This council is made up of volunteers who applied to represent their peers on this council. Currently there are seven councillors from spanning Y2 to Y6. The council works with Mr Lloyd.

This council will meet at least once each half term to discuss issues raised by the children and give input about how we can improve our school even more. The council's specific remit will be to work to ensure that this is a school where everyone can feel like they belong and where all children can be safe, be happy and be successful.

  1. celebrate the diversity within the school
  2. ensure that pupils have agency to address any issues of representation and identity in school
  3. identify and dismantle any discrimination in the school

If you have any ideas or suggestions about how to improve our school, please speak to a councillor who will bring your suggestions to the meetings. 

Please see the links below to read the minutes of our meetings:

Inaugural Council meeting minutes 24th November 2023

Belonging Council meeting minutes 8th March 2024