions around the different feelings we all experience from time to time, especially during unexpected changes such as lockdown.  The children made several thoughtful suggestions about how to deal with this emotions and how to try to find the positives when things don't go as planned.  Scorpion class used their wonderful imaginations to create artwork and poetry depicting their favourite places to be, looking at them transported me to mountains, beaches and oceans without the need for a passport!  I hope you have a restful weekend and I look forward to seeing Year 6 back on Monday.  

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