PTA Committee Members

Chair - Heather Brooks, son in Bumblebee class

Secretary - Sarah Jefferys, son in Bumblebee class and daughter in Little Elvers

Treasurer - Beverley Perry, son in Dragonfly class

Vice Treasurer - Abbey Orekoya, son in Ladybird class


Ordinary Members - Naomi Hanwell, Cassie Rowe, Alex White, Samantha Lambert, Charlotte Salmons

Contact Details

We welcome your feedback so please do get in touch if you have any suggestions, questions or queries.  Our preferred method of communication is via email:

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Heather Brooks


Sarah Jefferys


Abbey Orekoya


Alex White

Ordinary Member

Beverley Perry


Cassie Rowe

Ordinary Member

Charlotte Salmons

Ordinary Member

Naomi Hanwell

Ordinary Member

Samantha Lambert

Ordinary Member


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