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WB: 14.9.20

This week the Little Elvers have continued their focus on Nursery Rhymes. We have been looking at ‘The Wheels on the Bus’, ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ and ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little star’. The books we have linked this week have been ‘The Naughty Bus’, ‘How to Catch a Star’ and ‘The Very Busy Spider’.

Little Elvers have really enjoyed learning the nursery rhymes and adding music and actions to them. We talked about the rhymes they liked and some children represent them. The children have enjoyed using the music with the rhymes to mark making using with pens, felt tips and paint.

The children have enjoyed collecting stick in our forest school area to create their own spider’s webs, counting spiders and putting them down the water spout, using positional language to negotiate through the giant spider’s web before the giant spider returned.

Throughout the week they have enjoyed creating their own bus and playing in role with their friends. They have followed the naughty bus through the garden (Small world), into the lake (Water) and through the bake beans and shapes – what an adventure they have had! All these play has really encourage the children to problem solve and communicate well with their peers.

After reading ‘How to Catch a Star’ the children went on a shape hunt and tried to build their own stars. They experimented with colours on black paper to create star printing and continued to work on their scissor skills.

Nursery Rhymes - Week 2

WB: 7.9.2020

What a fantastic first week it has been! They have all settled amazingly! Little Elvers have had so much fun! Our focus this week has been nursery rhymes. We have been focusing on ‘Humpty Dumpty’, ‘5 Little Ducks’ and ‘Old McDonald had a Farm’. Our books have linked to our rhymes. They were ‘Little Lumpty’, ‘Duck in the Truck’ and ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’.

We have been problem-solving how to put Humpty together again, building our own walls from a range of materials and investigating if different materials can prevent Humpty breaking when he falls off the wall.

Little Elvers have enjoyed acting out rhymes with musical instruments, creating role play using Old McDonalds Farm small world and using paint, pens and printing resources to create their own art master pieces.

We have been using five little ducks to help us to group objects, look at numbers and recite numbers in order. We have also been using water play to explore and problem solve.

It has been lovely to return to nursery and find our blackberry bush is full of delicious blackberries. The children have really enjoyed collecting them and cooking chocolate and blackberry muffins!

Throughout the week, we have been exploring fine motor activities. We have been threading beads on to pippets, using scissors, threading laces and rolling balls.

We are all looking forward to lots more fun next week!

Nursery Rhymes - week 1



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