Our Parent Forums have an important role to play in helping ensure parents’ unique knowledge of their own child, their valuable life experience and individual personal skills help enrich children’s education.


Why parents’ views matter

Encouraging and supporting parents to share their views and ideas, and ensuring they influence what happens at the school, benefits everyone involved.

Parents have a unique knowledge of their own child, valuable life experience and personal skills, as well as energy and creativity and a vested interest in making sure the school is working well. Helping parents to feed in their views and ideas on a variety of educational issues, so that they are involved in educational planning and decision-making, will enrich children’s educational experiences and help to ensure the school is responsive to its local community’s needs.

Parent Forum meetings

Provide important opportunities for parents to discuss issues and put forward their views and ideas.  All parents are invited and are welcome to attend.

Minutes of Meetings

The following videos shows Mrs Parker explaining Thrive:

The following video shows Mrs Surtees and Mr Sinfield discussing our curriculum:

The following video shows Mrs Fielding explaining our new behaviour policy.



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