Who works in our classroom?

Nursery Adults

Mrs Janet Duffin

Nursery Teacher

Mrs Alison Butterfield

Nursery Teaching Assistant
0730 - 1530 (Thurs & Fri)

Mrs Heather Brooks

Nursery Teaching Assistant
1000 - 1800

Miss Lisa Stacey

Nursery Teaching Assistent
0730 - 1530

Isabel Pile

Nursery Apprentice

What are we learning about?

Summer Term 2


This term we will be learning about 'The wider world' and 'New Adventures'; we will be thinking about different habitats and the creatures who live in them and we will be getting ready for a very big adventure for some of our children as they move on to their new classes.

Characteristics of Effective Learning

We will be encouraging the children to become more independent and develop their problem-solving skills. We will support them to think of possible solutions and to test out their ideas.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be encouraging the children to think about and express what they are good at and what they particularly enjoy. We will also be supporting them in dealing with change and responding positively to new experiences, particularly thinking about those of us who are moving to a new class.

Physical Development

The children will continue to engage with 'busy fingers' activities to develop finger strength and pencil control to support writing and letter formation.

We will be thinking about sun safety and other ways we can help to keep ourselves safe.

We will be practising ball skills, kicking, rolling, bouncing, throwing and catching.

Communication and Language

We will continue to focus on listening to others, especially our friends. We will develop their understanding and use of question words and how to respond to them using complete sentences.

We will continue to share high quality stories and use these as a way to broaden the children’s vocabulary, introducing them to new and interesting words and ideas. We will also encourage the children to use ideas from these stories to develop their own stories in role play and small world play.


We will continue to explore stories and encourage the children to develop their own narratives. We will also be looking at print in the environment, including logos that might be familiar to the children.

In phonics, we will continue to work on oral blending and segmenting using set 1 sounds.

We will continue to develop the motor skills needed to write and encourage the children to give meaning to the marks they make and to write their own names.


We will be looking at patterns with colour, shapes and movements and spotting shapes in our environments then using them to make pictures and models.

We will be thinking about conservation of number, dividing a quantity of objects in different ways, realising that there is still the same number.

Understanding the World

We will encourage the children to talk about what makes them unique and discuss how we are all alike in some ways but different in others.

We will be looking at life-cycles, particularly that of the butterfly and carefully observing our caterpillars, how they grow and change. We will also be thinking about some habitats such as under the sea and which creatures live there.

Expressive Arts and Design

We will be exploring 3D creative ideas around caterpillars and colourful ways to represent butterflies, sea creatures, spiders etc.

We will be learning some new songs and exploring moving to different kinds of music.





Week beginning 12.7 21

We have been exploring under the sea this week. We have enjoyed the story of “Billy’s Bucket” by Kes Gray, “Sally and the Limpet” by Simon James and “The Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister. We made paper plate sharks and shape fishes with shiny scales.

We harvested one of our bags of potatoes, washed them, cooked them and tasted them. Most of us liked them!

Week Beginning 5.7.21

We have had a very arty time this week. We have been learning all about David Hockney and have been some new art techniques which we used to recreate some famous paintings A Bigger Splash and the Munich Olympics swimming poster. We have also been listening to steel drum music and trying the drums out for ourselves - we had lots of noisy fun. You can see all of this on Tapestry this week.

We had a very successful week with our butterflies too, every chrysalis hatched into a beautiful peacock butterfly and we released them outside to lay more eggs and continue their lifecycle.

Newsflash Week beginning 28.6.21

We have had a very creepy crawly week this week. We have been finding out about spiders. We enjoyed the story of The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle. We explored lots of different ways to make and draw spiders and their webs. We looked at different kinds of spiders and have been counting legs and eyes. We also introduced the children to Spider in the Bath - an old BBC series of story songs and animations.

The transition visits have started and the children have been enjoying meeting their new teachers, we hope you have too. Our caterpillars are still busy changing, we are hoping for butterflies next week!

Newsflash week beginning 21.6.21

Sports day was lots of fun this week with opportunities to practise throwing, kicking, egg and spoon, running and much more. We are still enjoying these activities in the Little Elvers outdoor area, especially the egg and spoon races! Watch out for the pictures on Tapestry.

Our caterpillars have finally eaten enough nettles and are moving into their chrysalis phase. Hopefully in about two weeks we will have some beautiful Peacock butterflies to release.

We have been tasting our home-grown lettuce and radishes this week. The tiny lettuce leaves were pronounced particularly tasty.


Newsflash week beginning 14.6.21

Our caterpillars are growing fast and eating lots of nettles. We are starting to be able to see their spotty markings and their yellow legs. We have watched a time lapse film of the caterpillar’s metamorphosis so we know what to look out for.

We have been enjoying more caterpillar stories: The Crunching Munching Caterpillar by Pamela Duncan Edwards and Clara Caterpillar by Sheridan Cain.

We have been trying out making symmetrical butterfly prints using dabs of paint and folding over the paper. The colours mix beautifully and both sides look the same!

Week beginning 7th June

It was lovely to welcome everybody back into Little Elvers this week after the holiday.

We have been enjoying the hot weather and engaging in lots of water play to help us keep cool. We have been making sure we wear our hats and drink plenty of water, we know it is important to wear sunscreen to keep us safe in this lovely weather.

We have been reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle this week. We have some big pictures from the story to help us re-tell it. We also have our own caterpillars; if we do a good job of looking after them, we are hoping that they will grow and metamorphose into Peacock butterflies.

We have also been using tens frames to count out quantities of rubber insects - practising careful 1 to 1 counting and thinking about questions such as, “How many more do we need to make 10?” We explored how we can use a tens frame to help us.

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