Who works in our classroom?

Nursery Adults

Mrs Janet Duffin

Nursery Teacher

Mrs Alison Butterfield

Nursery Teaching Assistant
0730 - 1530 (Thurs & Fri)

Mrs Heather Brooks

Nursery Teaching Assistant
1000 - 1800

Miss Lisa Stacey

Nursery Teaching Assistent
0730 - 1530

Isabel Pile

Nursery Apprentice

What are we learning about?

Summer Term 1


This term we will be learning about “The world I live in.” Thinking about our immediate world at home and in nursery, then out into the wider world of our community and beyond.

Characteristics of Effective Learning

We will be helping the children to develop their focus on activities that interest them by supporting them to choose their activities, talking about what they want to do and how they will do it. We will describe what we see them doing and encourage them to talk about what they achieved.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be encouraging the children to talk freely about their home and the steps that they might be taking back out into a wider community and making sure that they are confident to ask a familiar adult for help and to speak to others about what they think or need. We will also be supporting the children to consider how others are feeling and how they can have an impact on that.

Physical Development

The children will continue to engage with “busy fingers” activities to develop finger strength and pencil control to support writing and letter formation.

We will be exploring ways of moving through playground games, ring games and dancing.

We will be thinking about healthy eating and have already planted some vegetables.

Communication and Language

We will be focussing on listening to others, especially our friends, beginning to ask questions about what they have heard and explaining how they have done something.

We will continue to share high quality stories and use these as a way to broaden the children’s vocabulary, introducing them to new and interesting words. We will also encourage the children to use ideas from these stories to develop their own stories in role play and small world play.


As we share stories with the children we will encourage them to develop their own narratives, making up their own stories around characters or their family, or maybe suggesting what might happen next in an unfinished story or a picture sequence, even retelling a story they know well. This will help them develop an understanding of the structure of stories.

In phonics we will be working on oral blending and segmenting and the set 1 sounds.

We will continue to develop the motor skills needed to write and encourage the children to give meaning to the marks they make.


We will be thinking about numbers to 10 and finding out what kinds of things we can count including sounds and movements. We will be playing lots of number games.

We will also be thinking about positional language and describing where things are.

Understanding the World

We will find out about significant events or celebrations for their family or in the community.

We will be thinking about where different creatures live and their habitats, also caring for our plants and vegetables.

Expressive Arts and Design

We will be exploring instruments, changing sounds, learning new songs and moving to the music we make.

We will also explore some large-scale construction with boxes.


The children have been enjoying their learning with Mrs Duffin and the team. Check back for more updates soon.

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