Who works in our classroom?

Nursery Adults

Mrs Alison Butterfield

Nursery Teaching Assistant
0730 - 1530 (Thurs & Fri)

Mrs Heather Brooks

Nursery Teaching Assistant
1000 - 1800

Isabel Pile

Nursery Apprentice

Miss Gemma Buttress

Little Elvers

Mrs Claire LLoyd

Little Elvers

What are we learning about?

Autumn Term 1


This term we will be learning about ourselves and our local area under our theme of 'Isle of Ely and Me'. We will learn about ourselves as well as our families celebrating diversity and occasions including birthdays and the Harvest Festival. We will also learn about our school, our local area and Ely.

Characteristics of Effective Learning

We will be focussing on playing and exploring throughout autumn term 1 where we will be encouraging children to independently follow their interests in play and engage with new experiences. 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

In Little Elvers, we will be assisting children in selecting activities and choosing resources when needed to help them achieve their personal goals. We are also learning about teamwork, collaboration and finding solutions to problems they may encounter during play. 

Physical Development

We will be learning to move in different ways to develop our movement including: running, jumping, mark-making and balancing. 

Communication and Language

We will to share high quality stories and use these as a way to broaden the children’s vocabulary, introducing them to new and interesting words and ideas. We will also encourage the children to use ideas from these stories to develop their own stories in role play and small world play. We will also be learning nursery rhymes with actions. 


We will be reading some familiar stories and some core texts to extend our vocabulary and foster a love of books. 

We will be focussing our listening and recognising sounds in the environment. 

We will develop the motor skills needed to mark make and write and encourage the children to give meaning to the marks they make and for some supporting writing some or all letters from their own names.


We will be singing number songs to build our knowledge of numbers to 5 and beyond and learning that the last number reached is the total number in a set. 

Understanding the World

We will be learning about ourselves and our own families and discussing what is unique and the same about us in Little Elvers. We will also be looking at where we live and where Isle of Ely Primary School is. 

Expressive Arts and Design

We will be learning nursery rhymes to sing, exploring instruments and expressing our ideas and thoughts using a variety of materials and media. 



Week beginning 11.10.2021

We have been continuing to discuss our families and different family structures with our key text, The Great Big Book of Families by Mary Hoffman and Ros Asquith. We made a family tree of our class family and plotted a map of our 'home' that is the nursery classroom using positional language such as next to, behind and in front. We then looked to where we all live with our families and used Google Maps to explore the landscape of Ely such as the green for fields and trees, grey for buildings and even the blue for the River Ouse and then collaged our own map of Ely; we even zoomed in and found the Isle of Ely Primary School and where we were sitting! Next week, we will continue to explore Ely and those in the community that help us and and we will look at how the landscape changes over autumn. 

Week beginning 04.10.21

This week we have been celebrating the Harvest Festival. The children enjoyed exploring different fruits and vegetables that are harvested this time of year. We explored the different food through touch, cutting them open to find out what is inside and even smell them. We also made some soup which the children enjoyed at snack time. The Little Elvers were very also interested in how flour is made and what we can make with flour after reading The Little Red Hen, which led to us to spontaneously making some pizzas providing some great learning opportunities including measuring, social and fine motor skills to knead our dough and spread our tomato puree. We also discussed our families, counted how many live at home with us and drew pictures of our family members. Next week, we will be learning more about where we live and about Ely itself; if you visit Ely at the weekend maybe you could take some photos and put them on tapestry and we can guess where you are! 


Week beginning 27.09.21 

We have been learning all about ourselves! We have discussed ways in which we are the same and celebrated our differences from hair colour and length to our birthdays. We drew around our friends and labelled our body parts and sang songs to help us remember them; 'Head, shoulders, knees and toes' and 'Hokey Cokey!' were amongst our favourites. We also introduced the language of 'tall' and 'small' using the book, Tall by Jez Alborough. We compared ourselves to our friends to find out who was tall, taller and tallest and ways in which we could make ourselves small and tall. Next week, we will be discussing where we live, our houses and our families.

Week beginning 20.09.21

This week we have been continuing to develop the use of the language of The Colour Monster to talk about our feelings and we have begun to look at ourselves more in-depth, with particular attention to our senses. We have engaged in a range of sensory play to activate all of our senses alongside exploring and building vocabulary based around these experiences. We also learned which body parts are associated with what senses and next week we will continue to look at ourselves with regards to the rest of our bodies and our similarities and differences. 


Week beginning 13.09.21

This week we have been reading The Colour Monster, focussing on the colours and feelings attached to each colour to use to express our own feelings. We have discussed what makes us happy (yellow), how we can help our friends if they are feeling sad (blue) and how we show these feelings through our actions and face expressions. We have used these colour monsters to help us build friendships, share and take turns. We particularly enjoyed the green colour monster who felt calm and relaxed which gave us opportunity to practice mindfulness, deep breathing and yoga and the red angry colour monster to stomp our feet! Many Little Elvers are using this new language in their play to talk about their feelings already which is fantastic!


Week beginning 6.09.21

We have had a fantastic first week in Little Elvers. We have had a busy week settling into our new routines and exploring the different areas of our classroom. We were lucky enough to have had such lovely weather and we enjoyed playing both inside and outdoors, building new relationships with the adults and with the other children. We have also been reading familiar stories, making cakes in the mud kitchen, singing nursery rhymes, using instruments, building rockets and much more. We look forward to the exciting adventures that await us for the year ahead...

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