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Our learning: 

Here at Little Elvers, we have lots of fun following the children's interests to guide our learning. The children love learning through play in our engaging indoor and outdoor environments. We also use the Primary Knowledge Curriculum to enhance the children's learning. 

Autumn Term 1 - All About Me

Primary Knowledge Curriculum Unit

This half term, we will learn ‘All About Me’. We will learn the names of the parts of the face and body, how their bodies have changed since they were born, who members of our family are and who the people that help us in our local community are. You can find a knowledge organiser here: ‘All About Me’

Characteristics of Effective Learning

The children will be getting settled into our lovely environment. They will be engaging and playing with the learning resources in our indoor and outdoor areas. We will be supporting the children to ‘have a go’ at new activities.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be learning how to say hello, how to make new friends, share resources and find solutions to problems they may encounter during play.

Physical Development

We will be exploring gross motor skills including large-scale mark-making and fine-motor skills. A range of outdoor equipment is available to help the children develop their gross motor skills. Different fine motor skills activities are available for the children to try, as well as a large variety of other learning resources that use fine motor skills.

Communication and Language

We will be exploring how to talk to new friends and how to manage play in a kind and considerate way. We will be learning the words ‘family’, ‘community’ and ‘emergency’ through our Primary Knowledge Curriculum Unit. 


In Little Elvers, we have a lovely reading nook with a large variety of fiction and non-fiction books. We have a daily story time in which a book is shared with the children. Please see our weekly news flashes below to see which books the children have enjoyed that week! Mark making opportunities are always available for the children to explore.


We will practice reciting numbers to 5. We will make a start at delving deeper into each number to really understand what each number means and how you could represent it. Alongside this, we will start to build our understanding of 2D shape.

Understanding the World

We will be learning all about our bodies, our families, our school and the community around us. We will also be learning all about the emergency services that help us. 

Expressive Arts and Design

The children always have access to a variety of craft materials in order to express themselves and have fun creating! We will be creating self-portraits using paper plates, making play dough families and creating emergency vehicles in our junk modelling area. 


Weekly newsflash

W/C: 19.09.22

This week, the children have started learning "All About Me"! We started to learn about the different parts of our body and face and what they are used for. The children have been using mirrors to create self portraits and playdough to make facial features. The children have also really enjoyed exploring what their bodies can do outside on our climbing frame. The children have also enjoyed our new "doctors" area in nursery, in which it has been lovely to see the children use their new vocabulary. The musical instruments have also been thoroughly enjoyed this week! Well done for another lovely week!

W/C: 12.09.22

It has been an excellent second week in Little Elvers! It has been lovely to see the children become more settled and increasingly independent. We have been working on 'Choose it, play and put it away.' and the children have really impressed us with their tidying skills. We have discussed that tidying is important in order to keep Elvers safe and with everything in the correct place so we know where to find them next time. The children have also been working hard to become more independent when changing their shoes (there has been lots of mud to jump in and many sandcastles to make!). Please do encourage your children to try doing this independently. The children have really enjoyed making 'potions' outside using our water tray, painting using watercolours and creating rainbows using collage this week. On Friday, we also visited our school wildlife garden! The children really enjoyed exploring this wonderful area. Have a lovely weekend!

W/C: 05.09.22

We had a fantastic first week in Little Elvers. The children have settled into nursery and are having a great time exploring the new environment. This week, the children have really enjoyed exploring a wide variety of arts activities including using stencils, colouring pencils, felt tip pens, paint and play dough. The children have enjoyed exploring our small world area and working together to create towers with our wooden blocks. Outside, the children have really enjoyed creating obstacle courses using balance steps, wooden walk ways, cones and hula hoops! It has been lovely to support the children in making new friends and settle into the new routine of nursery. Well done for a brilliant first week!

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