Welcome to our nursery page!

Adults in our nursery:

Miss Natalie Lewis                          Dr Anna Sandfield        Mrs Claire Lloyd                  Mrs Alison Butterfield

EYFS Lead and Class Teacher        Class Teacher (M-W)    Learning Support Assistants

Miss Isabel Pile                      Miss Tanjum Choudhury

Our learning: 

Here at Little Elvers, we have lots of fun following the children's interests to guide our learning. The children love learning through play in our engaging indoor and outdoor environments. We also use the Primary Knowledge Curriculum to enhance the children's learning. 

Summer Term 2 - Heroes and Adventurers

Primary Knowledge Curriculum Unit

This half term, our Primary Knowledge Curriculum unit is called ‘Heroes and Adventurers’. We will learn that a hero is someone who is admired for their courage. We will talk about heroes in our community such as firefighters and paramedics. We will also learn about different people who enjoy adventures, including Valentina Tereshkova and Ernest Shackleton. 

Characteristics of Effective Learning

The children will be engaging and playing with the learning resources in our indoor and outdoor areas. We will be supporting the children to ‘have a go’ at new activities and persist with activities when challenges occur. We will also support the children to make links to prior learning and to create their own ideas. 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be learning how to share resources and find solutions to problems they may encounter during play. We will be using “stop please.” with a raised hand to help the children communicate with others. We will be recapping the emotions of happy, sad, angry, fear, disgust and surprise. We will continue to learn about our school rules of Safe, Ready and Respect in depth. We will also cover pausing and thinking about how other people may be feeling.

Physical Development

We will be exploring gross motor skills including large-scale mark-making and fine-motor skills. A range of outdoor equipment is available to help the children develop their gross motor skills. Different fine motor skills activities are available for the children to try, as well as a large variety of other learning resources that use fine motor skills. 

Communication and Language

We will be exploring how to talk to friends politely and how to manage play in a kind and considerate way. We will be learning the words ‘hero’, ‘courage’ and ‘adventure’ through our Primary Knowledge Curriculum Unit. 


In Little Elvers, we have a lovely reading nook with a large variety of fiction and non-fiction books. We have a daily story time in which a book is shared with the children. Mark-making opportunities are always available for the children to explore. We will be encouraging the children to start forming the letters of their name to label their creations. 


We will practise reciting numbers to 10. We will make a start at delving deeper into each number to really understand what each number means and how you could represent it. Alongside this, we will start to build our understanding of 2D shape.

Understanding the World

We will be learning all about adventurers from the past in our PKC unit of work (see above). We will also continue making brilliant use of our wildlife garden, exploring the beautiful outdoors. 

Expressive Arts and Design

The children always have access to a variety of craft materials in order to express themselves and have fun creating! 


Weekly newsflash

W/C: 03.06.24

Welcome back to our last half term of the school year! The children have been settling back into our routine at Little Elvers. The children have been recalling how to make respectful and kind choices. This week, the small world area has been extremely popular, showing lots of intricate use of the building blocks. In our together times, we have read lots of interesting stories, sparking our interest about space explorers! 

W/C: 10.06.24

This week, we have continued to learn about space which has sparked some brilliant junk modelling. Some children have enjoyed making their own rockets! Our space figures and building blocks have also supported some very creative play! It is excellent to see a great interest in mark-making too! This has been using large chalks outside, using different mark-makers in our sand tray and using clipboards and felt tip pens around our environment. 

W/C: 15.07.24

Thank you for all your support this year and we look forward to seeing everyone in September!