Welcome to Year 2


Caterpillar and Spider classes are our Year 2 classes at the Isle of Ely Primary School.

Who works in our classroom:

Miss Georgia Russell         Mrs Amy Wreathall               


 Mrs Claire Harrison          Mrs Samantha Lambert


Mrs Jacky Pattenden

In Year 2 this half term, we will be learning:




Children will learn about setting and characterisation using the Talk4Writing approach beginning with a cold write and then moving through the imitation, innovation and independent stages. Our model text is ‘How to train a pet dragon’ which provides children with a high quality example. We will be focusing on ensuring we use the spelling rules which have been taught and spelling common exception words correctly. We will also build a ‘

During this half term, we will be reading Fangs by Malorie Blackman, to develop our VIPERS skills (vocabulary, inference, prediction, evidence, retrieval and summarise).


This half-term the children will be learning about measurements including using cm and m to measure different items. They will be comparing lengths and also looking at sorting items by length.

Also this half-term, the children will be learning about fractions starting with sharing into equal parts and then moving onto halves, quarters, three-quarters and thirds. We will also introduce the children to counting in fractions up to a whole.


This unit builds directly from the Year 1 unit ‘Plants’. Children will look again at what plants are and what they need to grow. In this unit, children will look in more detail at seeds and bulbs. They will learn that germination is the process where a seed begins to grow and changes into a seedling. Children will spend some time comparing plants that receive light and water and those that don’t. They will understand that healthy plants need light and water to grow. In this unit children will build on their understanding of plants as food from Year 1 and will look at how farmers grow plants as crops, which are then harvested and transported to shops. They will consider where the food we eat comes from. Finally, children will show what they have learned by explaining how bulbs and seeds work, using scientific drawing and/or diagrams in their writing to support their answer. This unit will provide foundational prior learning for the Year 3 Unit Plants. We will consolidate this learning with our trip to the Botanical Gardens in Cambridge.


In Geography we are learning about the differences between weather and climate. We will mostly focus on the weather and climate of the UK.


In RE we are continuing to look at Islam and we will learn about mosques and have a virtual visit to a variety of mosques. We will also look at the daily life of practising Muslims.


In music this half term we are learning to play space themed music with the glockenspiels. The children will learn notation and how to compose their own short pieces of music based on a planet.

Physical Education

Dance: Pupils explore space and how their body can move to express and idea, mood, character or feeling. They expand their knowledge of travelling actions and use them in relation to a stimulus. They will build on their understanding of dynamics and expression. They will use counts of 8 consistently to keep in time with the music and a partner. Pupils will also explore pathways, levels, shapes, directions, speeds and timing. They will be given the opportunity to work independently and with others to perform and provide feedback beginning to use key terminology.

Team Building: In this unit pupils develop their teamwork skills. They develop key skills of communication and problem solving. They learn to discuss, plan and reflect on ideas and strategies. They lead a partner whilst considering safety. Pupils have the opportunity to show honesty and fair play. The also begin to use basic map skills.


Throughout this unit, he children will learn the following skills and knowledge:

  • Develop confidence with the keyboard and the basics of touch typing.
  • Develop word processing skills, including altering text, copying and pasting and using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Use word processing software to type and reformat text.
  • Search for appropriate images to use in a document.
  • Understand what online information is.
  • Identify whether information is safe or unsafe to be shared online.
  • To know that touch typing is the fastest way to type.
  • To know that I can make text a different style, size and colour.
  • To know that “copy and paste” is a quick way of duplicating text.


The term history painting is used to describe painting which shows stories from classical history, mythology and the Bible. This unit builds on the children’s knowledge from their study of paintings showing St George and the Dragon in year 1 in the unit on Narrative Art. To explore the idea of history painting, the children look at Ancient Egyptian art, including The Great Sphinx.

Our class text is Fangs by Malorie Blackman

Knowledge Organisers:

At the Isle of Ely Primary School, we use knowledge organisers as a tool to enhance our students learning and to allow parents and carers to support their child's learning. In our knowledge organisers you will find essential knowledge, key dates, vocabulary and key figures where relevant. These can be used as a fun assessment tool which will ensure that students remember more and learn more in the upcoming unit of work.




Week Commencing 25th March 

It may have been a short week but we certainly packed it with lots of learning and fun! In maths, the children were introduced to addition and subtraction using the exchange method. The children began by building/drawing the numbers, and then exchanging the ones for tens and vice versa. In Writing, the children planned their Hot Write and then finished the week by writing them totally independently. It was great to see such a broad range of instructions the children wrote. All of the adults in Year 2 wish you a very happy break; fingers crossed everyone will enjoy some good weather and a well-earned rest! 

Week Commencing 18th March

Week 4 has been busy as ever in Year 2: the children completed some assessments throughout the week in reading and in maths. They have all worked so hard and have made so much progress! The highlight of the week was, of course, the trip to the Botanic Gardens. An amazing time was had by all. Thank you to all of the parent volunteers who came along to help and to all of those who threw their names into the pot! Have a fantastic weekend. 

Week Commencing 11th March

Week 3 of the second half half of the spring term has been packed full of learning. The children spent time during their writing sessions internalising our newest model text. They also embedded their understanding of subordinating conjunctions, possessive apostrophes and commas in a list. In Maths, they have they had a whistle stop tour of measuring capacity, volume and temperature. The children thoroughly enjoyed planting onions as part of our school onion growing competition, which also links nicely with our science topic 'Plants'. Have a great weekend! 

Week Commencing 4th March 

This week has been a lot of fun for Year 2. World Book Day was something the children were very enthusiastic about. Thank you to everyone who visited the book fair, it was very successful despite the rainy weather! It was absolutely wonderful to see the children arriving in their costumes on Thursday morning and they were incredibly excited to see their friends and teachers costumes. In writing this week, we have explored a new genre, instructions. The children learned about the features of an instruction text, and began to learn our model text for this unit 'How to look after a pet dragon'. In Maths, the children built on their Year 1 learning of mass and capacity. Take care and have a lovely weekend. 


Week Commencing 27th February 

It has been a great first week of the second spring term. Our trip to the museum was a fantastic way to kick it off. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed handling Roman artefacts as well as replicas. The children behaved beautifully and certainly did IoE proud! Take care and have a nice weekend.

Week Commencing 12th February

During the final week of the half term the children enjoyed planning and building a moving monster toy which built on their knowledge of mechanisms from a prior unit in Year 2, as well as Year 1. In Maths, we spent lots of time linking our multiplication knowledge division. The children have started  to recognise patterns and make the connection with multiplication and division. In Writing, we have written a class innovation of our model text, as well as start to think about a character they will write about after half term. Have a great week off! See you on Monday 26th March. 

Week Commencing 5th February

This week we have been shining a light on Children's Mental Health week. The whole school have taken part in two special assemblies which have explored children's mental health, what it means and strategies to take care of it. The children have learnt about possessive apostrophes, subordinate clauses and the suffixes '-ful', '-less' and '-ment'. We highlighted examples of all of these in our model text. Next week, we will innovate the text as a class, putting into practice the new tools we have learnt this week. In maths, the children focused on the 2 times tables, doubling and halving and odd and even numbers. 

Week Commencing 29th January 

Happy Friday everyone! 
We have finally made it through January. I think the children are looking forward to brighter, lighter weather just as much as us adults. Thank you to all the parents and carers who were able to make the Maths parent share on Wednesday. It was lovely to see so many of you. Hopefully, it gave you a good idea about what our reasoning and problem solving lessons typically look like. We are going to continue with multiplication and division for a few more weeks. In Writing, we have started a new unit based on Cinderella, a rags to riches tale. The children appear to be very familiar with the story already, so we are hoping to really explore how we can innovate the model text for different purposes. Have a great weekend and see you next week! 

Week Commencing 22nd January

This week the children have spent time working together towards completing another challenge as part of the Jigsaw unit 'Dreams and Goals'. They have also enjoyed learning about the importance of Boudica in Roman History. In Maths, the children have worked on making equal groups and they have been introduced to the X symbol. In Writing, the children have written their own diary as a character of their choosing. This gave them the chance to apply the tools taught as part of this writing unit. Both Mrs Harrison and Miss Russell are really impressed and very proud of the writing the children have produced! Well done everyone. Have a great weekend! 

Week Commencing 15th January

It is the end of another busy week in Year 2. This week the children have enjoyed working together to complete a challenge as part of the Jigsaw lesson as well as learning about Roman Soldiers. The children have finished the Money unit of learning in Maths and have begun multiplication and Division. In Writing, the children have innovated Jacks Diary by writing about the day that Mr Fox outsmarted the three farmers! Take care and have a great weekend.

Week Commencing 8th January 2024

Happy Friday! This week we have got our teeth stuck into more new units of learning. In Art, we discovered what a mural is and some examples of famous murals across the world. The children had lots of real life experiences which they were keen to share. In History, we learned about where the Romans came from and the countries they invaded. Have a great weekend and see you Monday!

Week Commencing 1st January 2024

Happy New Year and welcome back! We hope you've had a lovely break and are ready to kick off 2024 with lots of new learning. This week we have introduced new units of learning across the curriculum, including Maths.  We have started to learn about money, specifically recognising and counting coins and notes. In Writing, we have planned and written a ‘cold task’ ahead of our new writing unit which will commence on Monday. From Monday the 8th, the children will be attending their new phonics groups. Take care and have a lovely weekend.