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What are we learning about?

Spring 1 – January 2021


This half term the children’s learning focus is about ‘people’.  We will be learning about significant personal events for ourselves and others. The children will be discussing and learning about different people in our community. We will be having some of these people come in to Little Elvers so we can talk to them and ask them questions about their jobs.

Characteristics of Effective Learning

The children will be learning about being resilient and open to new experiences. They will be participating in different games, trying new activities and resources.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The children will be securing their awareness of behaviour expectations in Nursery and will be learning about the importance of turn-taking, compromise and considering own likes/dislikes and feelings, as well as the feelings of their peers. They will be learning to understand own emotions. We will be learning about what makes us healthy.

Physical development

The children will engage in ‘busy fingers’ activities during every session, to support development of their fine motor skills. They will also be using gross motor skills and will start representing letter shapes through large movements, for example by drawing large anticlockwise circles with scarves and sticks. The children will practice their self-care skills and continue to learn to manage their personal needs.

Communication and Language

The children will be listening to a range of different stories and rhymes and will be encouraged to ask questions about what they have heard and contribute to stories they hear. They will be learning new vocabulary and practising listening skills and following simple instructions. The will be using talk to clarify thinking .and express their own opinions.


In literacy the children will enjoy a variety of mark making activities. They will be looking at prewriting patterns and developing their fine and gross motor skills in preparation for writing in the years to come.

We will be using books to find out information and sharing this with our peers in our ‘together times’.


The children will be continuing to focus on numbers as well as on positional language and shape. They will be locating objects and verbally saying where they are located. We will be looking for shapes in our own environment

Understanding the World

The children will be learning about different celebrations and how people celebrate in different ways. They will be exploring the world around them and looking at how things have similarities and differences.

Expressive Arts and Design

The children will be learning to express themselves with a range of different media. We will be focusing on colours this half term. They will be learning how to use marks to create representations of people and events. The children will also have opportunities to explore a range of textures and to use their imaginations to create objects of interests.


Weekly News Flash!

W/C: 8.2.21

This week we have been learning about Chinese New Year. We have been looking at how to prepare for the celebration and how it is celebrated. We have been comparing it to celebrations that we celebrate at other times in the year.  We have read The Story of Chinese New Year and really enjoyed finding out about the big race.

The children have loved making lanterns, creating Chinese writing, decorating the role-play house and experimenting with noodles and chopsticks.

The Little Elvers have developing their knowledge of sets of numbers and using one-to-one correspondence to count objects. The older children are beginning to identify what numbers look like.

In phonics the older children have been thinking about the sound ‘i’. They have played games to identify objects with I as an initial sound. The younger children are working on their listening skills. They have been playing a variety of games that involve listening to words such as sausages and the traffic light game.

W/C: 1.2.21

This week, we have continued looking at community helpers.  Little Elvers have been focusing on Fire Fighters and have been reading the text Topsy and Tim Meet the Fire Fighters. The children have been using their role-play area to play in role. Creating resources and making logs of incidents. They have also been looking at print in their environment and talking about meanings of print. This week’s focus sound was ‘t’.

The Little Elvers have been comparing amounts of objects this week. Talking about who has ‘more’, ‘less’ or ‘the same’ amount of objects. The older children have been using their mathematical knowledge to solve problems in the classroom such as sharing toys out equally.

W/C 25.1.21

Our theme this week has been vets. Our focused text has been Mog and the V-E-T. The children have really enjoyed bringing in photos of their pets to share with their friends during together time. We have been learning how to look after animals and have enjoyed creating our very own role-play vets in Little Elvers.

In phonics, we have been thinking about sounds in our environment. The children have enjoyed playing listening games such as sound bingo and going for listening walks. The older children have been learning the sound 'd'.

The Little Elvers have been comparing amounts of objects this week. Talking about who has ‘more’, ‘less’ or ‘the same’ amount of objects. We have also been looking at solving problems using our mathematical knowledge.

W/C 18.01.21

This week our focus story has been What the Ladybird Heard. The children have been busy looking at the role of the police and the job that they do.

We have received a letter from a police man asking for help to find some stolen paintings! Each day Mrs Ryan and Mrs Pavitt have been giving the children clues as to where the paintings have been hidden and revealing the answer at the end of each day. The children have been amazing at working out the clues to find the paintings in the supermarket, woods or the beach.

This has led us to look at the work of different artists and using our creative skills to reproduce some of their work.

Little Elvers



W/C 11.1.21

This Week we have used the story ‘Zog’ to explore doctors. The children have been learning about some of the different type of doctors in our community. We have talked about parts of our body and had lots of fun creating our own doctors surgery in Little Elvers.

We have been looking at words that rhyme this week using our focus text. The children have also enjoyed playing rhyming soup and the older children have been looking at their sound of the week: a.

We have continue to explore shapes through building with them and creating pictures. The children have sorted shapes and been on a shape hunt in the environment.

WB: 4.1.21

This week Little Elvers have been discussing and learning about different people in our community.  We have used the book ‘Whose hat is this?’ to introduce some of the people who are in our community. The children have enjoyed creating their own hats and objects that they have used in their role play.

Lots of mark making has been taking place. The children have created registers whilst being teachers, as chefs they have created shopping lists so they can cook their creations and as fire fighters they have been drawing maps to help them locate the fires! We have been really thinking about new vocabulary and have enjoyed using this vocabulary in our play.

The children have also been busy being builders and have been designing and creating their own towns. We have been think about different shapes and describing how shapes are different. The children have also been arranging objects in size order.

In Phonics the older children have been thinking about alliteration and have been introduced to their first sound of the week, m.


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