Lacewing class have been busy researching rocks in order to answer the 'Big Question - Which is your favourite rock?'.  As part of the process we have all 'adopted' a rock and started training it!  Many of our rock pets have been discovered to have an igneous background but there are a few metamorphic and sedimentary examples amongst them.  In addition, to researching what type of rock we have adopted, we have explored their properties, e.g. how durable and permeable they are.  During our research we have used sorting keys and classified numerous rock examples.  Many of us have yet to make our final decision about which is our favourite but there is a lot of discussion taking place!

Lacewing class have been busy investigating fractions.  We have made posters showing how to find fractions of amounts and then we explored making a paper flower and finding the fractional amount of one tiny triangle in relation to the whole piece of paper.  We were very successful as we carefully divided up each big square into small squares then tiny squares and finally triangles!