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Little Elvers is currently closed

Below are some suggested activities you could do with the children at home. After Easter all learning will be posted on tapestry. Please feel free to post what you have been doing at home as we would love to see!

Stay safe and we hope to see you soon,

Mrs Ryan and all the Little Elvers team x

Home learning:

WB: 16.3.20

This week the child have been getting ready for Mother’s Day tea next week (unfortunately this has had to be cancelled). They have been creating cards and writing in them, doing observational drawings of flowers, We have been looking at shapes in our environment and using the musical instruments to accompany our songs.

Spring 2: Week 4:

WB: 9.3.20

Supertato has been our text this week. The children have enjoyed continuing their superhero theme through this exciting book. The children have been designing and making their own supertato’s, creating wanted posters for the evil pea and talking about healthy eating.

Spring 2: Week 3:


WB: 2.3.20

Arts week has been lots of fun. We have been busy exploring using objects from ‘our natural world’. Children have enjoyed making observational drawings and painting, bark and leaf rubbings, making paint brushes and paint from natural resources, creating natural mobiles and many more lovely activities. We have looked at ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ to talk about natural resources, their textures and where they are found. We have been very lucky to be able to work with two artists this week and also attend a session by KD academy.

Spring 2 Week 2:

WB: 24.2.20

We hope that you’ve all had a lovely holiday. This week the children have turned in to superheroes. We have been using the story ‘Elliot Jones Midnight Superhero’ as our focus text. The children have been designing their own superheroes and choosing what their super powers would be. The children have attended superhero training camp to develop their skills such as balancing, throwing, speed and strength. There has been lots of team work to compete these activities. The children have been building superhero towers and counting how many brick they needed to use. They have also had the challenge to match numicon to the superheroes numbers to unlock them and rescue them from the villains!

On Tuesday we enjoyed learning about Shrove Tuesday. We especially enjoyed making and tasting pancakes!

Spring 2 Week 1:


WB: 10.2.20

This week the children have been learning about fire fighters. They have enjoyed designing and building houses to use in their small world play. The children have been exploring different textures through the theme fire. This has included marble painting, collages and different textures of playdough. We have been focusing on shapes. The children have built models with both 2D and 3D shape and we have been concentrating on their language link to describing shape such as round, long and straight.

Towards the end of the week we have been looking at people we love and thought about what makes these people special. Children have had the opportunity to make cards and create a gift for the people who are special to them.


Week 6:

WB: 3.2.20

This week a crime took place in Little Elvers. Our pet fish Bob disappeared. The children spent this week being detectives whilst learning about some of the jobs that the police have to do. The children have enjoyed looking at patterns and designing traps to help catch the thief!

We finished the week with a visit from the police. The children were able to show them our investigation and ask them questions. They also really enjoyed exploring the police car and finding out about even more jobs the police help us with!


Week 5:

WB: 27.1.20

This week the children have really enjoyed exploring Chinese New Year. We have been finding out about traditions related to the celebration and have enjoyed taking part in activities such as lion dancing and making lanterns. The children have really enjoyed the story of ‘The Great Race’. They have enjoyed making the animal masks and acting out the story. They have also had fun creating their own Chinese writing. In maths children have been linking numbers to objects. The children created their own coins to match with the number on the Chinese red envelopes. At forest school we wrote wishes and tied them in the trees.


Week 4:

WB: 20.1.20

This week our learning has been focused around Dentists. We have been very lucky to be visited by Broad Street Dental surgery. The child really enjoyed asking them questions and learning about teeth! We have looked at different foods that effect our teeth, practiced cleaning teeth and enjoyed our new Dentist role play area.

The children have continued their work looking at numbers to 3. This week we have used the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’. The children have enjoyed acting out, retelling and creating houses using different textures. The children have been using the ipad’s to program an object to move with a focus on positional language.

We had our first outdoor learning session. It was very frosty. The children enjoyed making trails and mark making in the ice.


week 3:


WB: 13.1.20

This week we have been exploring our new topic ‘People that Help Us’.  We have talked about a wide range of people in our community and have drawn pictures of some of these people. The children have really focused in on their families and spent a long time discussing how different family members help them.

We have been developing a deeper understanding of numbers to 3 using the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. The younger children have been using mathematical language to describe groups of objects such as more and fewer. The older children have been looking at different arrangements of three and matching objects both to numerals and pieces of numicon.


The children have been building bridges to help the goats cross over the water and really enjoyed acting out and retelling the story. They have also been experimenting mixing colours.

Week 2:


WB: 6.1.20

Welcome back to Little Elvers! We hope you have had a fantastic Christmas and New Year!  This week has been really exciting welcoming all the new Little Elvers into nursery. The older Little Elvers have really enjoyed showing them the ropes and it has made us all really proud to see such kind, caring and welcoming children.

Over the Christmas break we have had a change around in our classroom so all the children, both old and new, have enjoyed exploring the environment and finding out where all our resources are now kept. Everyone has settled in to the routines really well and it has been really lovely to hear all about the children’s Christmas adventures.

Week 1:


Our learning this half term:

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